Forget Me Not

Can the knot be untied?

Forget Me Not

Bella walked into the bar filled with uncertainty as Lynard Skynard's Give Me Two Steps blared on the juke box. She'd hooked up with Bob on an online dating app and they'd traded emails for several weeks before agreeing to meet in person at Charlie's Place for drinks and whatever.

They'd shared their desires to experience BDSM, her rape fantasy, and his. When she walked in, he sat at the bar and wore a green shirt. She walked up and cleared her throat. He turned, looked her up and down, and then smiled. "Bella, I presume?" he said and reached out to pinch her nipple through her tight tank top.

She nodded and he called to the bartender to bring her a Jack and Coke. She swallowed down the drink to abate her nerves. "Are you ready for our first date?" he asked as he continued to play with her nipples, brushing them gently at first and then pinching and twisting them in turn.

When his hand moved down to her legs and began to move up toward her crotch she smiled. What would he think when he got close enough to tell she wore no panties? She didn't stop his hand and watched his face as his fingers found the damp, warm space between her thighs and began to probe until he was deep inside her.

"I hope you have something fun planned," she said as she licked his ear and felt him shiver.

"Start with some pool?" he asked and got to his feet to walk to the pool table at the back of the room and Bella followed a little confused. They'd discussed many things but Bella couldn't recall pool ever coming up.

Bob surprised her with a loud whistle and someone got up and locked the door as the lights were lowered, giving the bar the appearance of being closed.

Bob lifted Bella onto the pool table and spread her legs until her feet rested in the corner pockets of the table. He pushed her skirt up over her hips and her tank top down over her breasts as the men in the bar began to gather around the table, many reaching out to grope and fondle her.

"Let's get this party started, Juan," Bob called to a middle-aged Hispanic man. "Stretch the bitch's cunt," he said with a chuckle, "and see if you can make her squirt all over this damned table."

"Aww, man," another man groaned, "don't stretch her out until we've had a chance to fuck her while she's still tight."

Bob chuckled. "That's what her asshole and mouth are for, man, and sweet Bella here is gonna give all of us a taste of whatever we want tonight."

Bella cringed when Juan began inserting his fingers into her. "You like that, Cunt?" Juan jeered as he shoved two, then three, and then four fingers into her vagina, stretching her until she yelped and tried to wiggle away from his digits as he probed in and out of her. He asked her if she liked it again as he shoved his palm past her entry and Bella screamed with the pain. "Yes, I think you like it, Cunt," Juan said as he pulled out and shoved back in.

Bella screamed again and one of the men jumped up onto the table. "Let me fill that mouth with something so you're not making so much noise while Juan is having his fun with you, Bitch." He unzipped his jeans, positioned his hard cock in front of Bella's mouth, and pushed between her lips to slide over Bella's hot tongue until he hit the back of her throat and Bella gagged.

Men cheered every time Bella gagged and the man continued to face-fuck her as though her mouth was a cunt while Juan fist-fucked her pussy until she released her water all over the pool table. Juan pulled his hand out of her cunt and someone took his place with an even bigger hand and Bella tried to scream but her mouth was full of cock and she couldn't.

Two more men fisted her before someone flipped Bella onto her belly and spread her ass cheeks to probe with a finger, stretching her asshole to accept his hard cock. He pushed into her ass as another took a place in front of Bella and pushed his cock between her lips, pumping until he released his cum into her mouth and left the organ in her mouth until Bella swallowed.

The last man to use her was Bob and he did it as roughly as he could, slapping her face, and using his belt on her ass cheeks before he spread the cheeks and pushed deep into her behind.

"Was our date what you'd hoped, Bella?" he asked as he pumped into Bella's ass. "I've enjoyed watching my friends give you the gangbang you wanted, so, I've found it quite satisfying," he said with a chuckle as he groaned out his release.

"It was certainly interesting," she said, "and I applaud you for your creativity."

"Next week I think we should visit Destinies, the sex club down town, where they have a dungeon room and the femdom bitches can show you how they break in a cunt." He kissed her on the mouth. "This was fun, Bella, and I look forward to doing it again soon."

"Me too," she said.

He walked away and left Bella to straighten her clothes and try to walk out on watery legs.

Lori Beasley Bradley
Lori Beasley Bradley
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