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Global Masturbation for World Peace 2

by Roscoe Forthright 2 years ago in politics
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Online sex calms international tensions

When Palestinian and Israeli girls make out, everything Benjamin Netanyahu has ever said, proves to be piles of bullshit nonsense. When people hookup online, and jack-off on live-video feeds the world is at peace, and no religious, political, or philosophic agendas changes the fact: When people get-off with each other, they are less likely to shoot missiles, thrown grenades, or machine-gun each other to death.

For this reason, Roscoe Forthright's Group Masturbation Platform, ONENESS2, should be promoted by the United Nations as soon as possible, and recommended to all diplomats who truly wish to get something done. In private diplomatic zoom-meetings, the President of France can jack-it with the President of Egypt, the President of Egypt can jack-it with Vlady Putin, and the asshole leaders of Ethiopia would probably stop killing Eritreans if only they could jack-it some fine Eritrean females. In all these scenarios, the leaders could choose their favorites positions and favorite partners, and just get diplomacy going with a simple, mutual whacking of the meat.

Oh.... but perhaps Vlady is shy about his tiny little penis. And perhaps the President of France is really not as manly as he wishes us to believe. And perhaps the President of Egypt prefers goats. He certainly does not have much concern for human beings. Perhaps that is the whole problem of international diplomacy-- Many of the decision-makers really do not give one small rat's ass about other human beings. Killing people is just an expedient way to get what they want. For Egypt, they want the coast of the Red Sea, which has been held by Eritrea. God only know what little Vlady wants in Ukraine. Mostly he just enjoys making other people miserable.

So.... in this we learn it is usually not the citizens of nations who want to kill people and steal their shit. It is only the leaders of nations who want to kill people and steal their shit. The leaders have specific agendas for making cash, or increasing their control over this and that piece of geography. The leaders have egos and see themselves as heroes, people written about in history books, important people, people to be envied and admired. Glorious Supreme Beloved Leaders.... and all that. If achieving their agendas requires the brutal death of some population of people, well that is just too bad. The agenda is more important than the lives of poor people, or even middle-class people. (We notice the Presidents of nations rarely order the death of rich people. That would be counterproductive.)

So... for those people who make the big and deadly decisions, the handful of leaders of nations, sex is far less important than their ambitious agendas. And jacking-it with other world leaders would be less valuable than getting drunk with other world leaders. In their lives, the agenda is EVERYTHING. Their vanity, their precious, precious Golum-like power is more important than sex could ever be!

So... we come to understand, many of our world leaders are really, very well-educated and highly skilled sociopaths. People who will do anything and say anything to justify their agendas and push forward their personal ambitions. Dead bodies do not matter. Unless the people really threaten to push the leaders out in some way. Lately, Covid has made the whole thing just peachy-keen for government leaders of all kinds. Just force people to stay home and do nothing. Destroy the entire economy, destroy the personal wealth of millions of people--- that way they will do what they are told, and take whatever vaccines we want to shoot into them.

Who wins here--- Pfizer, and others, billions of dollars in profits! In this, corporate leaders are much like political leaders. The agenda is EVERYTHING. And the rest of us will stay home, and jack-off with each other.


About the author

Roscoe Forthright

Erotic filmmaker and novelist. I use x-rated heterosexual short films as a tool for spiritual enlightenment. Laugh all you want. This actually works for many people. Fucking is universal! And very popular!

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