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Food Fetishes and Sex

There is a thing where food is associated with sex, and it can make sex more arousing.

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Food Fetishes and Sex
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Sex is one of those extremely intimate interactions that human beings have with each other. We experiment with different sex toys, positions and some of us even use food to enhance that wonderful feeling of orgasm and massive turn-ons. For me in particular, there is nothing like melting chocolate over my partners penis or covering female breasts in crushed strawberries and cream. I've even experimented with ice-cream both by letting my partner cover my vagina in it and lick it off, and I've covered my partners penis in it and gone for that good almighty suck. I decided to write an article on food fetishes and sex, and how these enhance sensuality whether heterosexual or LGBTQ.


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I have already briefly described this one above. The cold feel of ice-cream on a woman's vagina or a mans penis is enough to drive us wild during sex! The cool feeling of this oh so wonderful cream, is really cooling and tingling on our most intimate parts. Our vagina's and the mans penis are really sensitive and this cool, tingly feeling can really increase the sensation brought on by being licked or sucked down there.

I like to use this on female breasts or on a mans nipples. There is just something that feels oh so hot about licking ice-cream off those gorgeaus nipples, and it enhances there stiffness, increasing the sensuality of that experience. Trust me, you will have them begging for more!


By Arwin Neil Baichoo on Unsplash

This might seem a bit strange and it does make a mess of the bed sheets, but dripping this lush thick goo all over my man or woman's body is a huge turn on for me, and the more drippy the better! It is that sensation of sugaring up what is already sweet to you that can really add to the wonderful hunger of tasting your already delicious partners body. I just love getting the nipples as sticky as I can make them and trickling this all the way down the body. It makes a big mess and your partner will need a bath afterwards, but isn't the point of sex about getting dirty?

By Paul Rottmann on Unsplash


This is one I did with a female partner, and I chose whipped cream for this one. Have you ever been tempted to eat food off your partner instead of a plate? I can tell you this, it is tantalizingly delicious. I like to squirt whipped cream all over the breasts or nipples, right over the body and all over the vagina. I then place the strawberries in the cream while biting them off bit by bit while using my tongue to lick the cream. The trick is to make sure your partner can feel your teeth gently biting them, and when you get to those juicy intimate parts, listen to them panting and screaming. This one can make you both orgasm wildly, especially if you rub the penis or vagina with the cream before licking and sucking it clean.

By Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash


I love getting creative with this one. I like to just crush it and rub it into a vagina or penis, or mix it with custard and drip it all over the body. Use cold custard rather than warm, in order to get that sensitive sensual touch that leads to deep arousal. For even hotter sex, mix it with chocolate ice-cream and massage it down below, then slowly lick your partner clean. You will love it and so will she or he. I also love getting the breasts completely soaked in these concoctions since it is one of my favourite foods. It makes them taste sweeter and sweeter, and before I know it, I'm in a full blown sex session. You should also try using a silver dessert spoon to drip this onto your partners vagina or penis. Slowly run the tip of the spoon up and down the clitoris or massage it round the top of the penis and I'm telling you it drives them wild, as does dripping it down there while blowing through a straw!


By Michaela Baum on Unsplash

I love this squishy, runny, sticky stuff! I can make as much mess as I want during sex with it. I like to cover my fingers in it, then I like to rub it into the vagina or on the penis until it has melted before satisfying my hunger by having a good chew and a lick! There is just something about this that gets all them sex juices flowing, and it makes it pretty hot and well tasty down there. The more pressure on the licks, the better the sensation and the harder they come!


Food sex fetishes are nothing to be ashamed of. They add to the experience of sensuality and fun. You can really experiment with food and sex in many different ways, and it can greatly increase your enjoyment of sex. So, I dare you to try it today!

I hope you enjoyed this article. I write many sex stories, some of them are down right dirty! Please check them out here:


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