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First Love, Second Chance

by Heather Kinnane about a year ago in fiction
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It’s been twenty years since Macy and Phil have laid eyes on each other. Could the spark still be there after all that time?

Macy slammed her car door shut, her gaze caught by the shining silver dangling from the ignition.

Her keys!


Her window was down slightly, an attempt to keep the car from overheating too much as she went about her day, and she squeezed her hand through the gap, desperately trying to twist her arm so she could reach the button to unlock the car.

“Everything all right there?” A deep voice called from the opposite car.

“I’ve just locked my whatchamacallit in the car, and I can’t reach the doohickey, and — ” She gave up. Why couldn’t her brain work when she was stressed. She sounded like a fool.

“You locked your keys in the car? Let me help.”

She pulled her arm out and turned to her rescuer.

“Macy? Macy Grey?”

“Yes.” She blinked a few times, forcing herself to take deep breaths and calm down, so she could focus on the fellow’s face. A trimmed, mostly silver, beard hid his jaw, and above that were two brown eyes, filled with affection.

“Phil?” Macy’s heart pounded in her chest. Great, just great. Phil had most likely heard her swear, and had definitely seen her lose all capacity for speech. Her cheeks burned.

“It’s good to see you.” His gaze roved over her body, and she couldn’t help but check him out too. Her first love had filled out since they were teenagers, his T-shirt tight across his chest, his jeans well-fitting. Her mouth watered.

“Let me call roadside-assistance,” he said. “Then I’ll shout you a coffee.” He nodded towards the cafe across the other side of the road.

Macy slumped against the car. “Well the rest of my plans for today are shot. Why not?”

The cafe was quiet for this hour of the morning, and Macy appreciated the lack of other customers. Too much chatter was overwhelming at the best of times, let alone when she was stressed out.

“How have you been? What have you been up to?” Phil asked as he set their coffees back on the table.

Macy took a sip of hers, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath to pull her thoughts into order. “Aside from this morning, I’ve been doing well. But I had plans and now they’re all thrown out of order and — ” She shook her head, and took another deep breath. Worrying about it wasn’t going to fix it, she just had to breathe and go with the flow.

She looked at Phil. Here was a silver lining to the black cloud. She should make the most of it.

They talked for the entire hour it took roadside assistance to turn up and retrieve her keys, the years fading. Then he invited her out to dinner.

It had been years since Macy had been on a date. She generally felt too odd to deal with people, communication was too hard, there were too many misunderstandings. Too often Macy found herself nodding and smiling at people who’d completely missed the point she was making — it was just too tiring to make them understand.

But with Phil it was different, and she remembered now exactly why she’d liked his company so much — he listened, really listened, and if he didn’t understand he questioned, instead of assuming.

Dinner turned into a movie, turned into hot chocolates at her house. Soon they were in bed.

Macy had never felt so safe as she did wrapped in Phil’s arms, her lips pressed against his, the bulge in his underwear pressed between her legs.

She slid her hands across his chest and down his sides, sliding them into his underwear so she could cup his backside, pulling him closer as she wrapped a leg around his hip to rub her damp knickers against his.

He groaned his need, and she released his cock, taking it in a hand to gently squeeze and stroke and pull.

“You’re gorgeous, Macy.” Phil’s husky voice turned Macy on even more. “Why did we ever break-up?”

“I was too shy.” Macy knew the answer to that. “But I’ve learned from those mistakes. If you don’t take opportunities when they arise you miss out altogether. I don’t want to miss out anymore.” She pushed him onto his back and sat up, unhooking her bra and flinging it to the floor. She leaned over him again, pressing her breasts against his chest to kiss and lap at his mouth, his neck, his chest.

He groaned again as she reached his cock, circling the head with her tongue, licking the length of him as she cradled his balls in the palm of her hand. She bobbed up and down on his cock a few times, taking him as deep as she could go, then released him, sliding off the bed to remove her panties before straddling him again.

“I loved you,” she said, holding his gaze. “I’m sorry I could never tell you that. I was so scared of rejection — ”

She rubbed the tip of his cock against her clit a few times before sliding down over his erection. She closed her eyes, taking the time to enjoy the sensations flowing through her body.

“Why would you think I’d reject you?” Phil brushed her hair from her face, and she opened her eyes, is gaze burning into hers. “I told you I loved you.”

Macy bit her lip, shaking her head. “I didn’t believe I was love-able. I knew I was weird, and I figured eventually you’d find someone normal and that would be that.”

“What?” He pushed himself up so he was sitting, and Macy took the opportunity to wrap her legs around his waist, sliding back and forwards over his cock.

“God that feels good,” she panted.

Phil shook his head. “I never thought you were weird. Well, not in a bad way. Your quirks were the things I loved about you the most.”

Macy caught his gaze, searching his face for evidence he was teasing. But unlike her previous boyfriends all she could see was sincerity.

“You loved me? For me?”

He pressed his lips against hers, and she clung to his shoulders, his fingers digging into his skin as he thrust inside her, his thumb rubbing against her clit.

She came first, and then he spun them around so she was laying on her bed, his thrusts hard and fast until he came.

“I love you, Macy. Present tense. Now. I always have. When I saw you today I thought it would be a chance to prove we’d grown apart, to rid myself of these ridiculous fantasies I have. But that coffee, and our date, and this…. It just proves to me that you’re the one for me. That we should stay together.”

Macy stared at him, dumbfounded.

“Will you give us another go, Macy? Now we’re older and, hopefully, wiser? Can we try one more time?”

Macy pressed her lips against his. “Yes. Yes, yes, yes.”


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