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Having Sex in My Office

by Grace Linn 11 months ago in fiction
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Fulfilling my fantasy of fucking Jay

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When I arrived home from work in the morning, I had cursed myself for not taking the opportunity to try and mount my underling. Even though I passionately masturbated to his photo, I still felt a void from where a throbbing cock should have been.

Sigh, off to bed I guess.

The next evening I awoke with a start, feeling every beat of my heart pound forcefully in my chest, just like a bass drum. My breathing is tense for a moment, until I acclimate myself to my surroundings.

Damn it, this one wasn't real.

I'd had what I knew was another wet dream because I could feel how soaked my panties were. How could I get this man to notice me without appearing as a thirsty hound? No, I needed to let this go. I'm his superior, and he probably wouldn't be into me anyways.

10 PM finally hits and now begins the usually chaotic task of putting myself together before the work day. I don my red pumps, black dress pants, and button-up blouse. Then I pull my hair back into a high ponytail. I'd straightened it the night before so there's no need for further styling. I complete my look with red lipstick, light eyeliner, blush, and mascara. Time to slay the day, I guess.

The drive to work is usually pretty chill since it's late. There's hardly any cars out on the interstate. My usual mix of music includes 80s rock as well as some modern day rock. I usually try to correlate the genre with my mood. And tonight I'm feeling pretty sexy, so some "get down and dirty" type tunes are what's fitting the bill. I rhythmically tilt my head back n' forth, enjoying the beat of the music.

I pull into the parking lot, putting on my mask and name tag. After shutting my car off, I briskly walk up to the outside of my office, swiping my badge and entering. My daily startup begins. I turn on the lights and my computer. While my desktop fires up, I check my phone for voicemails, thankfully there being none.

My screen loads and I go to pan through the emails to see if any require my immediate attention. A quality issue here, a coworker issue there, nothing out of the ordinary.

The first couple hours are like all the others, quiet with minimal distraction. Other than there being some meetings later with the higher-ups, I really had nothing else on my plate today. Then, he walked by the window.


Today he wore a black baseball cap backwards. 35 years old and trying to look like a total hipster, what a dork. But he was still very attractive. Kind, polite, and tattooed. Just the way I like 'em.

Damn it, I'm an insatiable woman. How on earth was I going to woo this man in a professional way? I had to get myself off to shake the thoughts away, and so I walked towards my window, pulled the blinds, and shut the lights off. I pulled up one of my favorite porn movies, one where these two tattooed, pierced, muscular men were tag-teamming this beautiful, innocent-looking brunette. I pulled down my dress pants just enough to slip my right hand inside.

I remembered I had a mini vibrator inside my desk. I chose to take care of my arousal in that way rather than self-servicing. I pressed the button on the sleek, silicone toy, gradually inserting it inside of me.

Mmmm, that feels good, I moan to myself. I close my eyes and pretend for just a moment Jay is on top of me, looking down at me with that sexy smile of his. I let out small moans here and there as I rotate the vibrator inside of me.

I was already climaxing and without even thinking about it, I yelled out "Ohhhh Jayyy, fuck."

But when I opened my eyes, I saw lights immediately flicker on before I could see Jay and his blank stare gazing upon me. I was absolutely mortified.

"Um, uh, oh, oh dear" I stuttered. Jay still stood there, mouth agape, appearing to be unable to move.

"Jay, I am so so so sorry" I apologized profusely, while shakily pulling up my pants. The vibrator landed on the floor. Thankfully the porn video ended instead of me having to shut it off shamefully.

Jay turned his head back and forth a few times. "Did I see what I think I just did?" He asked.

Still reeling from my total embarrassment, I squeaked out a meager "Yes."

"Oh, um, okay then, uh," Jay said, closing the door. He looked behind himself a couple times before walking forward. Wait what is he…?

Before I could finish the thought, Jay walked up to me and grabbed me by the throat. I felt my heart rate spike as blood began rushing towards my pelvis.

"You don't know how glad I am to see that," Jay uttered in my ear with a low voice.

Fuck, it's getting hot in here.

He walked me towards my desk, hand still on my throat. "Bend over the desk baby," he said quietly. "No, wait, get down on your knees."

I obeyed like the natural submissive I was.

"Mouth open, tongue out baby," Jay said, giving me a light slap on the face. His hands went down towards his zipper, quickly undoing the buttons before reaching into those blue plaid boxers of his and pulling out an extremely erect cock. It appeared to be at 7 inches, so he was well-endowed. He didn't hesitate to put the entire length of it down my throat, multiple times, roughly fucking it.

Jay tilted his head back and moaned "Fuuuuuuck babe." I had my gaze on him the entire time. He looked down at me and worked his hands towards my blouse, unbuttoning it, before sticking them in my bra, releasing my tits from their sheath. Jay made sure to rub and pinch the nipples of each one before slapping them. I moaned from the sweet pain, muffled by his member plugging my throat.

After he'd had enough of that, he grabbed me by the throat once more, bending me over my desk. I felt my pants being ripped off of me, my naked ass now feeling the breeze of the vent system. His fingers went deep inside me, shaking vigorously. Fuck, this feels so good, I was moaning to the point of tears. Then right before orgasm he withdrew from my body.

"Beg for my cock" he said.


He slapped my ass with considerable force. "Beg. For. My. Cock." He hissed through gritted teeth.

"I want your cock" I said quietly.

"What did you say?" He asked.

"I WANT YOUR COCK" I shouted. Goddamn, hopefully no one outside heard that.

"That's a good girl," Jay said. He then finally stuck his dick inside me. I could feel my hole stretching from his incredible length, but he spared me no mercy which my inner deviant was so grateful for, relentlessly thrusting, mightily using his strength to fuck me senseless.

"Say thank you," he growled in my ear.

"Thank you Jay," I gasped in between moans.

"Louder!" He shouted.


"Oh you're so welcome baby" he grumbled in between moans.

I began to let out a scream until Jay placed his left hand over my mouth and went "shhhhh". I moaned into his hand until a few minutes later when he pulled it off and leaned into my ear.

"Cum for me baby," he whispered. The words alone were pushing me closer towards orgasm. I felt as if I were climbing a mountain, and I was about to reach its peak. Jay kept ramming himself inside of me, over and over. He gave each side of my ass a hearty smack before putting his right hand over my clit, stroking it with the utmost fervor.

I couldn’t resist anymore. “I’m gonna cum,” I moaned.

“Do it baby, cum for me,” Jay begged.

I finally reached the top of the summit, and I screamed “Oh god Jay, oh fuck,” before my legs shook violently from orgasm. As I came back down, Jay made sure to give me one passionate kiss, gently biting my lip.

“Time to go back to the floor, Miss Grace” he said, with an eye wink. And with that, Jay pulled up his blue plaid boxers, his pants, and then walked through the door.

What a man, and what a day.


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Grace Linn

Just your neighborhood friendly nerd

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