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Fire Under The Moon

by Rhea Rose 2 years ago in erotic
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Finally, A Real Man

Source: Unknown

Most women can admit that when she is in heat she may be tempted to hump just about anyone or anything. The fire that burns through her veins refuses to be ignored as she develops an attraction to every pole: living or otherwise. If she's in tune with her body, she will feel her clit pulsating with every stride. She will feel a war raging between her legs and in her loins.

Michelle was in heat. Her waking thoughts were about sex, and her dreams reflected her daytime thoughts. In all her sexual excitement, she was terrified of public spaces concerned that she might hop on the first thing with a penis. She'd be tempted by any semblance of possible gratification.

Most days, a session with her Satisfyer Pro would have done the job well enough. But a woman in heat requires more than a vibrating suction to release the mountain of lust inside her. Michelle realized that on her forth try at euphoria, she'd need more than a plastic dick and remote-controlled device to quell her.


It was a Saturday when she finally decided to go to the store to get some essentials. Her week off from work led to the depletion of her food, toiletries, and other necessities. With every step, she was cognizant of just what her pussy needed. But she had no prospects, and she needed more than an available and willing body. She wanted to be fucked, and fucked properly and thoroughly. The average Joe just wouldn't do.

As she browsed the snacks aisle, her eyes made four with the manliest of men. His walk exclaims confidence and sexual experience. And his grin foretold pleasure. She exchanged his grin, but not before noticing the size of his hands.

"Big hands are good," she thought. He could do anything to her with those hands.

Michelle wasn't the type to shy away from the gaze of a man. She noticed him perusing her perfectly toned thighs and enviously round ass, and she permitted him by maintaining her position. Her body faced the assortment of potato chips with her basket between her feet and hands supporting her back. Michelle took her turn noticing the vascularity of his biceps, and the quad separation made visible by his European shorts. She also directed some attention to his rock hard abs that were printing through his grey tank top.


It didn't take him long before he smiled and reached for a handshake.

"My name is Anthony. What's your name?"

Simple. Straightforward. Polite. The charm she assumed he had was confirmed through conversation. "You're absolutely gorgeous, and I needed to acknowledge it."

"Thanks, you're equally gorgeous, and I'm glad you chose to acknowledge it," she replied. She worried that he could feel the sexual charge emanating from her. Though she needed some good stroking, she wasn't going to be overzealous. She needed to maintain her cool. She took a small step back, hoping that he wouldn't notice. But he did. Anthony threw his hands up in surrender and said: "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." He was sincere.

"You didn't do anything wrong. You're just right."

He laughed. "Two 'just right' people standing alone in the snacks aisle. What could go wrong?" They laughed together.

He checked his phone. "I have someplace to be, but I don't want to leave without asking for your number. May I take you to dinner later?"

Michelle didn't say anything. She was consumed by thoughts of his lips kissing hers, and his big hands taking her to places she's only fantasized.

"Or is that too forward?" Anthony interrupted her fantasy. "No. Not too forward. Dinner sounds good," Michelle agreed.

They exchanged numbers and he was set to pick her up at 7.


It happened fast, but she didn't notice. Her senses were in overdrive and directed by sexual urges. Everything slowed down as she took notice of everything that makes a man a man.

Michelle got home and took another ride on her plastic male doll. She came two times but was still unsatisfied. Instead, it felt like more blood was rushing to her clit than before. Stimulation from Anthony's voice and touch had made her toy useless. The fire inside her was burning even more aggressively than before.

She had four hours before Anthony would be at her door, and she felt every second pass with the pulse of her clit. They were a slow four hours; she did 20 minutes on the treadmill and then watched a couple of hours of the least sexually stimulating show she could find on TV: The Office.

It was 6 PM when she decided to take a shower and get dressed. She didn't know where they were going, but she wanted to be classy, but still say: "Keep your eyes on me." After showering, she dressed in a high-waist, purple skirt with a slit up the left thigh. It exposed her thick thighs and hugged her butt just right. The skirt was matched by a gold, Capri, silk top with a cowl neck that drew attention to her C-cups. She was wearing a strapless bra but her nipples were noticeable though not begging for attention. She finished her look with a pair of black mule sandals and just enough make-up to accentuate her eyes, cheeks, and lips.


