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Guy Friends

by Daniele Deviant 2 years ago in erotic
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Guy friends are just less drama...

Charlie was still shaking off the hangover when he started to head out to the patio. Luckily, he had a couple of cigarettes left after the previous night. He had gotten carried away when Vince had brought out the whiskey, and he was having trouble remembering the night before.

He didn't notice her until she said something. He was sliding the door closed and she said hello, and it made him jump and drop his Marlboro on the ground. He looked over to where the voice had come from, and there she was, Samantha, sitting in the early morning sun, her green eyes shining against the golden light.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry," she said. "I thought you had seen me out here. I was just getting some air."

"No, I didn't," Charlie said. "It's alright. I just am feeling it from last night and I'm a little slow."

"Yeah, you seemed pretty fucked up."

"I was. Sorry if I did anything out of line."

"Oh, you didn't do anything out of line..."

The way she said it made Charlie pause. Vince had told him that his coworker Sam was a bit of a headcase. He had seen bits and pieces of it last night, but the majority of the festivities were not easy to recall.

"You passed out so early..." Sam said.

"I didn't think it was that early. It was around 2 AM. I was pretty sloshed too."

"Yeah, it wasn't that early but it was before all the other guys."

Sam started to shift in her seat and it made Charlie start to feel odd. He puffed on his cigarette and tried to pretend that he was in deep thought. He wished he had brought his phone outside with him but he left it in his bed.

"Vince gets really crazy when he drinks, huh?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," Charlie said. "He's been that way for as long as I have known him. But why do you say that? Did he do anything last night after I passed out?"

Sam started to laugh. She had a strange expression on her face when Charlie looked over at her. He couldn't place his finger on what it was about her then, but it did start to make him feel excited.

"He did all kinds of things last night..."

She let it hang in the air between them. Charles thought of asking more questions but he let the stillness linger along with the smoke of his cigarette.

"It wasn't just him either," she said. "Once Sarah and Natalie fell asleep, it was just him, Spencer, and Keith. All of them and just me."

She was silent again, but it wasn't quiet anymore in Charlie's mind. He was starting to wonder where this was going. He was letting his mind wander, but at the same time, he wasn't sure if he was being rational with his line of thinking.

"I really wish you would have stayed up too."

"Yeah?" he said. He took a deep pull of his cigarette. "Why is that?"

"Haven't you heard that saying, 'The more, the merrier?' We had a lot of fun last night."

There was a sudden change in the atmosphere then that did not escape Charlie. He wasn't fooling himself here. He began to play with the butt with his fingers and he began to take in the sight of this woman that Vince had brought to their house. She was full chested, with a bob, jet black hair cut, and green eyes that sparkled over thin pink lips.

"You like hanging out with a lot of guys?" Charlie asked.

"I actually like hanging out with guys more than I do other girls. Guy friends are just less drama."

She was wearing the same, white dress she was wearing the night before. Her makeup was also still on, and her hair was messier than it was the night before too. When Charlie looked over to her again, she proceeded to spread her legs, showing that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Once the other girls went to pass out Vince couldn't keep his hands off me. He kept on saying that he was thinking about fucking me at work all the time. He even said a couple of times he thought about following me into the bathroom, and I asked him why he didn't."

Charlie stared into her eyes as he took another drag.

"Spencer and Keith saw him doing that to me and talking to me like that, and I could see them smiling and laughing about it. I would brush against them too. I felt like a cat in heat. I just couldn't help myself. I like the attention."

She laughed as she thought about the next couple of moments.

"So we are all drinking and I am sitting on Vince's lap and he just sticks his hands into my dress and starts feeling me up, and then he starts rubbing my pussy and saying how wet it was. He kept on telling the other guys to try and they did too. It was pretty wild.

"Keith has really rough fingers from playing guitar and that made me come really quick. And once that happened, it must have really excited the guys because they just went crazy. All their dicks were out and they just started taking turns on me."

Charlie froze where he was, his eyes staying fixed on the woman.

"At first they just were rubbing them on me. On my face, or on my tits. Then Vince just pulled my legs apart and just went inside me. He kept saying that I was begging for it..."

Charlie threw his cigarette on the ground, watching its embers crash against the concrete of the patio before he fixed his eyes on her again. His head was still throbbing from the hangover, but his cock was now alive, and he wanted her to fix that.

"Keith and Spencer started rubbing their shafts against my face. I just let them for a while until Spencer stuck his cock in my mouth, and I figured, oh well, why not. It was crazy. I can't believe you passed out before then... I..."

He had moved on her quickly, grabbing her ankles and ripping them apart, thrusting himself between them while also pulling out his cock from the jeans he passed out in. He rubbed it against her clit and opening while he panted over her, folding her into the garden chair that they kept outside.

"You wanted this last night?" Charlie asked.

He had something come over him right then. He wasn't sure if it was the casual nature of her openness or the thought of sharing her with the rest of his roommates but Charlie wanted nothing more than to enter her. He wanted to feel her at his hilt and then pound her until she told someone else her tale as she did with the three from the night before. Once she was slick enough to enter, he rushed forward, roughly, and began to slam into her like a wildman.

She bit her lip and tried her best to keep quiet but she kept on letting out little moans through her clenched teeth. It turned Charlie on even more. He loved how she reacted to everything. He was enthralled with her then. He wondered how something so special had come into his house without his knowledge, but now that he knew what he had, he would be sure to appreciate it every time Samantha decided to come over.

"You're a little whore, aren't you?" he said. "Coming over here and fucking all the guys. Is that what you were planning this whole time?"

She nodded her head, not wanting to open her mouth for fear that her cries would wake up the others in the house and end the fun they were having.

He was going amazingly fast then. She couldn't believe how wound up she got him. She came on his cock while he kept on pounding into her. He was holding her body still while ramming into her, making a mess of her insides while getting her off at the same time. Suddenly, he was out of her and then into her mouth, ramming her equally as fast as he was before, except this time on a different opening. It wasn't long before he let out a long cry and then shot a large wad of cum right into her mouth and down her throat.

She smiled up at him when he finished, licking her lips and allowing her fingers to push any excess spunk from her lips into her waiting mouth. She cooed as he lifted himself off of her.

“Just what I wanted. A nice big mess to start my morning. Thank you.”

“Holy fuck. You are so nasty.”

“The nastiest. I can’t wait to party with you all again soon.”

Charlie felt a shudder flow through his body as he placed his cock back into his pants and shook his head as he went inside, leaving Samantha outside while she played back the morning and the previous night in her head over and over again.


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