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Fourth Date

by Jo. Schmidt 2 years ago in erotic
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Drew and Melanie's 4th date

Drew stared across the table at Melanie as she continued telling him about the trip she had taken to Nepal five years ago with her friends from college. He found he really enjoyed listening to her talk and he smiled every time she laughed at herself a little.

They had met online a few months ago, chatted for a long time before finally agreeing to meet up. Their first date had been out to dinner and then to a local minor league baseball game. Drew had been a little upset when she hadn’t invited him up to her apartment after he drove her home, but he also respected her for it and was very excited for the next time he could see her.

Their next two dates had been just as enjoyable as their first and now, for their fourth date, Melanie had invited Drew over for dinner. Melanie loved to cook and had prepared a delicious shrimp pasta with a white wine cream sauce and a side of asparagus for them. Drew enjoyed every single bite, hoping he would get a chance to taste it on her lips later that evening.

“Oh no,” Melanie said, suddenly concerned. “Drew, you got some wine on your shirt.” As she stood up from the dinner table, Drew looked down at the shirt he was wearing, sure enough, a purple stain from the red wine they had been drinking had dripped and landed on the breast pocket of his shirt.

“It’s no big deal,” Drew tried to assure her, but Melanie had already run to the kitchen and dampened a clean cloth, hoping to fix the stain before it set. As she made her way back to the table, Drew stood up and Melanie immediately dabbed at the stain on him. Drew couldn’t help staring at her as she pressed the wet cloth into him. She was so small in comparison to his muscular body. She was a runner and went to yoga twice a week, where he was into body building.

“Shit, that’s not working,” Melanie said. “I have some stain removal liquid in the laundry room. If we put it on and wash it before it sets, we can probably get it out.”

“Okay,” Drew agreed.

Taking Drew’s hand, Melanie led him down a hallway of her apartment where she opened a set of closet doors to reveal a washing and drying machine. Above the appliances, she had installed a shelf that housed all her detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Standing on her tip-toes to reach the shelf, she grabbed one of the small bottles she had. “This should do the trick,” she told him. “Would I be able to see your shirt please?”

Drew raised his eyebrow in surprise at her request. “Umm, sure,” he said, as he reached for the hem of his shirt and lifted it up and over his head, leaving him bare from the waist up in front of her. He held out his shirt for her, and the corner of his mouth formed into a grin as Melanie stared at his chest.

“What?” he asked after a moment.

“Sorry,” she said, taking the shirt and laying it flat on top of her washing machine. “I guess I thought you’d have something underneath.” She soaked the stain with the solution, then tossed it into the washing machine and started a short cycle to rinse and clean the shirt.

She turned back to Drew. “I can give you something to wear if you’d like,” she told him.

He raised his eyebrow again. “You have something that’ll fit me?” he asked her, gesturing to the fact that they had very different body shapes.

Melanie laughed. “Nothing of mine, but I’m sure I have some clean clothes my brothers have left here,” she told him.

Drew didn’t want to say it out loud, but he was enjoying the looks Melanie was giving him without his shirt on and couldn’t help but think about what she would look like without hers on.

But he also didn’t want to be rude.

“If you something that’ll fit, then okay,” he told her, smiling.

Melanie smiled back at him then continued further down the hallway to where she had pointed out the bedroom to him earlier that evening when she gave him a tour of her apartment. In the bedroom, Melanie went into her walk-in closet and bent down to open one of the built-in drawers. Drew bit his lip as he stared at her perfect ass as she was bent over. Without even trying, she was teasing him so much and he’d have to be careful or he’d find himself having to hide his erection from her.

Coming out of the closet, Melanie was holding a plain white t-shirt that Drew could right away tell was not going to fit.

“I guess my brother’s aren’t your size either,” she said, holding the shirt up to compare the size of it to Drew’s upper body. It was way too small for him. “Crap, I’m sorry, Drew. Your shirt shouldn’t take too long in the machine and then a quick dry cycle and it’ll be ready.”

“That’s alright,” he said. “Thank you for trying to get the stain out.”

Melanie smiled, folding up the shirt and turning to put it back in the closet. “It was a nice shirt. I didn’t want it to be ruined.”

“It’s really not that big of a deal,” he assured her. “As long as you are okay with me going top-less,” he joked.

As she bent back over, she asked, “Could I still interest you in some dessert?”

Drew couldn’t help himself and stared at her ass again. Wouldn’t mind that for dessert, he thought to himself.

“Sure,” he said, when she turned around and looked at him.

Drew couldn’t help but notice Melanie’s eyes on him. She was looking at him as if she were undressing him with her eyes, except he was already naked from the waist up, so she was just staring at him hungrily. It took all Drew’s strength not to pick her up and throw her onto the bed in the middle of the room. He really liked this girl. He had even waited until their second date to kiss her, he didn’t want to ruin things by pushing her too far on only their fourth date. But at the same time, neither of them were making any attempt to leave her room and go back to the kitchen where he assumed the dessert was.

After a long moment of neither of them saying anything, Melanie spoke. “You-umm- weren’t kidding, when you said you were a bodybuilder.”

Drew grinned. “Yeah, I usually work out three or four times a week.”

“It really shows,” she complimented him.

Again, neither of them made any motion of going back to the kitchen. They just stared at each other.

