Five Days To Remember

by Cristina Zuniga 11 days ago in fiction

Parts 6 - 8

Five Days To Remember

Part 6

“Why haven’t I heard from you for two weeks?” as she grabbed the salt from the middle of our table, Val sprinkled it over her fries and looked at me as she returned the salt shaker to its place.

Meeting up for a bite to eat with Val was just what I needed after my session with Dr. Lynn. Anxious when I got her text to meet her at a nearby diner.

Biting into my burger “I’ve been busy” I muffled as I cover my mouth.

Val gave me the girl bye look. “Remember I’m an attorney, don’t lie Natie because you do that thing with your eyes” she said pointing at me.

“What thing?”

Rolling her eyes “You look to the side when you lie” taking a sip of her water.

“I do not” stopping myself from looking away. Damn … she’s right.

“Yes you do, your trying not to now but you do” Laughing “every time I swear I can read you like a boo-“

“I saw Jordan” I blured out

She dropped her fry “Oh shit … what the fuck Natashia? ... why you didn’t call me?”

Finishing my burger, I picked up my napkin to wipe my mouth “He didn’t stay long”

“HE CAME OVER?!” she yelled

“SSSHHH” looking around to see if anyone heard her loud ass “He told me he still loved me Val. He’s still upset …” Looking at her with confidence “ But he still loves me…”

She sighed as he looked at me “What did the shrink say?”

“Leave Dr. Lynn alone” I said smiling

Placing her dirty napkin on her plate “I’m just asssk-innnn”

We both giggled like we were back in college again.

“How is Mrs. Doris doing?”

Giving me the side eye “gurl, Mrs. Doris is fine how are you doing?”

“I’ll be okay”

“Have you heard from Fred?” she asked

“Fred?” I asked

“The paralegal I told you about … wait did you call him yet”

Waving down the waitress for the bill “No” I said as I set my plate to the side next to hers.

“And why not?”

“Val, I already have a lawyer”

“Yes, I know but Fred a paralegal and how is that coming along?”

“Meeting with her Friday morning” I said sitting back in our booth.

She looked at me concerned “Listen, I sent you Fred’s number because not only is he a great at what he does” she said siting up cross from me. “But also, because he has experience with similar cases like yours”

“I know” I said as the waitress gave me the bill.” You said this before Val”

Snatching the bill from my hand. “Take my advice then” digging in her purse for her wallet. “See what he can dig up for you. Natie, this is not like any other case I’ve heard of before and if I wasn’t sucked into three cases already, I would have taken you on you know that”.

“yeah” I nodded

Placing two tens on top of the receipt. “Call him, he can work with your lawyer”.

“I will I promise” grabbing my bag, I was about to get up and stand but Val seized my hand.

“Where you think You’re going?”

“We’re done, aren’t we leav- “

Cutting me off. “No sit your ass down and finish”

I abide and slid back in the booth.

“So, you haven’t text Jordan? To how he was doing since?” she asked

“… I wanted to” looking down at my fingers “But no I didn’t want to bother him”

“I see” she said “but guess what?” giggling.

Lifting my head up “What?” I smirked.

“I found Anna’s Instagram”



I sat up so fast “what does she post? Is Jordan on there? Are you following her?”

“Her dirty hound, food, selfies of herself, hell no I am not following her and no… no pictures of or with Jordan …”

Confused. “Really?”

“See for yourself”

I grabbed her phone and looked uneasily through Anna’s pictures.

After what seemed to be 5 mins, I looked up at Val who was already staring at me.

“So…” Handing her phone back. “What does that mean?”

“Maybe it means Jordan hates taking pictures with her or they’re not together anymore or she just doesn’t post pictures of him. Who knows…”?

I looked down then back at her.

“But what we do know is …” Val continued as she returns her wallet and phone back in her purse. “That Jordan came to you and told you he is still in love with you. So …”

I hate when she holds long pauses, this is not a courtroom Val! I thought as I keep my gaze.

“You should call him … too”.

“Your right”

We reach for our things and stand to walk towards the entrance of the diner. Stops and hugs me.

“Listen, you know I love you and I want the best for you Natie my sister” She said as she let go of my grasp.

“I love you too … but what should I say? I do not know where to start. I want him … God I want him so much my vibrator can tell you”

We both busted out laughing as we walked to the parking lot.

