Gold Dust Woman


Gold Dust Woman

I told you before that I'd tell you about how many of us came to be what we are. This is Tansy's story. I first met her when she walked into Murray's, one of the lowest brothels in Abilene, as bold as you please and asked for a job. I don't think she knew what she was asking for but it didn't take her long to figure it out. Did she really want to be a whore?

No, she just wanted to be able to eat. Like most of us in this life, Tansy had just escaped from an untenable family situation and Abilene was as far as the money she had would take her. Unfortunately Murray's was the first place she came to in Abilene and I came down the stairs from my crib as Cliff went off to Murray's office to ask him if he wanted a new girl.

"Be bold when he tells you to shed your clothes," I told her, "and when he tells you to get on your knees and suck his little cock, tickle his ballocks and he'll shoot off quick. But make sure you swallow all of it or he'll be pissed."

She didn't flinch and didn't seem shocked in the least. When Cliff came to fetch her I followed her around the bar and held the door so I could watch and see if she was as bold as I thought she'd be--the hungry generally are and Tansy must have been starving. She stripped out of her traveling suit and shed her petticoat and camisole one button at a time. Then she sat upon a small table and allowed her legs to fall open to expose her fiery crotch hair for Murray to see as she inserted a finger inside herself and then slide it into her mouth to clean off her juices.

I smiled and applauded her mentally as Murray beckoned her over to get on her knees and do what he required of all his prospective hires. He blew his load and I don't think she ever had to tickle his ballocks at all.

"Well," Murray said as he fondled her nipple, "what do you want to do here, girl?" he asked.

"Whatever will make me the most money, sir," she replied.

Murray grinned. "Wait here," he said and refastened his trousers.

I hurried to the bar to pretend to talk to Cliff. Murray poked his head out and motioned for Tom, a regular patron none of us girls liked to deal with because he got himself excited by slapping us around first. "Come on back here to my office, Tom," Murray said with a grin. "I've got a little treat for you."

"Yeah?" Tom said and followed Murray into his office where his eyes went wide when he saw Tansy sitting naked upon the little table. "A new whore?" Tom said, licking his lips.

"If she passes the tests," Murray said with a wicked grin. "Fuck her," he said and pushed Tom toward Tansy.

"The way I like," Tom asked, "or are you gonna want me to be nice about it?"

"I want to see how much she can take, so give her your best, my man," Murray said with a grin.

Tom smiled and marched up to Tansy. He found her bosoms and began twisting her nipples. He bent down and began sucking hard on the nipples and biting as his hand moved down into her crotch. He chuckled as his fingers found her cunny and he pushed into her with much of his hand.

Tansy flinched with the pain and Tom pushed deeper. "I'm gonna stretch this hole out nice and wide," he said, "because I'm gonna fuck your ass and that's gonna be nice and tight around my cock."

Tom pulled her to the carpeted floor, spread her legs wide, and invited Murray close to watch as he pushed his hand inside Tansy until his wrist was all that could be seen. He pulled his hand out and pushed it back in several times, enjoying all her gasps and flinches. If she didn't respond as he hoped, Tom slapped her hard and she soon figured out how to play along. When his cock was sufficiently hard, he flipped her onto her belly and used his fingers to spread her ass cheeks and spit. He pushed into Tansy and she yelped for his benefit. I just rolled my eyes as I watched.

Tom pumped into her ass for a few minutes and then howled like a rutting elk as he released. He pulled out of her and slapped her ass hard. "Can I try her mouth?" Tom asked Murray and began to scoot up over Tansy's prone body until his limp cock brushed her lips. He smacked her face. "Suck it and get me hard again, bitch," he snarled and pushed the stiffening organ into her mouth until he was completely hard again and directing her to lick or suck or gag as he tried to push down her throat.

He bellowed again and released into Tansy's mouth with a chuckle deep in his chest. The chuckle. however, turned into a high-pitched squeal when Tom tried to pull out of Tansy's mouth and caught a bit of his skin in a small gap in her front teeth. He rolled on the floor of Murray's office and Tansy grinned as she picked the sliver of Tom's skin from her teeth and spit it at him.

"Do I get the job?" she asked Murray with a grin as she picked at the gap in her teeth again, "or do you want me to suck your cock again?"

Lori Beasley Bradley
Lori Beasley Bradley
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