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Ginger Chunks

by Pete Symes 10 months ago in nsfw
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Holiday Smut

Ginger Chunks
Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

Ginger Chunks was ready for this holiday party. Her long red hair was silky and immaculately placed in such a way as to perfectly frame the vast expanses of cleavage. Highlighting boob where she had lovingly applied her foundation make-up well beyond what should be considered proper exposure for a company party. That vast area of alabaster curvy white flesh, hugged by astounding red hair, only interrupted by equally shocking red lips and green cat eyes. She was abundance personified and displayed for effect. In January she would be “Sadie Sadie, old married lady”. This night would be the final act in her long holiday tradition of being the effervescent and wild Ginger Chunks. “Look out men, cause I’m coming to get ya.” she cooed softly to herself. Her red lips spread lasciviously at the thought. She had her list and she was checking it twice. All these men would be naughty on this winter’s night.

“Or else,” she added cryptically to herself. Her full-figured bra snapped in place below her fully made up tits. She spun it around her supple waist, plunged her arms through the straps and pulled the generous cups into place. The cleavage created by this low-slung beauty was astounding even for her to behold. Emerald green bra and panties, to match her kitten eyes, were in place. She dropped to her bed and snatched the stockings, pointed her toes towards the heavens and looked approvingly at her curvaceous calve as she rolled stocking up to her thigh. She savored the feel of the fabric as she smoothed it up and cheated with a well-placed finger on her puss puss plushy place. That thought really made her giggle. But one more stocking was required and the process was repeated with a little firmer final finger flourish. This one made her gasp.

She stood in front of the mirror. “Boy-yeee, do I look good.” As she gave her torso a little twist to get a peek at her behind. “The front grill may display the merchandise, but the rear bumpers deliver the goods.”

She remembered how James described her that way when her buns were up and he was doing the driving. He would be murmuring dirty and low how her fiery red hair looked like flames splayed across the pristine white skin of her back. The way her full breasts flattened against the mattress and fluffed with each thrust as he pushed his cock deep, penetrating clenching wave after clenching wave of her organismic tides. He detailed how his ball were drenched and dripping with her after each plunge into her surging surf. Oh, how he talked dirty to her all through out those long early morning fuckings he gave her. He would then lift her hips high off the mattress leaving her knees dangling above soaking sheets and stir his cock deep within her until she came and came some more. His balls crushing into her throbbing clit while he moaned, growled and spurted thick burning briny cum into her bounding main.

Now Ginger was dripping, yet her spirits took a dive. Tonight, James would be with that new wife of his. Sure, she had big tits, but that flat ass of hers was absurd. Well she’ll show him. How he could marry her just a month after he stopped coming to my bed in those wee hours was, was. “Well just absurd.” She blurted out loud with malicious conviction. Well she’ll give him a good gander tonight at just what he had passed up.

Then her thoughts turned to Jeffrey. Her intended. Was it rebound? Was it love? Either way the dear was easily convinced to let her attend this company party without him. “You’ll have me all to yourself soon enough dear,” She told him. But now she allowed herself a mix of emotions at the thought, yet she had her way. She would always get her way with Jeffrey.

She pulled her short little black dress over her fiery red hair. Allowed the plunging neckline to gape in awe around and across her magnificent breasts only to fall in place just short of decency at the very top of her thigh high stockings. Her dress wrapped her in a way that would bring rapture to every male at the party. Perhaps a few ladies as well.

“Show Time!” Ginger Chunks said aloud after a final smoothing caress of her little black object de-art and the masterpiece obscured beneath.


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Pete Symes

A scenario manifests. A scenario disassembles. I participate intensively for the duration.

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