Fixing the Menage Trio

by Randy Kobelt about a month ago in fiction

The Panthers galloped as fast as they could towards the building, with the wolves on their tail in a hot chase.

Fixing the Menage Trio

The Panthers galloped as fast as they could towards the building, with the wolves on their tail in a hot chase. The female panther managed to get into the house just as the fastest member of the pack of wolves almost caught her tail in its claws. They were protected behind the wall and they knew that, so they rested upon getting to their refuge. As the door closed automatically behind them and they hit the wall, they both started to grunt. The shift back to their human form had begun and it always involved a series of stretches and grunts.

It was the night of a full moon again, all shifters were out in there were forms. This meant another night of adventure for Rick and Stacy. They were a couple of Werepanthers, always busy whenever the involuntary shift occurs. In preparation for this day, they had gotten Dale, a younger and really exciting Werepanther too. They always wanted to be three, as that was a number that assured them of a little bit of safety on their adventure. Werepanthers are considered the lowest on the totem pole of the shifters hierarchy, and they always got intimidated and attacked by the other shifters who were hell-bent on showing them their place.

This night was no different for these shifters. After spending many hours out of their house, feeding their panther form with their absolutely compulsory hunger, they decided to take a quick run towards the city center. This was where they came in contact with a pack of werewolves, and their meetings were never peaceful. In the fisticuffs that ensued, Dale was marked by one of the werewolves' toxic claws and got weaker and weaker until he died. Rick and Stacy knew they couldn't match the fight of the pack, and they started dashing towards home.

They were now back to their human form. "We lost him too," Stacy pouted as they made their way up the stairs.

Rick held her waist calmly without saying a word. This was the third member of the triad they had lost in six months. There always seemed to be something out there hunting for the third member of their group. They were always on the lookout for a third partner, and now they had to find one before the next full moon. He was really worried as he wondered what they had to do to get themselves a third partner who would be just as strong as themselves and last. Since he started shifting with Stacy, they had gone through at least ten shifters.

Stacy went into the shower first. She was still looking very worried when she came out dripping wet and sexy. He knew just the right way to make her happy again. "Would you like a full massage?" he asked as he walked into the bathroom.

She nodded meekly as her face lightened up some immediately.

Apart from shifting together as Werepanthers, Rick and Stacy had been dating for almost two years now. He knew whenever she was hurt like this, she needed someone to cool the tension on her nerves. This massage should work perfectly, especially with the happy ending it always led too. Their sex life was strange and very interesting. It was one in which Stacy loved to take charge of the proceedings. Rick was always happy to submit himself to her domination also.

When he was through with his relaxing shower, he got dressed in a pair of spandex shorts and a pair of jeans before he started massaging her, starting from her feet. He loved the pleasurable moans that came out of her throat as he pulled his fingers gently over her skin. Just as he had hoped, the feelings pushed her mind away from their perpetual loss and directed it more towards a feeling of pleasure. This was one of the things that helped him relax too, especially after a night like the one they just had outside.

Soon, he was done with her lower body, but he was to give her a full body massage. He moved to her waist and spent some time massaging her there. As he worked on her waist, his hands slipped a few times down to her ass cheeks. She moaned a bit but didn't give any further reaction. When he did her back, he got to touch her spilling boobs as he moved his hands to the sides. He noticed she was getting more and more excited each time he touched her boobs. He knew what this would lead to. He wanted it to lead to it also, so he continued to touch her even more frequently.

Her breathing had become faster and really loud. Rick thought he could perceive the faint smell of her arousal in the cold air of the night. He decided to get bolder and took her breasts in his hands very obviously this time. As if Stacy had been waiting for him to do this, she jumped immediately as she felt his hands squeeze her boobs lightly. She pushed him off her as she got out of the bed in an instant. She had an angry look on her face as she tried to catch her breath.

This was the look he had been hoping to see. He almost smiled as he watched her beautiful boobs heave up and down her chest. Her sexy hardened nipples were evidence of him getting her very excited. "What do you think you're doing?!" she lashed out at him.

The anger in her voice sent shivers down his spine as it always did.

"You had no permission to touch these titties, did you?" she cupped her boobs and mashed them together as she asked.

Rick couldn't say anything; he just looked on meekly and shook his head. He had immediately switched to his submissive role.

