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Good vibes!

by Angelina F. Thomas about a month ago in fiction
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By: Angelina Thomas

Good vibes!
Photo by Christie Kim on Unsplash

I am all about the best vibes and I am cautious about who I allow in my circle. I keep my circle small I am blessed and my boyfriend loves me and he treats me right and he fucks me great like he is only twenty five when he is age forty. I love my dude when he comes around me he treats me like a queen. And when I get on my dumb shit he still treats me right. Good vibes is all I am about, but I am not perfect by any means, I get on mild dumb shit and then I try to fix what I had done wrong. It is all good in the hood. I love where I live, I want this house to be mine, I want my roommate Jim to put in a will that this house goes to me and not anyone else, but I am wishful thinking again, that my roommate Jim will help me even when he is gone and no more. Yeah right he is going to put the house in his sisters name and fuck what happens to me when I cannot get an apartment in my name without having a nasty little short lived criminal record. I won't fuck up again but no one is willing to take a chance with me, I am lucky Jim helped me out and I help him out too but I cannot afford 400 bucks a month I cannot do it anymore, he does not understand why I want to save some money for my future and needs. He gets three thousand bucks a week after take home pay when he works weekends and he has been mandated to do it every week for a long time, but he won't let me drop my rent to thirty percent of my income. How will I get over this obstacle of having no money set aside for anything, Like a comfortable smooth transition. It is so fucking hard to live without significant amount of money. I wish Jim would gift me three thousand in cash for my birthday or Christmas and say this is a gift and I want you to put this money in your account and spend it wisely please do not fuck this up. This is my gift to you to help you come up out of the penniless phase, I want to elevate your circumstances a bit. Wishful thinking again, he won't ever look out for me in that light. Do I need that blessing, yes, but will it happen, no. I hope I can have this house to myself one day, and if I become able to pay for the expenses to keep this house due to being an author on vocal+ I would be very pleased. All I need to gain is like over one hundred thousand bucks and I would be alright if I could make that flip over and over recurring concurrent all the time non stop. I wish I could be a better author and writer so I can make my moneys worth. This sucks because I keep fucking up my punctuation and grammar and admin will not be able to let poor grammar and punctuation slide and I need to perfect my punctuation and grammar bad. I wish I had some of the basic books to keep my mind refreshed on what to do when writing stories. If I were owner of this house making big bucks working from home being an author and never fall off, I would get this house remodeled, new carpeting, new drywall where I suspect it needs to be new, new paint job, a lot of new shit. I Hope my punctuation and grammar is getting better somehow. Thanks for reading.


About the author

Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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