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by Chuck Morrow 4 years ago in erotic
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Chapter 3

Gregg is sitting quietly on the end of the bench where he had been told to sit. There are other men and women doing the same. The last bench next to him is still empty, out of the darkness walks a tall man followed by a slender woman—obviously, the last to join his group.

She is instructed to sit on the bench next to him. Then one by one, the man instructs them to lay back and their hands are secured above their heads and they are blind folded. After a couple of moments his feet are also bound. Gregg thinks about his friend David. He is a few benches over. He is the one who I lost the bet to. I guess there are worse ways to settle a bet, but right now I can’t seem to think of one. Laying here listening to the faint sounds of the other… What are we? Not captives we all volunteered for this. I guess I’ll call us participants. When I first got tied down, I started to get hard but now after laying here things have relaxed quite a bit.

A few minutes later, I hear more people starting to enter the room sound like more participant’s receiving instructions then sounds like the party is starting. The sounds of laughter and ice rattling in glasses. Then I am startled by a voice standing over me a woman’s voice she comments on my size then a man’s voice dares her to lick it a moment later I feel her touch my cock.

I gasp at the exhilaration if something touching my cock when I am completely unable to do anything, she then exhales her hot breath washes over my skin and my cock grows harder. I hear some sounds coming from either side of me, letting me know that the others are receiving some attention as well. I feel a hand rubbing up my leg and then my side. I squirm because it tickles which causes their hands to tickle me more. I fight to move away but it is no use. I am going nowhere. Finally the tickling stops. Then I feel someone straddle my chest I can tell it’s a woman she smells wonderful she grabs my hair and lifts my head and rubs her pussy all over my face. My tongue searches for her clit and just as I find it a hand grabs my cock hard which makes me lose all concentration on what I was doing. Finally, they let go and I go back to eating her pussy. A few minutes later she cums all over my face pulling my hair and grinding my face into her pussy when she is finished. She lets go of my hair and walks away. For a few minutes I lay just listening to the sounds coming from either side of me—sucking, fucking, moaning, my cock gets harder just listening to it imagining what is happening. Then without any warning a mouth raps around my cock and slowly takes me deep. I moan then they stop sucking I lay there hoping they continue. I feel hot breath on my ear as a woman whispers and asks me if I would like to cum, I answer yes but she just giggles no and leaves. I lay listening to people all around me, I feel a hand run up my leg and up to my chest then they pinch my nipple.

Then again without warning a mouth slides over my cock and another voice is back in my ear she says I guess it is time for you to cum, the woman sucking my cock takes me deep then all the way out and continues slowly all the way in and all the way out until she is only touching the tip I’m getting close then she stops not yet the voice says. I feel something cold touch my stomach then moves down to my cock they are rubbing ice over my cock and balls after a few minutes the cold is beginning to make me numb.

Another wet pussy sits on my face, and a warm mouth raps around my now soft cock. The warmth of her mouth is amazing. I ty to concentrate on the pussy on my face, not the mouth, taking my cock deep. The warm mouth makes my cock harder than before. I moan uncontrollably as she takes me all the way in. she slows and plays with me keeping on the edge, the woman moves off me I feel her hot breath on my ear.

“He really knows what he is doing doesn't he?”

I am unable to care at this moment. The mouth on my cock takes me all the way in, I start to cum. He holds it in. I can feel the muscles of his throat contract as he swallows everything I have, he does not let up he begins sliding my cock in and out of his mouth faster I don’t know what happened next. It was like I was cumming, but different more like my bladder let go and they swallowed it all. My cock went limp and my body was shaking uncontrollably. The mouth lets my cock, after laying there for a while and recovering a little. The voice is back in my ear it’s my turn to play with you. Then I feel her hand slide down my body and stroke my still soft cock, "Oh, someone is not awake yet I’ll just have to get his attention." She takes my cock into her mouth and roles it around with her tongue, my god, is she good because I didn’t think I could get hard again after the last orgasm I had, but I feel my cock grow in her mouth. Her hands and mouth stroke my cock then she straddles my body and slides my cock into her wet pussy. She rides me for a few minutes and I am surprised I would normally be getting really close to an orgasm by now, but I am still hard and enjoying this immensely but not even close to cumming. She rides me a little longer. Then she moves up and sits on my face.

I can tell she is getting close, she starts moving faster and moans as she comes, she rides my face and pulls my hair grinding my face into her pussy. When she is finished, she stands then she leans over and kisses me then stand up and walks away moments later she is back whispering in my ear I brought you something. I found a pussy that needs to be licked.

She unhooks my hands and puts them to my side as someone startles me and lowers her pussy onto my face, she wants you to play with her nipples while you eat her. "Now be a good boy and make her cum while I finish sucking on your cock." The first woman whispers.

I reach up and begin playing with her tits and I lick her clit the all the sudden someone sits on my cock her warm wet pussy engulfing me.

The voice is back, "I found another pussy for you to satisfy, but don’t worry I still plan on sucking you." The two girls ride me as they each start to cum it’s too much for me, I explode just after the girl on my cock does and the girl on my face starts to cum. I hold her tight and suck on her clit until she squirts all over my face.

She clips my hands back above my head and I’m alone again.


About the author

Chuck Morrow

The mind can be a strange place and i guess my mind is a little stranger than most.

I started writing on a dare from an online friend and soon found that it was a good outlet for some of my fantasies. So hope you enjoy and my strange mind

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