Five Mainstream Films with Seriously Explicit Sex Scenes

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Because I want both a plot and some decent fucking

Five Mainstream Films with Seriously Explicit Sex Scenes

Sometimes I want the best of both worlds. I want an actual story, first-class acting and production values, but I also want real-looking, real-sounding, gasping, shaking, moaning, hardcore sex. Is that too much to ask for?

Apparently most of the time it is. Sure, some Hollywood films have sex in them, but usually it’s laughably bad. You get five seconds of kissing, zero foreplay, the actors fuck for less than a minute (even though they’re both still wearing their underwear), then they climax at the exact same moment as the camera pans away to a shot of the Moon or some other bullshit. Jesus fucking Christ no.

It feels like Hollywood is scared of showing real sex, which is fucking madness, as sex is natural, wholesome, wonderful fun. There’s nothing wrong with sex. And mainstream films are full of violence, I can watch people being shot and stabbed and tortured, that’s fine apparently, so why can’t I have graphic and realistic depictions of sex? It’s weird. It’s totally the wrong way around. Less violence and more fucking please.

But occasionally, every now and then, it does happen. You get mainstream films that have actual, real-life, full-on, filthy sex. Here are my favourite “proper” films with seriously explicit sex in them...

Caligula (1979)

OK, perhaps a giant Roman orgy isn’t the most realistic depiction of sex, but Caligula is probably the most famous Hollywood film featuring hardcore fucking, so it’s a great place to start.

It’s the story of the rise and fall of the Roman Emperor Caligula, and apparently he was in to sex almost as much as he was in to madness. It’s a proper, big budget Hollywood film with a star-studded cast, but it’s got lashings of nudity and incest, and most outrageous of all, two hardcore sex scenes were cut into the film in post-production (a lesbian two-some and a massive orgy). And I’m not talking boring Eyes Wide Shut sex either, I’m talking proper dick-sucking, pussy-munching, hard-cock-fucking, come-spurting sex. It’s glorious.

The film made a whole load of people very angry because they claimed hardcore sex had no business being in a Hollywood film, and that the sex ruined it, but they were wrong, of course. The film is glorious, it’s bonkers fun, and the orgy scene is spectacular. Go out and watch it immediately. You’re in for a treat.

Love (2015)

This is a film written and directed by Gaspar Noé, which if you know Gaspar Noé, is probably setting alarm bells ringing, as Noé is famous for making terrible artsy films that make no sense and are mind-numbingly boring. The sort of films were no one speaks for ages, and when they do nothing they say makes sense, and you quickly lose the plot and want to die.

But, stay with me here, as Love is actually quite good. It’s by far the best thing Gaspar Noé has ever done. The film is about the relationship between three people in a love triangle, how it all goes well, and then not so well, and the characters aren’t especially likeable, but it’s entertaining and sane enough to be engaging.

And then there’s the sex. Holy fucking shit the sex. It’s incredible. The film lets you know what you’re in for right from the first scene, hell the first shot, as it opens with one of the main characters having his rigid cock sucked by his girlfriend as he lazily finger-fucks her. Wow. And it only gets better from there. The sex scenes are frequent, explicit, and inventive, but best of all, they feel real. It’s like you’re genuinely watching real people have hot, diry sex, which is rare in films. It’s like good-quality amateur porn, but with an actual story and decent acting. Perfect.

And this leads us nicely on to...

Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013)

This is another film that features loads of nudity and graphic fucking, but also feels like you’re watching sex in a real relationship. This time it’s between two young woman though.

The film’s about a girl in her last year of school who finds she’s dissatisfied with sex with boys, and who falls for a beautiful woman. It’s a coming of age/discovering yourself story, but it’s a French film, so it doesn’t hold back on the graphic sex (which is reasonably common with French cinema, of course it bloody is, god love the French).

The film skirts the line between a genuine, loving portrayal of a sexual relationship vs. the exploitation of having two young, beautiful actresses being naked and getting into some pretty compromising positions. I’d say the film stays on the right side of this line though, as it’s sensitive and thoughtful, and the sex is an integral part of the girls’ relationship (as it is with most relationships, you Hollywood freaks!)

Watch it for the sensitivity and beauty, but enjoy getting turned on too.

9 Songs (2014)

Fuck it, let’s stay on the romance but explicit sex theme. 9 Songs is a film about the love affair between a British scientist and an American student, and it’s exceptionally well made. It’s interesting and engaging, and oh, it just so happens to feature some pretty hardcore sex.

The film doesn’t have quite as much fucking as the ones I’ve already mentioned, but it’s still as hot as sin, and has some great oral sex, and when do you ever see oral sex getting the respect it deserves in mainstream films?

Nymphomaniac (2014)

This caused quite the stir when it came out, as everyone acted like it was the first mainstream film to feature graphic sex scenes, even though it most definitely isn’t. It has a great cast though, the gorgeous and wonderful Charlotte Gainsbourg plays the nymphomaniac, and she’s joined by Stellan Skarsgård, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, and Shia LaBeouf (yes! Bloody Shia LaBeouf does some fucking! He’s great by the way.)

It’s a two-part film, and the third in Lars von Trier's Depression Trilogy (honestly, it’s not all that depressing), and yes, it is a European art film, but don’t let that put you off, it’s one of the good ones. It’s an interesting watch, and the sex is frequent and hot. Expect to see oral sex, spanking, masturbation, threesomes, and some arse fucking. What more could you want?

BONUS: The Brown Bunny (2003)

This doesn’t count as number 6 in our list, as there’s only one scene you need to concern yourself with here, and it’s right at the end of the film.

You can and you should ignore almost all of The Brown Bunny, as it’s fucking terrible. It was written, directed by, and stars Vincent Gallo, and it’s one, very long, very self-absorbed Vincent Galo love-fest, and it’s every bit as bad as that sounds.

But it does have one saving grace. Chloe Sevigny, yes, that Chloe Sevigny, the proper, beautiful, talented actress, gives Vincent Gallo a blowjob at the end of the film, and it’s a real bloody blowjob too, it’s intense and filthy, better than you see in most porn, and she bloody well swallows. OK, we’ve crossed the line into exploitation with this film, but give me this one, please, as it’s fucking hot.

The scene caused a fair amount of controversy, and later Gallo claimed the blowjob wasn’t real, but it so fucking was. You see how Sevigny speeds up, how he reacts, how he bucks and trembles, you see the moment he climaxes and she jumps as his comes fills her mouth, and she’s not a spitter. Don’t watch the film, just go and find the scene on PornHub or something.

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