Green Monster

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Testing Limits

Green Monster

The fire was building, he could feel it as he turned each corner. The closer he came to his destination, the hotter it became. The red crept into his vision and his breathing grew more ragged. The monster was unleashing and he looked around, almost frightened for the public around him. Almost. Soon the guttural sounds within him were rising and he was sure they would escape him before he made it. Around the last corner. Stalked to the French doors and threw them open. Took the stairs three at a time and nearly kicked down the tall white door at the end of the hall. There she lay, draped across the bed with her dark hair flowing down her body. Her powder blue nightgown barely covered her frame and a wicked smile curved on her lips, as if she knew, as if she had called to him...

He crossed the room in two strides and yanked her off the bed and crushed her to his body. He bruised her lips with his ferocious kisses and made her cry out when he gripped her harder. This reaction excited him. He threw her to the floor, caring not for the loud thud she made when she hit the surface, and he covered her with his massive body.

"Do you think you can just tempt fire and not get burned?" he growled, pinning her to the cold hardwood beneath them.

"I know you played your little stunt with Collin on purpose."

He referred to the night before, at a gala they both attended, she wore his favorite of her dresses, a forest green gown with gold accents, a plunging neckline and a choker chain he had gifted to her. She looked delicious enough to eat. In their circumstances, they could not be seen together and she constantly took full advantage of it. She often tempted him in public but last night she played a different game. Not once did she look his direction as she shamelessly threw herself at Collin Teargrow, the wealthiest man in the city.

Collin fawned over her as all men did and he was eating out of her hand by midnight. Her laughter was soft and flirtatious, her smile was sweet yet sinister and the entire night he could not escape her beauty. It emanated from her and affected everyone in the room. At 2 AM he waited in their secret place by the lake and she did not come. The fury grew, for she knew he could not come to her to confront her until nightfall, until the world slept unknowing, until now. Now, beneath him, she knew no fear at his savagery and didn't flinch when he tore her clothes from her body. He scanned her skin, looking for marks, rolled her on her front to see if she had been scratched in love play. He heard her giggle into the floor and the heat boiled through him. Without turning her to face him, he mounted her. He removed his clothes in a flash and slammed her back to the solid ground as she tried to turn and assist. He entered her roughly, without his usual kind words, without tasting the sweet juices that already awaited him at her center, just thrust and grind as he yanked her hair back and breathed into her ear.

"You are mine."

It was more of a threat than a sentiment. He pushed deeper into her and she gasped, trying to grip the smooth floor.

"There is no excuse for your behavior. It will not be tolerated."

He pushed harder and pulled further on her hair. He reached around her and massaged her swollen sweet spot and she began sobbing in pleasure. He began the frenzy and drove madly into her, over and over, her whimpers became pleading. He felt the muscles tighten around him, he knew her release was coming. She flailed beneath him, grinding against him, trying to consume him with her body. He reached for a tattered piece of her nightdress and tied her arms firmly behind her back. He growled like a demon and pulled out of her completely.

"No!" she cried, attempting to turn and grab him but could not in the manner she was bound. He pressed his hot, hard body flush with hers, intentionally rubbing against her, but not entering her again.

"You will remember this my sweet," he said in a calm, terrifying voice.

"I own you and if you ever keep me waiting or wondering again, I will end your pleasure for good. Do you quite understand me?"

Her body shook with need, she squirmed on the floor as if trying to get pressure to where she needed it most while hot tears rolled down her cheeks. He smiled wickedly.

"I can see you need some time to think about it." Her eyes widened in disbelief as he rose, replaced his clothing and left her sobbing and aching for release. He could hear her begging for him as he walked down the hall and out the door.

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