Forever Daring

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First Time Feeling

Forever Daring

Vana has always been one to try new things. She was daring in almost all that she did. From her nails and her hair to the lipstick that coated her lips. She dared life. But one particular interest she rarely acted on was one she always knew was there. It was more like a wanting sitting deep in the pit of her stomach, occasionally trying to serenade her into giving into temptation. She could be anywhere. Drinking coffee in a café or flipping through stiff pages of a book rarely opened at her local Barnes & Noble. But she would always end up glancing at the attractive girl in the corner. One with a bright face and sweet smile. She would fight her wandering eye but most days she would lose that battle. She would find herself biting her lip as the attractive stranger she could never keep her eye off of glanced back. Vana's heart would skip a beat at the thought of how that woman's hands may feel on her waist, holding the curve of her hips and dipping her fingers down to a sweet place where...

That's where she would always shake her head and dismiss the thought. But not only the thought, the desire as well. She had to admit that she fought the desire for the blond-haired passerby, or the brunette who ordered a caramel latte that stared a little too long at her. She never acted on this impulse. Not that she felt like it was wrong. It was just different to her.

On a sunny day where Vana felt the need for frozen yogurt, she heads to the shop that she trusts, not knowing what awaited her there. As she topped her frozen mango yogurt with Granola, and strawberries, and every other topping she drooled over, she pulled out her wallet and counted out the money she needed to pay the cashier.

"That looks good," a lilting voice floated around to her. She turned to meet a dark brunette with long hair and dark skin. Her lips were a soft pink and they poked out in an almost erotic way. Vana began to sweat. This girl with her long eyelashes and amazing body watched her as she held her spoon. Vana gathered her senses.

"Oh, uh—yeah. I'm all about my toppings."

They both smiled before shuffling off to a table not far from the display. The girl wore a million dazzling rings on her fingers which were wrapped around her mug full of froyo. Both of them were quiet for a long moment. Finally, the girl held out her hand. "Mars."

Vana's eyebrows rose. "Like... the... planet?" she asked as she shook her hand back. Her mind noted that it was warm and soft. Her mind also ran with how they would feel on her skin. The girl, Mars, laughed at Vana's words.

"Yes, like the planet."

Mars's eyes ran from the tips of Vana's hair to where the table covered her waistline. Unlike Vana, this girl's eyes were sure about what she wanted. She liked Vana, she'd decided. Somewhere lost in the pleasantries she leaned forward and licked her lips.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but I like you. I've seen you around but never said anything."

Vana's heart skipped a beat. She was taken off guard, but excited to hear what Mars had to say next. "Really?"

Mars nodded and smiled. "Yes. And from the way you bite your lip... I'm thinking the feeling is mutual."

To Vana's shock, she nodded. Mars's smile grew larger. Her voice dropped an octave. "Have you ever been with a woman?"

Vana swore her heart was going to burst through her chest. Aside from a few kisses and longing looks, she'd never actually had intercourse with a woman.

"No," she answered in the same low tone. Conscious of the people sitting at the nearby tables, Vana looked down before proceeding. "But, I want to."

Mars's eyes shot up and widened a little, surprised at Vana's straightforwardness. Vana was shocked at her own words. The girl across from her exuded confidence and it made her cross her legs and squeeze her thighs shut tight. The feeling was one of shock and euphoria. Mars got to her feet, eyes alight, as she looked down on Vana.


Vana climbed to her feet and followed the girl from the store. They walked out and down the busy streets of New York City, to a building made of brick and mortar. It looked something like a warehouse. Vana followed Mars through the green entrance door and over to an old-fashioned elevator. They both stepped in and Mars shut the door and hit the number three. As the elevator gave a lurch, Mars turned to face Vana. Her eyes were hooded and her lips wet. Vana's breath caught in her lungs. Mars stalked over to her like a great cat stalking its prey. She was so close. Vana could smell the fruit from the yogurt on her breath.

"How does this make you feel?"