Part 7

I could not wait till I got back to my apartment, Wasn’t sure whether to call or text Jordan. What if they broke up? Was that what he was trying to tell me that night? He told me he still loved me… was that the hint?

After I locked the door, I quickly stripped into my bra and panties to search for my short shorts and t-shirt.

But what do I say? Call or text, easier said than done.

Then my phone rang.


“Did you call him yet?”

“Shutup, can’t call if I’m on the phone with you Val”

“I know bu- … oh Richard says hi bu- … he says he hopes your doing okay and …hold on--okay honey, she gets it you care, can I talk to my friend now? … thank you … muah love you too okay-- back so did you call him?”

Laughing. “Tell Richard I said Hi and thank you. Bye Val, love you”

“I will, love you more bye” she grins then hangs up.

I sat on my bed with my phone still in my hand. Tapping on my contact list and click on Jordan’s name.

… Fuck it.

Still sitting up in my bed, I look at my feet as I wait patiently for an answer.

“You have reached the voicemail of … Jor-”

I quickly ended the call while sucking my teeth.

… You know what?! I’m actually relieved he didn’t pick up. This is what I get for listening to Val.

Irritated, I get out of bed, put my phone down on my side table by the bed to make some tea. The moment I turned around to head to the kitchen, my phone rings.

I flew back in the bedroom to see who it was.

It was Jordan. “oh my god, okay this is happening!”

Quickly grabbing my phone, I slid my finger to answer but ended up flicking my phone on speaker on the floor between the wall and my bed. “FUCK!”

“… Hello?”

“YEAH HEY … I’M HERE I … MY UH PH-” scrambling to grab my phone, I finally was able to snatch it. “onne, hey hello?”


“Can you hear me?”


“Oh … okay … hey”

“… you called?”



“Yeah sorry um … yeah, I called …I just … wanted to check in, make sure you’re okay? … yeah” What the fuck

“I’m good “

“Oh, uh okay… that’s good… immm glad your … good”.

Just save the little bit of dignity you have and just hang-up.

“Okay, well I’m glad you called … I-aa-I wanted to talk to you … are you free tonight?”


“Yea… I’m free… what time?”

“okay see you in 15”

Then the call end.

Fifteen minutes later I get a knock on the door. I was so nervous. Why am I nervous? I know Jordan, I adore Jordan. I love him. When I opened the door, there he was.

Standing tall with his black leather jacket.

“Hey” He is gorgeous, god I miss him so much

“How are you” He said walking pass me.

I closed the door after him. He smells so good.

Jordan sat on the loveseat and seem to look confused why I chose to sit further away by the window. We both sat in silence. I can feel him looking at me as I look away pretending not to notice.

“You’re so beautiful” says Jordan. “… I just ca-“

I cut him off “okay… I know, I’m sorry”

“Oh my GOD PLEASE STOP SAYING SORRY!” he jumped up.

“Jordan, I need for us to move pass this please because It’s killing me!” I followed.

He walked to the fridge and grabbed two beers. I walked towards the kitchen entry way and lean on the wall.

“Please … tell me you didn’t come over just to argue” I said with both arms folded.

He opens the can, gulped down a long sip then turned to face me but looked down. “No”

My arms dropped. “Then what do you have to tell me?” Moving two steps closer to him.

With his head up he blurts out “I’m glad you pursued to press charges, you did not deserve what happen to you and I’m proud that your speaking up”.

He looked so sincere like an angel

“I want to be here for you… no matter what happens… I will always be here.” Stepping a bit closer, He finally met my gazed.

“Well … I appreciate it.” Feeling embarrassed I folded my arms again and looked down at his boots. “I don’t know how I feel about that”

“Why you say that?” He pulled my right arm, which forced me in his arms, chest to chest.

I forgot how strong his grip was, the sweet aroma of his musk breath, strong chin, and piercing brown eyes.

I stood there, looking at him while in his arms. Me being surprise that we’re so, so close to each other. I forgot he asked a question.

Looking down into my eyes, he moved in closer. “Natie ..”

His lips pulled me in.

It was as if a Volcano erupted with a loud bang how quickly he was tearing off what little I had on. My back slammed to the sink counter and reach down to unbuckle his jeans, he stopped me. As he pulled my panties to the floor, he kneeled to take them completely off and placed left leg on his shoulders.

Kissing my inner thigh as he made his way to my wet pussy. “oh, uh aa” I moaned.

