Haunted House On Vampire Lane

by Casey Keller 5 months ago in erotic

If you don't believe in Vampires you will after this

Haunted House On Vampire Lane

Do you believe in vampires? Would you believe that in this town that I live in has a street named Vampire Lane? With all the folk tale and myths about vampires, no one had ever thought of why they decided to name this street vampire lane. The community here and I had never even thought that it had to do with vampires. You figure they just name streets like any other street in any town. That it had nothing to do with an old abandoned house at the end of the road. We don't have much crime or a decrease in population. Yet here I am wandering down this road with my mind thinking of all the vampire movies. Is the folk tales true? To kill a vampire you have to stab them with a stake through the heart. Do they have a blood lust to survive throughout the ages? My mind wandered the possibilities as I approach the old weakened steps and rotten floorboards as I approach the old Victorian door.

The house was built back in the 1840s. If its walls could speak would tell you the stories of all the residents since then. It had the Victorian style windows and doors and moldings that spoke of elegance.

The stories that this place could tell me lured me inside. It was darker than midnight as I walked through the threshold. No beams of light from the moon penetrated through the old Victorian windows. I switched on my flashlight and soon found out why. All the windows on the inside were painted black. Was it, could there perhaps be a shred of truth that this place might be the residence of a vampire? Could there have been a shred of truth to the folk tales that sunlight burned a vampire's skin? If there ever was such a thing could my skinny legs help me outrun any vampire or any other unforeseen entity? Would my big breasts slow me down? My long black hair swished from a small faint breeze from the front door as I entered the living room. Floorboards creaked and moaned under my small weight as I walked through the house investigating all the crooks and crannies of this old place. There was something in the air that lured me to go even deeper.

All the town kids would always tell stories of this house and how it was haunted. Every year there would always be some seniors who would dare the freshman to enter this place and stay inside for an hour. Usually, it was the seniors who would be playing pranks on the freshman. To get them scared out of their wits and win the bet that no one could stay here because it was haunted. With me being in my late 20's and being fearless I was going to debunk that this place was haunted. The light and video that I was taking with my cell phone in my investigations of this place the only thing that proved to be scary was the painted black windows. I slowly walked down the hallway to the stairs that led to the second floor when I heard something that was all too real. My heart didn't skip a beat, it jumped out of my chest. The front door. It was the front door that slammed shut. Was this place haunted by the previous owners? Or was it something more sinister? I stopped at the top of the stairs, turned the flashlight off of my cell phone but kept the video recorder still recording. I wanted proof. I almost couldn't hear a thing because my heartbeat sounded like a herd of galloping horses in my head. I waited. Nothing. I slowly walk down the second flight of stairs to the second floor. Not being able to see anything, not even my hand 5 inches away from my face. I feel a breeze swoosh by me like a freight train going 100 miles per hour. I wanted to scream but I was paralyzed with fear. The last thing I remember was my head as it banged up against the floor. At first, I thought I might have just missed the last step before the second floor and tripped. But it was something more. I thought I was being dragged until I felt the physical presence of a woman's body up against mine. A woman was carrying me.

I slowly started to regain consciousness and was able to see where I was at. It almost looked like a dungeon but more like a bedroom as I see a light flickering in and out. It was a room filled with candles. I remembered this room but it wasn't lit before. It was the room that looked like it was a part of a castle turret. All the walls were rounded and it had an oval like a window with candles in its cement frame. My head hurt like a freight train had hit me, but it was both of my breasts and the insides of my thighs hurt the worst. My mind tried swimming with possibilities but none made sense other than rape. A soft voice came into this chamber. At first, I thought it was my voice asking for help but it said, "Don't be afraid, your alright, your safe with me. I won't hurt you". The voice sounded very soft and reassuring as I felt a warm liquid over my body where I hurt. I reach down to my breasts to massage the pain away. My hands were wet. I raise my hands to my eyes to see... blood. Was it my blood? What Happened? Questions flooded my mind. Then I see her. Was it just a figment of my imagination? A ghost? An apparition? Was any of this possible?

She introduced herself as Danielle but said that I can call her Dani. She walked closer and sat on the bed next to me. Her long beautiful hair was as dark as mine. Her breasts were perfect, her nipples slightly poking through locks of her hair and through the velvet sheer of lace that hung on her shoulders and cascaded over her short body. Dani looked at me with her big blue eyes told me to relax that soon I won't feel any more pain. My mouth watered as I tried to muster out a "why"?

She said that soon I will feel the need for blood thirst. Was it true? Did vampires exist? Had I found proof of living; not so living creatures that dined on the blood of humans? Did they get burned in the sun? Did they sleep in coffins? My mind flooded with more questions as she lightly traced her fingertips over my eyelids closing them. Her voice soothed and delighted every inch of my body into such a tingling sensation that it seemed like every pore on my body was being lightly pricked by a feather. I feel her hands caressing over every inch of my body from my nipples to my thighs as she lightly kissed and licked each part of me.

What seemed like hours of intense pleasure from Dani licking every inch of my body, and her sticking her tongue in my pussy was a mere matter of minutes and made me cum 5 times. I was so horny and hungry, but I wasn't hungry for blood though, I was hungry for cock. Dani calls me by my name. "Jade, there's a carnival in town and plenty of hot young men to satisfy your hunger and desire". "I'm not hungry for their blood. I want their cocks". She and I walk out of her old Victorian house without making a board creek or moan. Dani shows me the lights of the carnival in the distance. I ask her, "How long have I been here". "Only a month". I would have been so enraged with her but my desire for cock overloaded all my other senses. "Jade, you are so beautiful that I couldn't let you go that night when you came into my house. I had to have you and bite, suck, feed, and lick and fuck you. You made all of my bodily sensations peak past a hundred percent". "Don't worry I messaged everyone on your phone saying that you are fine and on a road trip".