"You've been a bad boy Rick; you've been a really bad boy. You should be punished for this. Don't you think so?" Stacy said seductively.

Rick just nodded again.

Stacy walked around the bed to the small end table beside it. She opened one of the drawers and pulled out a dark box. The box was filled with different toys and equipment for bondage and domination. She picked out a leather flogger and went back to the spot she had been in.

"Lie on your back now!" she commanded and Rick complied immediately. "You're a really bad boy, Rick," she said as she struck him with the leather flogger's tails lightly across his muscled tummy.

Rick yelped a little as the leather flogger stung his skin lightly. The pain quickly turned into a feeling of pleasure which spread across his body rapidly. He felt a twitch in his groin as the flogger made contact with his skin repeatedly. He was beginning to get aroused; this was the only way he could be got aroused so easily.

"Say it now!" Stacy yelled at him as she landed the leather flogger on his tummy again.

"I've been a very, very bad boy. Mmmmm."

Stacy noticed the bulge that was building in his groin. She loved the way his cock looked, which she knew was quite huge, and was growing very hard. She had seen it a lot of times, but now she wanted to see it again.

"Strip right now!" she shouted at him.

Rick quickly got off the bed and started to pull his clothes off. Stacy looked at him hungrily as she watched him pull down his spandex shorts. She licked her lips when she saw his hardening dick finally spring free from the constriction of the shorts. She curled her fingers sultrily to summon him over to herself. She took his hardening dick in her hand and started tugging it gently.

Rick gasped as he felt her tender palm grab his penis as she wrapped her fingers around it. The warmth that was conducted from her hand to his hard cock quickly spread to his entire body. He tried as much as he could to hold back the moans that threatened to escape out of his throat, but the feeling was just too intense. The moment he let out the first moan, he knew he had ruffled her temper again. He was not allowed to moan during their escapades, except otherwise stated by her.

Before another moan would come from his defiant mouth, Stacy dipped her hand into the box again and brought out a ball gag. She placed the gag in his mouth and fastened it behind his neck, securing it. She then resumed the fondling of his hard dick. In no time, Rick's penis was standing at full erection. She loved how huge each of the strained veins looked and felt under her touch. She particularly loved the sinewy feeling when she dragged her fingers over his smooth skin.

Stacy was becoming more and more aroused by what was going on. She wanted to have a taste of his huge penis. She salivated in anticipation of the wonderful taste of his penis and the strong taste of his sperm as it shot into her mouth.

"Get back on the bed now, Rick!" she ordered.

He climbed back on the bed and lay on his back as ordered. Stacy couldn't take her eyes off his hard dick as it pointed towards the sky like a ridged pole. She climbed onto the bed, on her hands and knees. She found a space for herself between his knees and bent her head towards the hard penis. She held the hard penis in her hand again and planted a kiss on the head of it. As she took her mouth off, she allowed some saliva to drop onto his dick. This flowed down his shaft and she used it as lubrication as she massaged his penis and few more times.

Rick was moaning the whole time that she worked on him, but the moans could not be heard because of the gag. He grunted loudly as he felt her hot tongue in his penis. She had his now raging dick in her hand and was licking up and down it. She dipped his dick in her mouth and he felt that familiar warmth and wetness that were characteristic of her mouth enveloping his manhood. She continued to push her head down until she got to the hilt. She would remain like that for a few seconds before she started to bob her head up and down his hard shaft gently. He couldn't hold back the guttural grunt that came out of him as she tightened her lips around his hard cock and he felt an electric surge rush to the back of his head.

When she got herself comfortable enough with his hard cock, she started to suck him off really rapidly. The sensations were too much for Rick to remain steady. He didn't want to lose control too early, so he placed his hand on her head to try controlling how fast she moved. This seemed to annoy her as she stopped giving him head and fished inside the box for another toy. This time, she emerged with two wrist cuffs. She held both of his hands, placed one ring of each cuff on his wrists and connected the other ends to the poles of the bed.

She then resumed sucking him off. She bobbed her head up and down his dick at a furious speed. She looked up at him and could tell he was at the heights of ecstasy. He had his eyes closed and thrown to one side. The way his arms stretched made him appear helpless; he was indeed helpless. Stacy brought her head down his manhood until she got to the base and stayed still. She tightened her lips around him with the intention of exciting him beyond control. That was exactly what happened. She felt his body stiffen up and tightened her lips more around him. The sensations running through him were definitely not something he could beat off. He let out a really loud guttural groan and started to shoot sperm into her mouth. He came in gallons, and Stacy ensured that she tried to catch every drop in her mouth. The few drops that spurted onto her face, she wiped with her fingers and deposited in her mouth before swallowing everything with a smile.