I held his head between my legs as I close my eyes and tilted my head back. I came so fast as he licked my clit and sucked my juices.

“ah …I want you Jordan … ah fuck … I need you”

When he stood up, I jumped on him and he carried me to the bedroom.

Part 8

“Good Morning beautiful”

Wiping the drool from the corner of my mouth, I rubbed and squinted my eyes as I sat up from the bed. It was Jordan with

“Food!” I said surprisingly with a smile.

“Yea baby” he smirked.

I smiled as I looked up to him.

This is really happening. Jordan is still here serving me breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, grits and biscuits? Oh shit… he made biscuits! I mean just look at that smile, those eyes and his lips and I must look like … like … trash omg!

Jordan was placing my breakfast tray beside my legs when I jumped out of bed. Still naked I ran to the bathroom.

“WHOA!” Startled Jordan quickly got up and made sure nothing fell on the floor or the bed. “HEY?! What’s wrong?”

Mumbling from the bathroom I said “I’m serrie, I bad oo mursh mi weep”

“You what?”

I quickly spit out the toothpaste and rinse out my mouth.

“I’m sorry, I wanted to brush my teeth and throw some cold water on my face” stepping back in the room patting my towel on my face.

Meeting me halfway, “You know I don’t care about that Natashia” He said and held me in his arms.

We stood there holding each other for about three minutes.

Oh god did I miss this… But what exactly is this?

I let go and looked up at him.

“… What is this … Jordan?”

“Your asking if we are together?”

“… yea”

Jordan sighs.

“Well that was not the reaction I was looking for” as I sat down on the edge of the bed. “Jordan, sorry but aren’t you still with Anna?”

“Do we have to talk about this right now?”


“Why does it matter?” Annoyed he walked away to the other side of the bed and sat right next to the breakfast tray. “Can’t we just enjoy breakfast and I don’t know have round three before I have to go” he smirked at me.

Trying not smile, I stood up and face him. “Jordan, last night you said you want to tell me something. What is it?”

“I really don’t want to get into it right now” as he took a bite of a biscuit.

Okay now that’s fucked up. Didn’t he make that plate for me? Natie stay on topic.

“So, you think that you can just come over here, fuck me and then go back to her?” My got so warm, I felt my hands starting to shake. “Like I’m just some hoe off the street?!”


My eyes filled up with tears and my noise became runny.

“Get out” I said as I pointed to the front door.

He immediately changed his tone and threw his arms up “I’m sorry baby I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Natie please I’m sorry”

Walking away, I grabbed his jacket and boots, opened the front door and threw it out on the front steps. Then kept on screaming “GET OUT!” till the door closed behind him.


“I never thought I will see him again” I explained to Dr. Lynn. “But he was a repeating client, he saw me maybe eight times over the last two days before I escaped”.

Finishing up her sentence before placing her notepad on her lap “Officer Dubbs?”

“Yes … I had no idea he was recording me” meeting my lowering my gaze at her notepad. I continued “I knew I had to play my cards right to leave. No one knew I was in Detroit but … Jordan. I had to come up with a plan to leave”

“When did the texting start? Between Dubbs and you?”

“After I left. Hitched a ride to the bus station and brought my ticket. I’m waiting to abroad and I get about ten text messages at once.”

She crossed her legs and leaned in.

“He wrote things like Hey baby, what u doin? Where are you? Hello? Fucking slut answer me… sorry, why are you ignoring me? Just send me an answer?! When I find you, I’m going to make you my bitch! You hear me?”

Lynn nodded. “There were other girls, right?”

I could tell Dr. Lynn knew I was not convergently active during this discussion.

“About 30 of us … I was the oldest” I agreed.

“But … um Dr. Lynn?”


“I know we are supposed to go over what happened to … help me remember more clearly if my case goes to trial but … I’ve um recently got in touch with Jordan…”

“oh, okay how did that go?”

After I explained I started crying and grabbed the damn puff tissue box.

“I mean why didn’t want to tell me about him and Anna? And can you believe he said that to me?!”

“Well” Lynn started as she took off her glasses. “It sounds like Jordan is having a difficult moving pass what happen to you.”

“Well I still think he’s still with her?” I said well I blew my noise.

“Since we’re running out of time, I’m going to end our session with a question for next time.”


“Are you still in love with Jordan or are you in love with how it was between you two before the incident? “

I sighed.

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