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Henry's Nightly Visitor

The Succubus of His Dreams

By Brandi PaynePublished 4 years ago 5 min read

It was dark and the only light that shined into Henry’s bedroom was the shimmering light of the full moon from outside his window. He had, had a hard day at work, and was exhausted, so he went to bed early. As he lay in his bed before drifting off to sleep, he thought of how exciting and fulfilling his life would be if he had someone to hold at night.

Henry was a single guy who was married to his job, and that made it hard to have a social life where he could meet someone. He was lonely, and needed the touch of another human being, and those were his thoughts before falling into a deep sleep.

As he slept, a bright sphere came into his room, and stopped at the foot of his bed. After floating there for a few minutes, a human form began to appear. The sphere began to shape into the form of a succubus that came to pay Henry a visit.

She was not much to look at, because she was a demon from hell that came to drain Henry of his essence. Before approaching Henry asleep in his bed, she wiped her hand from her head to her feet transforming herself into a very attractive female that would make it easier to take what she wanted from Henry.

She walked over to the side of his bed, and called out his name several times seductively, until Henry opened his eyes and saw this gorgeous naked woman standing by his bed. He could not understand why she was there, or even who she was. Her image was captivating to Henry and he could not look away.

She reached down and ripped off his boxers exposing his semi-hard penis. She looked at it and smiled at him, while taking her hand and slowly stroking it a few times. She was so seductive with her touch that Henry instantly became erect. She took her hand and twirled her finger around the mushroom cap of his penis making some of his prejudice appear for her.

With her finger, she took a drop of that prejudice and placed it in her mouth. That was so intoxicating to Henry his eyes could not look away from her. She tantalized him with her gorgeous body. Fondling her 38DD breasts with perky maroon nipples, and then gliding her hand down to her hairy, but trimmed, vagina. She wanted his essence, but he wanted her body.

She reached down grabbing one of his hands, and placed it on her breasts telling him it is okay to touch her. He suddenly muttered the words, “Who are you?” He fondled and played with her breasts. She did not answer him directly, but told him that she had come to see him. She wanted to satisfy his loneliness that he thinks about every night while lying in bed.

He stopped to wonder for a minute how she knew about that, but it ended as quickly as it came, because of her pulling his attention back to her. She climbed up on the bed next to him, leaning down to kiss him. Henry felt her luscious lips touch his, and then his penis jumped telling her that he was becoming aroused, and liked the way he felt.

While slipping her tongue into his mouth, she reached down and was masturbating his hard shaft, squeezing gently on the swollen mushroom cap. He was enjoying it very much, and all thoughts about who she was disappeared. She was there with him, and that was all he cared about.

She stood back up on her knees and Henry took his hand and rubbed on her vagina before slipping his finger inside her. She was so juicy and then he rubbed her juice on his swollen penis. She asked him if he liked her, and he replied with a soft, “Yes.” Henry didn’t know what to think, but he was enjoying every minute of it.

She looked into his eyes, as she straddled his body standing in the squatting position over him. He looked down and saw her vagina drip juice down over his penis. Her juice glistened as it ran down the sides of his swollen shaft. He wanted her so bad, and grabbed her hips pulling her down on top of his mushroom shaped head.

She slipped all the way down to where he could feel her juices soaking his testicles and she rode his shaft up and down squeezing it with her vagina. She was milking him, and taking every bit of him into her, to make herself stronger. The longer she rode his penis, the weaker he became, but it didn’t matter to him that she was stripping him of his energy. He loved the way it felt, and gave into her.

He reached around grasping her butt cheeks, and spreading them apart so that he could get even deeper inside her. She leaned over him allowing him to suckle from her breasts like a child from his mother. Once his orgasm was building to explode, she rode him faster causing him to let go, and let her have his sticky white cream.

Her vagina sucked every ounce of his cream, but she continued to ride him. She wanted more, and he began telling her that it could be a while before he explodes again, but she acted like she didn’t hear him and continued. She reached around and fondled his testicles while slowing down, and slipping up and down on his shaft.

Henry was feeling nothing but pure ecstasy and wanted her to continue because he felt so good and thought to himself this might never happen again. The succubus drained his penis four times that night to where Henry was exhausted enough to just fall asleep. Once he fell asleep, the succubus climbed off and stood at the foot of the bed transforming back into her true form before leaving.

Henry woke up the next morning and remembered nothing from the night, but he was very sore, and his testicles hurt. He was glad that he had the day off to rest, and get his composure back to normal. He rested much of the day and was feeling good the next day to return to work. The succubus returned to him every night completely draining Henry of his essence, and he allowed it to happen.


About the Creator

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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