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Filthy Owls

by Victor Robinson II 4 months ago in erotic
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Sex is in Air Tonight

Filthy Owls
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Jenna and Charlie show up at the cabin for their honeymoon. They just got married 3 Hours ago. This Cabin belongs to Charlie's grandmother Amber who gave it to him for him to enjoy with his new wife. Jenna and Charlie have never sex with each other before but they have fool around and went down on each other but Now its time to let it all loose.

Charlie starts to unpacked the bags while Jenna freshen up herself. Jenna gets out the shower and puts on a red robe and Charlie jumps in the shower. Jenna turns on her Spotify which plays Go Your Own Way by Lissie.

Jenna has lights the fireplace in the living room and lights candle and turns out the lights. Charlie comes out the shower to the sound of the music. Charlie puts on a black robe and walks in the living room. Jenna is waiting on him and looking beautiful and the roaring of the fireplace.

Charlie grabs Jenna and opens her robe as he looks in her eyes and starts to kisses Jenna's neck, then her chest and sucks her left nipple and grasp her breast and her knees starts to shake and he lays her in front of the fireplace and starts sucking her right nipple and grasp her right breast and he puts both of nipples in his mouth and sucking her gently.

Charlie licking her breasts, then making it down to her belly and licking towards her belly button and licking around her pussy region and sucking on her pubic hair and skips her pussy and grabs her left foot and starts sucking her toes and licking down her leg and then grabbing her right foot and sucking her toes and turning over and spreading her ass wide and starts eating her pussy from the back.

Jenna is moaning pleasurably loud and She feels someone is watching her and she looks at the window and its two barn owls watching from the outside. Jenna is turned on more of because of them. Charlie is eating her pussy and fingering her ass at same time. Jenna turns her head towards him and tells him she wants his cock inside her mouth. Charlie turns his body towards her head and Jenna sits on his face and Jenna opens his robe and She starts playing his cock and she puts it inside her mouth and she starts sucking his cock. They are both enjoying each other in front of the roaring fireplace.

The Owls are looking on and are curious on what the humans are doing inside the cabin and wondering how are they are suppose to mate in that position. Jenna gets up and sits on Charlie's hard cock with her wet pussy. Jenna is clawing Charlie's chest and she kisses Charlie and she tells him I fucking love you. I should have fuck you a long time ago. Your Cock is so fucking good and Jenna is moaning loud. Charlie is about to come and Jenna slaps Charlie him and Says Don't You Fucking Come Yet Motherfucker.

Charlie is shocked and Jenna starts bouncing up and down on his cock and She screams loud and louder and Her Screams breaks the windows and The Owls fly away and Jenna bouncing up and she lands backwards and Charlie comes at the same time does and lands her body on top his body. Jenna kisses Charlie and They both are wore out .

In the Morning Charlie wakes up in the morning on the floor next to a dying fire in the fireplace. Jenna is standing in her red robe over him. Jenna tells him that she forgotten what sex felt like. Charlie says I knew you been through bad break ups that why I never pressured you. Jenna says I know and I knew I said I wanted our relationship to be based on love not just sex. But Now since We are having sex I got to tell you I am very very Kinky. Charlie says How Kinky. Jenna laughs and says You find out after breakfast.

Jenna has cook him his favorite breakfast French Toast and Bacon and Scrabbled eggs fresh squeezed orange juice and they enjoy the meal together and then They have wonderful shower sex. Set the Fire To The Third Bar playing on Spotify by Snow Patrol.

Jenna and Charlie go walk into the forest inside the woods and starts to rain and Jenna takes off her clothes and is fully naked and she is dancing in the rain and Charile is looking at Jenna and is turn on and he takes off his clothes and he grabs Jenna and kisses her passionally in the rain and lays her down in the mud and is on top of her and Charlie inserts his cock inside her pussy. Jenna flips him over and now she is on top. Jenna is putting mud on all over her naked body as she is on top Charlie fucking him. The Music gets louder.

The Owls and the animals are looking on at Jenna and Charlie making love in the forest but They arent the only one looking at them. There is a woman with dark brown hair staring at them.

Its Charlie ex-girlfriend Vivian who is bent on getting back together with him. Vivian tried to stop the wedding by trying to seduce him at the bachelor party to get him to cheat so Jenna will leave him but Jenna fought for Charlie and put Vivian in the hosptial and Vivian has not learned her lesson and she has tracked Charlie's phone.

Jenna and Charlie are running naked to their cabin and Charlie closes the door and they go jump in the shower again. Vivian sneaks in the house and starts walking around the cabin and the Owls are watching Vivian through the window.

Jenna jumps on the bed and Charlie jumps on the bed as well and starts kissing each other. Vivian is in their fridge and decides fixes herself a sandwich. Jenna decides to tie Charlie to the bed and blindfold him. Jenna says You going to see how kinky I am baby and she kisses him.

Jenna turns her Spotify on the tv in the room and it plays Human Nature by Madonna. Jenna goes downstairs to go in the fridge to get whipped cream and She sees Vivian in the kitchen and Jenna says What the fuck are you doing here. Vivian says I want my Man Back and she looks like Jenna's body and says I know my body is better than yours Bitch and Jenna attacks Vivian and knocks the sandwich out of her hands and Vivian grabs the whipped cream and sprays Jenna in the face and throws her in the kitchen closet and jams the door with a chair.