The air felt like a tickle as we glided along with the earth. "Jade, just remember, that you must be inside before the dawn breaks. The sun will burn you". So it was true, I became a vampire and I had to be inside before the sun came up. But did I have to feed on people? Did I have to have their blood to keep my un-living, living body alive? I'll soon find out as I walk through the crowds of people. smelling their blood, their sweat. Their perfumes and colognes. I make my choice. A tall lengthy broad-shouldered man enters the carnival and goes to the haunted house. It's lights and noises annoy me. I block it all out and focus on the sound of blood pumping through his veins. It was my first time moving it was like at the speed of thought and I was hiding in the rafters just twenty feet in front of him. Shrouded in darkness, other forms and figures jump out and tries to scare the willing participants in this haunted carnival house of horrors. Little be-knowest did this unwilling participant of a hot young blooded strong man would be my first. I fall out of the rafters on the floor in front of him. He jumps back and into the arms of Freddy Krueger and his five metal fingers. He comes over to my body to see if I was a part of the haunted carnival show. As strong as this man was, I was stronger. My body rises like smoke as I stand in front of him and carry him away like a breath to a very secluded and dark corner of this haunted carnival house of horrors.

I lean down into my prey, sink my teeth into his neck to suck out his life-giving blood only to spit it out. Why? I thought vampires needed blood to survive. Dani enters my mind as if to answer my question. "Jade, I made you. To not have to thirst on human blood to survive. I made you to have a thirst for cock". I grab this fine young looking strong broad-shouldered man by the pants and rip them off of this body. I put his cock in my mouth and begin sucking and licking his shaft, swirling my tongue around the tip of his head till he wets my lips with his pre-cum. I slide my black silk dress up my thighs exposing my pink pussy lips to his cock and slide my body down on his throbbing dick. I ride his cock as he regained his consciousness. He reached up and grabbed and tweaked each of my nipples. I lean down to kiss his lips while his cock explodes deep inside my pussy. I look deep into his beautiful green eyes and say, "Forget and sleep, when you awake you will remember nothing". I'm still hungry for more. Let's try the Ferris wheel.

This time I feel my feet on the hard earth. It felt tingling and wet as I walked through some light puddles exciting every inch of my body. It was like walking on needles and getting electrocuted at the same time. I see a group of three young men enter the gate to the Feris wheel. Yes, these three. I follow behind them and tip the Ferris wheel operator a hundred dollars to stop the ride when I get to the top for 10 minutes so that I can take some pictures. He agrees. As the ride continues and the operator gets more customers on the ride my cart finally reaches the top. The ride stops, but I don't. I glide down to the next cart where the 3 gentlemen are at. Mesmerizing them quickly so they don't scream I tell them to take there cocks out of their pants. I get in the cart with them and immediately go to work sucking and licking there cocks swirling my tongue around there balls till they all explode their hot young juices down my throat. I like my lips like a hungry lioness who just got done eating its prey. I recite the words that Dani taught me. "Sleep and when you awake you won't remember". The ride starts up again has it been 10 minutes already? I glide up to the cart that the operator escorted me into and wait for the ride to end. I was still hungry. The ride ended with a hearty laugh as I forgot to tell the three young men to put their cocks away. It made everyone else laugh as well and made everybody else think, "what were those three young men doing up there"? a sly smile came across my full lips. Who's next. I wondered if this cock lust only worked on men. I wanted to try out my lusts on a woman this time.

I walk around the lights and sounds of the carnival rides encompassing all of my sensations until I spot her. She was a beautiful blond eating blue cotton candy. Wearing a short blue denim skirt and pink halter top. Which fitted her perfect sized tits. I walk up to her and say, "Hi I'm Jade, your lips look as pink as a rose". She giggled and said that her name was "Rose". We laughed. I ask her if she would like to go for a walk to help me find my boyfriend. She obliged as we walked around the park. I find a dark secluded spot by a tree and lean her up against it and push my body up against hers and kiss her lips. Our tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths. I slide her halter top down exposing her cute petite tits and pink nipples. I take them in my mouth and lick and suck on them while I slide my fingers up into her pussy. She moaned with delight as she leaned up against the tree.

I hike her skirt up and on her hips. I tear her panties off with my teeth as I lift her up so her pussy is facing me and her legs going over my shoulders like a reverse piggyback ride. Her fingers playing and pulling at my hair while I lick and suck on her clit and sticking my tongue inside of her. She cums all over my face and lips as I reach up and playfully pinch her nipples. I lower her down to face me and she kisses me and licks her own juices off of my lips. I got so caught up in the moment with this hot beautiful blond and feeling a little more satisfied that I forgot Dani's magic phrase to tell her to sleep and when she awakes to forget.

It wasn't long as I was walking away, that I hear a woman scream. I follow the woman's scream only to see Dani hovering over the cute petite blond that I just ate out. Blood leaking out from the corners of her gorgeous full red lips from taking this woman's life. "Jade, you've been naughty. You have to tell people to sleep and to forget. Otherwise, we will be caught. How do you think that I have survived a thousand years". I apologize and we glide like mist back to her house on vampire lane. "Jade we need to sleep now, the sunrise is almost upon us". She leads me to a bedroom that I had earlier explored where a coffin lay. I guess it was true, vampires do exist. Vampires do turn into dust at the slight of a sun ray. Vampires do have a reflection. Vampires can be killed with a stake in the heart. Vampires can have a different kind of feeding other than blood. I'm proof of that and now on my own traveling the world and satisfying all of my sexual fantasies of men and women.

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Casey Keller
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