She was so so close when she asked that question. Her voice was nothing more than a breathy whisper as her body pressed against Vana's. Her breasts brushed Vana's as did the rest of her. Her hands found Vana's belt loops on her jeans and her thumbs skimmed the tender flesh right below her hip bone. Her head fell back and her eyes closed. It was her turn to lick her lips.

"Hmm?" she moaned as her soft lips found the curve of Vana's neck. She kissed and sucked, nipping as her hands moved to pull Vana closer.

"It feels..." But Vana couldn't answer. Mars's lips were distracting as she kissed Vana. The pleasure of this girl's tongue dancing across Vana's lips, dipping into her mouth..... She couldn't help it, she moaned. The ding of the elevator was barely heard, but Mars was aware. She pulled Vana by her shirt off of the elevator and they rushed down the damp hallway to a huge door that Mars yanked them through and shut back again. She threw her keys on the floor and came back to Vana. Her head was reeling. She wanted this. She NEEDED Mars to kiss her again. She drove her tongue into her mouth before Mars's hands moved to her breasts. She pulled Vana's shirt over her head and discarded of it. Vana's bra was off a moment later. Her breasts large and round with her taut nipples, hard from Mars's lips, stood out. Her tongue found the left nipple. She lapped and massaged it as she stuck her tongue out and flicked it across that same nipple. Vana gasped.

"You are beautiful," Mars commented before pushing Vana down onto a huge bed that sat in the edge of this studio apartment. Mars climbed on top of a half-naked Vana. As she climbed, though, her tongue made a trail up her belly, and over her navel before their lips met again. Vana felt those soft hands wander down her body to the button closing her jeans. Mars undid that button and slid down the zipper, sliding her hand into Vana's panties. She hissed and Vana arched as Mars's fingers met wet flesh and a swollen clit.

"Ahh," Vana moaned as Mars's fingers began to move in a circular motion. Something was building in Vana. She looked at Mars, who was all sex and beauty. "I'm so wet..."

"Mm... I know. Don't worry, gorgeous, the best is yet to come. That, I promise you."

Her fingers worked faster before they slipped out of Vana's panties to yank her jeans off. She was completely naked in a matter of seconds in front of this girl that she barely knew but wanted nonetheless. Her mouth made a perfect little O when Mars bit her inner thigh before licking it to soothe the sting it brought. Her heart pumped as Mars's tongue touched her clit. Vana's legs spread wider and Mars just stared down at her in appreciation. Vana was spread bare in front of this girl and in some way found strength in this. In not being ashamed to act on her impulse. To act on a feeling she suppressed all her life because she hadn't the slightest clue on how to act on it. Mars could not have come at a better time.

Mars's hands found the curve of Vana's hips and wrapped her fingers tight around them before she buried her tongue inside of Vana. It flicked in and out of her at such a rapid speed that she thought she would never breathe again. Her moans grew louder and more careless as She climbed higher and higher. Her own hands found her breasts and her fingers squeezed and rubbed them as Mars ate her. Her legs rose and Mars pushed them towards her chest so that her pussy poked out and she dripped onto the sheets. Mars kept eating, moaning her pleasure as she listened to Vana scream. "You taste so fucking good."

Vana couldn't speak. Her eyes rolled back as Mars's tongue raced across her clit and two of her fingers slid inside of Vana. She ground her hips into Mars. Her fingers moved slowly at first and then at the same tempo as her tongue.

"Oh my god. Please—don't stop!"

Vana had let go now, grinding her hips, letting Mars taste all of her. She found pleasure in her pussy on this girls lips. She felt all that pleasure building up inside of her as her hands dug into Mars's hair. The last words she heard were Mars's as she said, "Give it to me." Before Vana screamed out her orgasm and Mars moaned her pleasure as she continued to lick at Vana. Vana's legs shook and Mars rose up over her, her lips glistening with Vana's release. She kissed her and ran her finger down to her clit.

"How do you feel, my love?"

Vana looked at Mars and sat up, smiling. "Like it's my first time feeling." And she kissed Mars roughly, pulling her back down.

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