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Forbidden Fantasies

by Sai Marie Johnson 5 years ago in fiction
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An Excerpt

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“Oh yeah? You mean I’ve got you,” he stated with a wolfish expression.

I peered directly into his eyes and batted my eyelashes for added effect.

“Oh, a man who likes to take what he wants I see. Just my kind of poison,” I said sticking out my tongue in tease. His fingers quickly grabbed the tip of it and he held my tongue for a moment as he laughed.

“Don’t say the cat’s got your tongue now, darlin’.” He grinned as he let it go. My mind shifted to scour his brain for any sign of reason.

It was as if I retained half of my human mind at the same time as my Succubi desires overtook me. How could that be? Weren’t we all wicked and animalistic creatures with no mind for morality? I shrugged it off when finding a clear indication to justify my needs; he was a serial rapist. Several of the girls who had encountered him had suffered horrible ordeals but somehow this particular man always seemed to get away with it. I snorted. It was most certainly time to play. I smiled in the most Harley Quinn-esque way possible as my hands slid to grasp both of his own. With a wink, I began walking backward dragging my willful captive along for the ride.

“Cats will be the last thing to worry about crossing my tongue tonight,” I cooed at him in the same manner Nadia had Corbin, “Tell me, what’s your name, darling?”

He chuckled as he cast a glance back at his two friends, “Justin,” he replied.

“Oh, it looks like I’m Justin time then,” I replied as my fingers danced against his. I lead him through the corridor and past the two making out girls. My fingers intertwined with his as I snaked my way through the crowd. Odd as it was, my sense of sight, smell, and sounds were increased one-thousand-fold. Everything seemed more colorful and the scent of lust around me filtered into my nostrils like honeysuckle after an evening rain. It was enthralling. Within moments, I felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins in overdrive. I sniffed the air as my eyelids fell closed for a moment. A dark hallway proceeded us once we met the landing of the stairs inviting us into her confines with its comforting shadows. Justin slipped one hand free of mine and pulled me into his chest domineeringly. His frame being much bigger than mine dwarfed me by comparison and he pushed me back into the wall forcefully, “I don’t mind the teasing but I really prefer the pleasing,” he said as his hand found place on the rise of my ass cheek.

I chuckled and peered up at him, “But don’t you want to join your friend in a bit of playful celebration?”

Justin’s lips twisted and he lowered his mouth to capture mine, forcing his tongue into the cave of my lips imperiously. I slipped my free hand upward allowing my fingertips to trace the waist of his pants as they dipped in to delicately caress his skin. He pushed harder into me causing my back to press into the wall behind me as he began to gyrate his hips into mine. His hands shifted to fall down my sides and as he began to dig his nails into the bony ends of my hipbones. It pained me, bringing me down to my knees almost instantly.

Justin grinned, “That’s exactly how I pictured you. Now open wide.” He urged as his fingers rustled with his belt.

I shuddered, I could feel the intense urge to crush his windpipe with my bare hands while I sucked the life from his every limb, “It will taste so good.” I whispered. Justin’s own laughter slid free from him as a glint of ravenous lust flashed across his eyes. If only he knew what I had meant by those words. If only he had recognized that the ravenous glint playing in my eyes was just the opposite of his own; he was the wicked plague on humanity I had been looking for. The perfect excuse for what I was to become. Pinned between his towering body and the drywall behind me I slid my hand into his pants to wrap my fingers around the shaft of his already throbbing cock. So, rigid, in fact, I could feel the pulsations of his blood as it pumped through his prick.

I slipped my tongue from my mouth and slid it across my upper lips, “Meow…” I said in a purr as my tongue slid to flick over the tip of his cock. He shuddered I could feel it against my lips as I slowly lowered my mouth to cover his massive dick. One hand quickly found its way into my hair, digging nails into the scalp as they drew across my skull.

He gathered up my locks into a fistful and forced me to look up at him, “Are you the kind of kitty who laps up the cream?” He asked in a deep and husky breath. I smirked with the whole of him stuffed between my full lips, which only caused him to thrust himself deep into my throat until he lodged himself there with my head impaled upon his cock, “That’s what you call a moment of satisfaction, cunt. When nothing else needs to be said.” He chuckled as he threw his head back. Even as he spoke in naughty and demeaning ways, I felt empowered by each word such that my tongue motions began to quicken as I devoured every inch of his thick erection. He groaned in a low guttural tone as I drug my teeth against the flesh of his cock. I could feel his leg muscles beginning to tremble with every forward and back motion that I made. As I worked my mouth to milk him of the sweet and pearly fluid he had inquired on steadied my eyes on his face watching his expression as his body moved closer to the brink of crashing climax; only then did I move in to my target. My hand slid upward to cup his balls gently and as my fingers encircled his nuts I slid a finger further up toward the opening of his ass. It was too perfect, black talons grew from my nail-beds at the moment my finger slid across that brown-eye. Forcefully, I dug my remaining fingers into the soft flesh of his sac as my index slid into his asshole. I now had him completely at my mercy. Lost in his arousal he shouted out loud but was muffled by the sounds of metal music playing below. His eyes fell to peer at me just as my teeth began to elongate around the supple skin of his dick. Petrified in place he released my hair, pulling back his hand to slap my right cheek.