Finally, Drew couldn’t handle it any longer.

Reach towards her, he wrapped his arms around Melanie and pulled her small body into his and kissed her. Melanie kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him even closer.

Saying, fuck it, to everything he had thought about moments ago, Drew picked Melanie up and carried her over to her bed, sitting her down on it. Melanie must have been on the same frequency as him because the moment she was on the bed, she pulled the shirt she was wearing up and over her head. Drew stopped kissing her for a moment to look at her in the same way she had been looking at him.

Though she was very fit from all the physical activity she did, she still had a fantastic pair of tits. They were probably 32C, Drew guessed as he stared down at the bra they were held in. It was a sexy white lace bra with a purple and pink floral pattern on it. The moment he saw it, he needed to know if she was wearing a pair of matching panties and right away went for the waistband of her pants. She was wearing a pair of Capri pants that felt like yoga pants, so there was no fly or belt and Drew was able to pull them down and off her legs easily and he was pleased to see that she did have a matching purple lace thong on.

Drew stood up in front of her as Melanie remained sitting on the bed. Melanie looked up at him as he towered over her. Drew felt like a giant looking down at Melanie as she was so small.

Drew reached for the buckle of his belt and undid it along with the fly of his jeans. Before he pushed his pants down his legs, he looked back at Melanie and asked her, “Is this okay?”

She nodded and whispered, “Yeah.”

On her word, Drew pushed his pants down and climbed onto the bed, pushing Melanie down and climbing on top of her. Their lips met and Drew pressed his hardened cock into her. Though he still had his boxers on and she had her panties on, he could almost feel her arousal through the layers and ground himself harder into her.

Reaching behind herself, Melanie undid her bra and pulled it off her arms. Drew sat up to look at her now bare tits for a moment then went back down onto one of her hard nipples, taking it into his mouth and sucking on it.

“Oh God,” Melanie cried as Drew sucked on her and circled her nipple with his tongue.

As he sucked her, Drew put his hand into her thong and touched her. He felt a smooth surface and then between her pussy lips, he felt the wetness of her arousal. All he wanted was to be inside her and feel her surrounding his cock.

Looking up at Melanie, Drew grinned as he saw her biting her lip and trembling. “You’re so wet,” he told her. “You like me touching you like this?”

She nodded and widened her legs, giving him more access to her sex.

Circling her clit with his thumb and making her cry out again, Drew asked her. “You like this?” Melanie nodded again.

While he continued touching and teasing her, he kissed up her neck and made his way to her ear.

“How bad do you want me inside you?” he asked her, while his thumb teased the nub of her clit.

“So bad,” Melanie moaned loudly.

Drew felt like a teenager again as he wiggled out of his boxers as fast as he could, releasing his hard cock. Melanie joined him, removing the thin fabric of her panties.

For a moment, they just laid there with each other, both naked with Drew on top of her. Melanie breathed in and out as Drew stared at her naked body. After admiring her for a moment, he stopped and looked into her eyes.

“You are so beautiful,” he told her. He leaned down and placed his lips on hers, kissing her softly. Melanie held him to her as she kissed him back.

As they kissed, Drew used his knee to push Melanie’s legs apart and he lined himself up with her opening.

Before pushing himself in, he looked at her. “Is this what you want?” he asked, teasing her with the tip of his cock.

Melanie nodded. “Yes, please,” she begged.

Drew had wanted Melanie so bad, ever since their first date, and now that he finally knew she wanted him too, he didn’t hold back or wait a second longer as he drove his cock inside her waiting cunt.

“Oh!” Melanie cried out as his thick cock filled her. Drew groaned loudly as he pushed himself as far into her as he could go. Though she has been wet, she was so tight and it felt like she was sucking his dick into her.

“Fuck,” he moaned as he tried to pull himself out to push in again. “You are so tight,” he told her.

His cock was built like he was, large. Melanie felt like he was ripping her in two as he drove himself in and out of her.

Leaning into her, Drew bit onto her earlobe lightly. “You feel so good,” he whispered into her ear. “Your wet pussy is amazing.”

“Your cock is so huge,” she gasped out as he penetrated her further.

“Tell me you love it,” he ordered into her ear. “Tell me you love my cock inside you.”

“I love your cock inside me,” she cried out, obeying him. She wrapped her arms around his body, pulling him closer to her as he fucked her. With each new thrust, she dug her nails into his back and cried out his name.

She felt her body tensing up as she got closer to an orgasm.

Drew felt it too, it felt like her pussy was clamping itself around his cock. “Are you going to cum?” he asked her.

She nodded and moaned out a yes.

Pulling himself up, he took one of her legs and held it up, resting it on his chest and began driving himself even further into her.

“Oh my God!” Melanie cried as his massive cock travelled even further into her. She screamed in pleasure as he brought her higher and higher then pushed her over the edge with a world-stopping orgasm.

As she came, her cunt tightened around him and he groaned out and threw his head back as it milked him, sending his seed into her womb.

“Fuck that felt good,” Drew said outload after they both had a moment to calm themselves.

Putting her leg down gently, Drew laid next to her. Melanie turned to face him and he began running his fingers through her hair. The dessert Melanie had made and Drew’s shirt in the washing machine were completely forgotten as the two lay there.


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