Harrison Pt. 2

by Alexis McCraney 4 months ago in fiction

A guide on how to sleep with your college professor mini story part two

Harrison Pt. 2

Part two

He entered inside me slowly. It hurt at first seeing as how I hadn’t had sex in a while. He groaned in ecstasy at how tight I was around his shaft and started to move. I bit down on my scream. He was too big, I couldn’t take it.

I could feel pleasure all over my body. My nipples got harder with every stroke until they were stiff needing to be sucked. He started to fuck me harder but I could tell he wasn’t doing it as hard as he wanted; otherwise we would have been in major trouble. So, I did the only thing I could do. I moved my left hand around my back and pushed on his chest and did my best to stand up.

I whispered, “Let me.”

He slid out of me and I turned around. Looking into his eyes I grabbed his arms and made a gesture for him to get on the floor. He raised an eyebrow at me but did as I instructed.

Once he was settled I got down on my knees over him and slid his dick back inside of me. He was still sticky from my wetness so he went in easily. I placed my hands on either side of his head and began to ride him. Slow at first so I could find my rhythm and get my hips going the way I wanted them to. Once I got used to him I went faster, moaning into his ear. All of a sudden he grabbed my waist and pushed himself all the way inside of me, nearly making me cum on the spot. I bit back a rather loud moan and licked his neck. He seemed to like that. We were moving with each other. As I went down, he pushed himself inside of me.

He pulled my shirt and bra up just enough to expose my boobs and pulled me down, so my nipple fit in his mouth. He bit down gently and nibbled on it, I moaned again in his ear and whispered that I was going to cum. He groaned and flipped me over onto my back in another swift motion as if he’d done this a million times. Thrusting inside me hard over and over again, I caught a glimpse of his eyes as he held his head back. They had glazed over like nothing else in the world mattered than this next orgasm I was about to give him. I grabbed his hair and turned him to look at me and kissed him, gently but with heat and fire. We moaned in each other’s mouths as we started to reach our climax, I pulled him in deeper, my pussy exploding around him. My legs started to shake as he filled me with his cum, breathing heavy we kissed for what seemed like hours but in reality was only a minute.

He slowly pulled out of me and removed the condom, his dick shot out a little extra with the friction of it. I took this opportunity to run my thumb across his tip and licked the stream that was running down his shaft.

“You like the way I taste?” he asked, his voice rough with heavy breathing. I licked my lips in response.

“Do you always sleep with your students?” I ask as I casually lick the cum off my thumb. I look up at him settled in the chair across from him, the desk in between us, and smirk. I cross my legs and sit back in the chair with my arms draped over the chair.

“Do you always sleep with your professors?” he replied. He didn’t look at me but faced his computer and began to type something. “Alright, here is the deal. I know that you’re not going to say anything because your pretty little pussy wants me again and soon I expect. I will be more than happy to oblige but there are rules to this game you want to play.”

“What kind of rules?” I ask intrigued. I think about how he was just inside me a few minutes ago and my pussy starts to throb. I clench my thighs together in the hopes that it will stop.

“Rule number 1.” He held up a finger. “No one else can fuck you but me. Trust me, I will know if someone else has been inside you.”

I doubt it.

“Fine,” I say.

He held up two fingers. “Rule number two, you come when I call.”

“Is that all, your majesty?” I asked. He shot me an angry look. “Rule number one, I’m perfectly fine with but rule two is where we run into problems. First, I am not your dog to call as you please. I come when and if I want, simple as that.” I uncrossed my legs and got up, I trailed a finger on the edge of the desk as I walked around it. He turned in his chair to face me. His legs were wide and I could see his dick was ready and waiting. I unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick which was still glistening with my cum. Facing him, I grabbed the back of the chair and stood over him as if I was about to sit on him. With his dick in my hand, I started rubbing my clit with the tip.

He looked up at me and grabbed my waist with both hands, his expression unreadable. He leaned in as if he was about to kiss me but instead all but threw me off of him. He launched himself out of the chair and somehow we both ended up on the floor with his dick inside of me, one hand on my neck and the other on my waist. I squealed slightly on the way down.

He leaned down so his lips were all but touching my ear and whispered gruffly, “What do you think this is? I am in control of this situation, not you. If you don’t like it you can take your mediocre pussy and fuck someone else. Understand? If you want me to fuck you, those are the rules.”

He pulled back so his eyes met mine which were filled with tears.

I looked away. “Let me up.”

His eyes softened and he removed his hand from me waist and slowly pulled out of me. He didn’t let go of my neck but slipped his hand behind my neck and pulled me to sit up. He took a thumb and wiped away my tears.

He kissed me gently. “This is the way it has to be.”

There came a loud knock at the door. “Professor, is everything alright in there?”

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