Forbidden Ecstasy

by Maya Juarez-Peña 10 months ago in erotic

Feels so Good, but so Wrong

Forbidden Ecstasy

I walk in, not sure of what would happen next. I had the idea of something innocent and not crossing the line. What actually happened had crossed the line, but was amazing.

No one was left in the office, and I walk in asking to borrow a pen. He looks up from his phone and tells me to go into the back room because he has something he wants to show me. As soon as I walk through the door, he grabs me from behind and pulls me into him. Kissing my neck from behind, feeling my breasts in his hands. I close my eyes and begin to moan as I tip my head back to give him better access to my neck. He pulls my hair to the side so he gets full access, puts a hand down the front of my pants and starts to rub my pussy.

I moan harder and whisper “fuck” multiple times under my breath. I can feel him smiling on my neck as he continues to kiss me. Fuck, this feel so good, so intense but so wrong at the same time. He is married and I have a boyfriend, but a boyfriend who I know has been cheating on me for some years now, so it made me feel better about doing this.

With his lips still on my neck, he says, “Is this what you wanted?”

I can’t even manage any words other than “fuck” again. He then slips his hand under my panties and finds my clit. He rubs and rubs until I start unraveling and panting. He puts one finger inside me to feel just how wet I really am and moves his finger back to my clit and continues to rub. I can’t keep myself from pushing my butt back onto him as she rubs me. My hand finds its way to the side of his shorts, gripping for strength. As I find my release from his touch, I can’t help but let my body start to shake around him. He smiles in satisfaction. He continues to rub my clit just a little more as he moves my hand from the side of his short to his dick saying, “You can grab it.” I wrap my hands around his length and tilt my head back, glowing in my own satisfaction. He removes his hand and I turn around to look at him.

He is smiling, and says, “How was that?”

I muster up enough strength to say, “Amazing.”

As I am catching my breath, he steps forward to put one hand behind my head as kisses me. Before I have a chance to realize what is going on, he pushes his tongue inside my mouth and kisses me even harder, sending my body spinning as I kiss him back. After a few moments, he pulls away with another big smile on his face. I can’t even recall what he said, since I was still trying to recover myself. He then undoes his pants and asks me if I want to give his member a kiss. I smile in agreement and as he pulls himself out. I bend over, wrap my mouth fully around him and take him into the back of my throat. I stand back up to see his eyes rolled to the back of his head. As he comes to, he gives me another kiss in pure appreciation.

He grabs my hand and moves in for one last kiss, and says, “That was amazing.” We walk out of the back room with smiles on our faces, and I disappear into the night, never to speak of what just happened again.

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