The loud sound of his palm meeting my face sent me into overdrive and with my talons embedded in his softest parts I ripped his penis and testicles free, “And that is called being torn from asshole to appetite!” Releasing him quickly I jumped up and threw my hands forward into his chest, talons digging into his shirt as I tackled him into the wall behind him. His spine made a loud cracking noise the moment it hit the wall and blood began to trickle from the side of his mouth. I tilted my head peering at him as I lifted a hand to grasp him by the chin and hold him in place, “You know you shouldn’t be so forceful. Some women like to be on top.” I replied in a sing-song voice. Like a cat, I wanted to play with him. To toy with his mind as he had done to so many of his own victims, “Tell me, Justin, how many girls’ lives have you ruined so far?” I asked as my eyes ran the length of his body. My fingers still encircled his castrated penis and holding up for him to view I chuckled, “Shouldn’t be such a wanker, you’ll pull your dick right off!” I roared with laughter as I dangled the mangled part before his widened eyes.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He screamed in terror. I leaned in close to press my ear towards his mouth.

“What was that you said? What’s wrong with me?” I pursed my lips as I tightened my grip on his chin and pressed my lips greedily against his own. The taste of his fear brushed my lips and sent an instant quiver down the length of my spine. My teeth cut into the flesh of his lips like a hot knife through butter. A trickle of blood found way onto my tongue and I relished the rusty taste as it moved across my palate. My tongue slid further into the cave of his mouth running the course of his gums as my teeth remained buried in the flesh of his lips. There was no escaping me and he knew it. The terror that filled his eyes amused me though. My hand slid from his chin to his trachea and there I grasped him about the throat pinning his head against the wall. My talons dug into his throat until the gurgling sounds of blood and spittle were boiling in my eardrums. I continued to explore his mouth, snaking my tongue across the plains of his own as my lips suctioned against his. With an inward breath, I steadied myself, pressing the tips of my breasts into his chest as his muffled pleas met my lips. The taste of his sins was mesmeric and my animalistic instincts pressed me to consume more. It was inevitable, consuming the whole of him was all I could think of. A sudden creaking sound pulled me from my prey, followed by the loud snap and crack of the banister behind me being pried from the wall. Shards of splintered wood rained across my back. I spun around to peer up at six feet of rock solid son-of-a-bitch with full tat-sleeves, biker’s chaps and metal chains down to his knees, “Abel…” In his hand, he held a good eight inches of wooden railing that he had just peeled from the wall like a snapped branch. Justin’s body sunk to the ground as Abel moved past me giving me a quick shove to the ground. I watched as he knelt to peer over my work, his fingers moving forward to grasp Justin’s mauled throat until his palm wrapped around his neck fully. He erected himself to a stand slowly, tightening his fingers about their placing as he held the banister in place. What he did next normally would have shocked me but in my enhanced state I found a great deal of sadistic pleasure in watching the unique craftiness of a centuries-old killer. Mockingly he lifted Justin until the top of his skull met with the ceiling. Once there he lifted the banister with his opposing hand and swung hard against his scalp; brain matter flew out the other end of his ear casting red splotches on the beige backdrop of the wall and ceiling that framed him. His head lopped to the side to rest against his shoulder lifeless, “Keep your head in the right place or you will lose it every time.” Abel said as he allowed Justin’s corpse to fall to the floor. Unsure on if he were speaking to me or not, I quirked my brow in disgust. He turned to look at me his eyes filled with a red-tinge that appeared to be almost as crimson as the blood that remained all around us.

I backed into the wall. “Now tell me, Araceli, where is Nadia?” he said commandingly. I narrowed my eyes accusingly.

“Why do you want Nadia when you have seen what I can do?” Abel sniffed the air and quickly turned his head to the right as he walked off towards the last room. I balled my fists at my side angrily, “Where the hell are you going?”

I was met with no reply as he proceeded to rip the door from the hinges. I peered around Abel to see Corbin and Nadia semi-nude with her working his nether-regions liberally. I could hear suckling and gurgling from where I stood. With the banister, still in hand Abel leapt atop Nadia and began to bludgeon her head with the banister.

Corbin’s eyes widened as he began to scream and shriek in horror. If not for the loud music below the neighbors would have been alarmed but in the comfort of a lavish mansion with stellar stereo equipment, Corbin’s screeches were silenced. I followed Abel quickly leaping atop Corbin as I tilted my head. My eyes ran the length of his body and his still erect prick visibly quivered as my eyes settled upon it, “Oh, it’s a bit too small, I think.” I said in a playful growl. Abel began beating Nadia’s face in barbarically. She hissed and shrieked, talons digging at his chest as she fought to throw him off. Her face contorted from human to demonic as she struggled to defeat her subjugator. It was useless and I had other things to concern myself with. I steadied myself atop Corbin, gyrating my hips into his ribcage as I mock strip-teased him. My hands flew up my sides as I continued to rock and roll my pelvis into his torso.

He grimaced, “Please, what did I do? What are you?” He plead. I scowled promptly bringing my palm down to clamp over his mouth quickly.

“Hush, bitch! Nobody said you could talk!” I lowered my mouth to seize his lips between my teeth and pushed my face into his vehemently. The pupil in my eye dilated, I could feel it as my eyes steadied with Corbin’s. I leaned into him, pressing the tips of my full breasts into his chest and with a deep inward take of breath I began to inhale.


About the author

Sai Marie Johnson

A multi-genre author, poet, creative&creator. Resident of Oregon; where the flora, fauna, action & adventure that bred the Pioneer Spirit inspire, "Tantalizing, titillating and temptingly twisted" tales.

Pronouns: she/her

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