Rick had stopped grunting and laid there quite tired. The itch in Stacy's pussy was now important to attend to, but his dick was almost limp. She thought of how to get pleasure before his dick regained its hardness. She threw her knees on either side of him and climbed up his body, letting her wet warm pussy drag across his tummy. She planted wet kisses on his skin as she made her way up. He could only make little moans as her saliva left a wet trail on his skin.

She removed the gag and kissed his lips lightly and then kissed his forehead but continued climbing. When her pussy was directly above his head, she lowered herself onto his face. She sat on his face in a way that he had to open his mouth to breathe. He had no other choice than to lick her pussy as he opened his mouth to breathe. He shot his tongue out to lick her pussy lips and she took that chance to quickly sit on the thick wet flesh. Her pussy lips were flattened against his tongue, which made her get tickles so much. She let out a loud moan as intense sensations ran through her body.

She started to grind her pussy into his face gently. He could feel the strong tangy taste of her pussy juices roll down his throat. He closed his eyes and savored the salty feel as it trickled down. She picked up the pace at which she ground herself on his face, and it became almost suffocating for him. She was moaning really loudly as she got deeper and deeper into the pit of ecstasy. Rick thought he was getting some respite when she got off him for some time. She had only done it to allow herself to turn around and then continue grinding herself on his face.

Now that she was facing backward, she could see that his cock was actually beginning to get hard again. She loved the way his penis pointed upwards; it looked super delicious. She stretched towards it and took hold of it, she bent her head and enveloped his hard cock again. She loved the warmth that radiated from her body as he moaned into her pussy. She started to bob her head up and down his dick again, ensuring that they both had a taste of the intense pleasure.

By the way he was licking her and she was sucking his dick they were both getting her very excited. She was getting closer and closer to her orgasm. She didn't want to orgasm without feeling his dick in her. She got off his face and positioned her pussy on his dick. She slowly brought herself down until she could feel the head of his dick poking at her pussy lips. She shuddered as she felt herself get impaled by his huge dick. She continued to lower herself onto him until she could feel herself sitting on his groin. She sat still on him for some time savoring the feeling of his dick filling her up. Each time she felt him enter her, she felt his penis open new depths up in her.

After a few seconds, she started to move her waist in circular motions fucking herself on him gently. Rick moaned softly as she felt her wet, slippery walls fold around his penis and start to move up and down. It felt like his body was plugged into a constant source of electricity which sent shock waves all through her body. After a bit, she picked up the rate at which she moved and practically started to slam herself on him. He looked up to see her head thrown back with her eyes closed. He loved the way her beautiful boobs jumped up and down on her chest as she moved. She was obviously getting carried away by what her body was going through.

The room was by then a studio of moans. Their moans and grunting sounds were only matched by the loud sound of their skin slapping against each other. She bent her body forward and uncuffed one of his hands. She brought that hand up and guided it to one of her boobs. He got the message and immediately started to fondle her succulent yet hard nipples. The excitement going through her was doubled. She was now panting for breath as she moved on his body.

She freed Rick's other hand too and he switched into full action. He placed both hands on the bed for support and started to raise his hips to meet her thrusts. He was driving into her with great speed and valor. Stacy felt a knot tightening in her tummy and knew she was about to cum. Her body stiffened up and she went into a trancelike state. She was still for about ten seconds before her body started to quiver as she bucked wildly.

Her orgasm was extremely intense. The extreme tightness in her pussy was just enough to drive Rick over the edge too. He let out a loud guttural moan as his penis shot the first spurt of semen into her. This was followed by several others that came out with equally great force. By the time they were both released from their orgasmic captivity, they were totally exhausted. Rick looked at the place Stacy laid in bed, she was fast asleep. He was only able to plant a soft kiss on her forehead, to which she purred in response, before falling asleep.

There were two things to figure out. They would have to find another shifter to be their third leg of their menage trio. They also had to find a way to defend the new partner, so he or she may last. Those worries would have to wait though; it's been one helluva night!

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