Anthony texted her at 7:03. "I think I'm here." Michelle almost ran to the door in excitement. She composed herself before she sat in his car and said "Ready for the night of your life?" They giggled together. He was amused by her confidence and wit. "You look amazing," he was eager to say. She smiled. "Thanks, it's a blessing and a curse." They laughed again. As he drove off, he looked her over to make sure that she was just as fine as when she got into the car.

He took her to get fondue, but they didn't stay for long. The food was good. The service was fast, and Michelle had made up her mind that she wanted to climb him.

After dinner, they went for a walk in a park with a lake. The park was scanty and close to Michelle's place. The moon was full, and the air was light.

Michelle is perfectly comfortable flirting and making the first move, but she wanted Anthony to dominate her. For most of the night, she imagined him using one arm to pull her in for a kiss, but he didn't. She was getting impatient, and her loins were getting tight with desire.

She quieted her mind and walked toward the lake, not realizing that she was squeezing her neck. She was on the brink of exploding onto him for a kiss.

"Did I read him wrong?" she thought.

Michelle was preparing to go home kissless, and dripping with lubrication. She stood by the lake looking at the moon when she heard him walking slowly towards her.

"I could stare at it all night," he said. She knew that he wasn't talking about the moon. She didn't say anything because she was overflowing with lust and was terrified that she might cry due to unfulfillment.

She almost shuddered when he held her waist from behind and kissed her on the right side of her neck. It was soft and a little wet but well-intentioned. He paused, awaiting her approval. She rested her head on his chest, urging him to continue, and he did. Anthony turned her around gently and looked into her eyes before kissing her.

Everything inside of Michelle was in celebration. His kiss was well-timed and well-executed. She didn't realize she was moaning until he moved his lips to her neck and his hands to her ass. He was squeezing her so tightly she knew that he was done being patient.

When he kissed her lips again, his left hand was squeezing her neck, and his right hand was tracing up the slit of her skirt. She knew where he was going, and she secretly begged him to. Anthony only stopped kissing her when he found that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Her eyes looked into his until he turned her around again and nudged her to spread her legs. She obliged. Anthony played with her clit, then slid his index finger inside her, and whispered: "Michelle, you're ready." Her pussy was wet.

She stood in silence as he walked around to face her. Michelle was shocked when he got on his knees and kissed her clit, but she was unmoved because it was the most pleasure she'd had in months. And she was going to enjoy every second of it.

His tongue was doing back flips on her clit, and her moans were proof that he was doing it well. When he was done, he pulled her by the waist down to his level. Michelle was short of words, but she talked to him with her eyes. She communicated her pleasure by looking into his soul.

He knew by her eyes that his dick needed to be in her mouth. He laid back on the grass and opened his jeans. Michelle knelt to meet his dick. Slowly, she used her tongue to toy with the head of his dick and rubbed his balls before allowing her mouth to summon the Ooohs and Ahhhs from him. She was looking in his eyes when he held her face and said: "Don't waste another second down there. Let me feel you."

Following his instruction, she ran her hands up his chest, kissed his neck, and threw one leg over him. She was straddling him and rubbing her pussy against his dick. Michelle eased onto his dick, certain that she was going to gush the reservoir of cum that had been waiting for the penetration of a real man. Her dildos did OK, but they never made her squirt. She knew Anthony was going to make her gush and squeal right there under the moon.

Anthony cried out in pleasure as her ass clapped on his pelvis. "Michelle, you're going to make me cum riding me like that. Bend over!" He was assertive. She knew that it was over once she got on her knees.

It didn't take long for her to cum. She was spraying onto the grass, and there was no denying that Anthony was lost in the wetness of her pussy. He smacked her right cheek, turning her on even more. She looked back at him and told him to do it again. And he did. Three times.

After her fourth orgasm, Michelle looked back again and asked: "Are you gonna cum for me?" He crouched down on her and started spurting. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!"


Anthony was buttoning his pants when an elderly couple became walked by. He and Michelle grinned at each other, enjoying the memories of their more recent exhibition.

"Your place?" Anthony invited himself to Michelle's apartment.

"And maybe even in your car before we get there," Michelle laughed. But she was serious. The night was far from over.


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