First Time

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The Story of a Clueless Teenager Losing Her Virginity

First Time

So here is the story of my first time...

It was in summer, and I was 17 a few months shy of my 18th birthday and unlike my peers I was so behind in the 'relationship department'...I mean soooooooo behind! The last time I remember kissing a boy was playing kiss chase in primary school!

Every summer I go and visit my friend who moved away, and I spend two weeks with her. This summer was different, normally we just spend it with just us two, catching up on life and doing typical teenage girly things, but we were now at the age where we were more socially independent and started going out to clubs and parties until really late. She introduced me to a group of friends of hers and there was this one guy, for the purpose of the story we are going to call him Mr. X.

Mr. X and I hit it off pretty much straight away, we sat next to each other all the time on the train, we found ourselves walking away from the group and we would send these cheeky glances across the table to one another.

Me being me, I was so excited—I felt that if I played this right I could potentially have a boyfriend! (Oh! Little did I know). So my friend and I devised a plan to set up a mini date with Mr. X and I. She invited him over for a 'chill session' at her house. When he arrived she 'suddenly felt really sick and she needed to go and have a nap' - cheeky, I know.

So Mr. X and I, sat in the living room chatting and laughing; the whole time I planned our wedding, and how many kids we were going to have in my head. All of a sudden, out of nowhere he leaned over and kissed me, and shockingly I grabbed him by the hair and gave him a really deep and passionate kiss back (WHO AM I?). He stopped and looked at me, and asked, "Are you ready?" and without hesitation I said yes.

He started kissing me all over my neck, and then started traveling down my chest, belly button and up my dress. (WHAAAAAAAT!) Literally all I can think the whole time was "omg omg omg omg omg omg omg" he kissed me down there and started using his tongue in a way I could have never imagined a tongue being used, I can feel my breath getting shorter and shorter; I'm gripping his hair and letting out these sighs of enjoyment. He looked up at me and winked and kissed it one more time before sliding himself into me.


But minutes later, the pain wore off and I was enjoying it. Every pump in and out, it felt so magical. He kept saying that he wanted me to have the best time and he won't stop until I cum. I mean, no pressure, but this was my first time, I hardly knew what was going to work...but I was loving it.

What felt like 25 minutes later, he finished and told me that he couldn't continue anymore, but I was okay with that because I was getting sore and tired too.

We tidied up the sofa, fixed ourselves and tried to act as casual as possible. Hahaa.

My friend came down after I sent her a text saying, "COME DOWN NOW, OMG!" And suddenly she felt so much better and was willing to entertain us again.

After him leaving, and me debriefing my best friend about everything, I was so excited and she asked, "Soooo are you guys and item now?" and I didn't know the answer, so I messaged him asking and the reply was...

"I would love to, and you are an amazing girl, the only issue is that I have recently gotten into a relationship with someone else and I shouldn't have done what I did, but I felt so relaxed around you and I really wanted to get with you. If I had met you first, my answer would have been different. I am so sorry, and I hope you don't hate me for this. Mr X xo"

Yes guys and girls, I lost my virginity to an absolute pr*ck!

LD xx

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