Vivian goes upstairs and sees Charlie's naked tied to the bed and singing along with the song and Vivian takes off her clothes and starts sucking Charlie's toes on both of his feet and she starts sucking his balls and she spreads his butt and she starts licking his asshole and Charlie says I dont know about that but that feels fucking great and he starts moaning loud and she is fucking his ass with her tongue. Jenna is trying to get out of the closet and she keeps slipping on the whipped cream. naked tied to the bed and singing along with the song and Vivian takes off her clothes and starts sucking Charlie's toes on both of his feet and she starts sucking his balls and she spreads his butt and she starts licking his asshole and Charlie says I dont know about that but that feels fucking great and he starts moaning loud and she is fucking his ass with her tougue. Jenna is trying to get out of the closet and she keeps slipping on the whipped cream.

Vivian is kissing his belly and make her way up to his nipples and sits on top of his face with her asshole and pussy facing him and Charile has his mouth wide open and sucking clit and her pussy walls all at the same time and she is moaning loud and she starts sucking his hard cock. Jenna finally breaks down the door. Jenna whole body is red and Vivian starts riding Charlie's hard cock and she starts moaning Charlie realizes at the last minute he is fucking Vivian when he hears her voice and she says I miss your cock and she pulls off the blindfold off Charlie.

Spotify plays Kiss from A Rose by Seal loudly in the room. Charlie says Oh Shit. I am about to come Fuck Vivian what the fuck. Jenna runs upstairs and she sees Charlie about to come inside Vivian and Jenna runs and fly across the room and she spears Vivian off Charlie's hard cock which dislocated Charlie's cock. Jenna and Vivian are on the floor and They hear Charlie's screaming and They jump up and They see Charlie's cock has been dislocated.

Jenna tries to touch it and Charlie is in pain and Jenna says we got to get you to the hosptial. Charlie says No Fucking hosptial. Vivian says I have an idea and Jenna says What the fuck you doing talking. This is your fucking fault. Vivian says My Fault you are the one flying the fucking room like Wonder Woman and knocking me to the floor with his hard cock inside of me What the fuck were you thinking. Jenna says What the fuck. You are not suppose to be here anyway Bitch. Jenna and Vivian about to fight. Charlie says Cut the shit and Fix my Dick. Vivian says all we got to do is snap back in place.

Jenna says How the fuck are we going to snap is dick back in place. Vivian says That is easy with my pussy. Jenna says Really With your fucking pussy. Vivian says My Pussy is strong. My Pussy can Break a dick and Fix a dick. Jenna says Bitch This cock is my mine not yours. Charlie says Let her snap back in place then you guys can fucking have it out.

Vivian gets on top of Charlie's dislocated cock and she does a hard turn and snaps his cock back in place and Charlie's passes out and Jenna goes to check on Charlie and Charlie is out. Jenna looks at Vivian and tells her that was cool snapped his cock back in place like that. Jenna looks at Vivian's naked body and Jenna says I can see why Charlie was intrested in you in the first place. Vivian looks at Jenna's body I can see why He is in you. Vivian starts touching on Jenna's breasts and says You know in the kitchen when you jump on me. I was turned on by your pussy scent and Vivian starts licking her tongue and Jenna grabs Vivian's pussy and says Show Me What Your Pussy Can Do. Jenna starts fingering Vivian and Vivian is fucking Jenna's finger and kisses Jenna. Jenna stops fingering Vivian and Vivian and Jenna unties Charlie and puts him on the floor and cover him up. Drumming song playing by Florence & The Machine playing on the Spotify.

Jenna is on the bed getting her nipples sucked by Vivian and Vivian is kisses on Jenna's neck and Jenna gets on top of Vivian and kisses her lips then her belly and Jenna is sucking on Vivian's clit and fingering her pussy. Charlie wakes up to the sound of Vivian's moaning. Charlie is shocked to see Jenna eating out Vivian. Charlie's cock is hard as a rock and as Jenna is eating out Vivian. Charlie sticks in his hard cock inside Jenny's ass. Jenny is suprised and welcomes the pleasure. The Owls are looking through the window.

Jenna get off the bed and throws Charlie down on the bed and Vivian looks at Jenna and Vivian wants to kiss and Charlie and Jenna motions Vivian that its ok to kiss Charlie and Jenna gets on top of Charlie's hard cock and fucking him while Vivian kisses him. Vivian get up and sits on Charlie's face and is facing Jenna and Vivian kisses Jenna while riding Charlie's face.

Winter sung by Tori Amos starts playing Vivian gets off Charlie's face and She looks at the passion at Charlie and Jenna has together and Vivian grabs her clothes and goes downstairs. Jenna and Charlie are still passionally making love as Vivian walks away and she gets dressed and starts walking in the forest and she sees the owls mating in the trees and she remembers her life with Charlie and why her relationship ended with Charlie because her bipolar disorder got real bad in their relationship but Charlie still love her but that was Three years ago Vivian has gotten better with her bipolar but her biggest regret was pushing Charlie's away. Charlie still consider Vivian a friend. Charlie had wish to get back with Vivian but he met Jenna.

Vivian gets in her car and she starts driving down the road and she picks up her phone and she calls her mom and she says Mom, I am ready to move on.

The Next Morning, Jenna and Charlie can not believe what they did last night with Vivian but Jenna felt doing that gave Vivian's closure in her own life. but Jenna and Charlie realizes that their love is strong and Sex's life is stronger. Jenna and Charlie packed up and is going to start life as a newlywed couple we had one sexy weekend and they get in the car and They drives off and The owls are on the roof of the cabin singing Whats's up by 4 Non Blondes and Credits roll.

The End


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Victor Robinson II

I am Victor Robinson II I am self publisher writer with Amazon. I enjoy writing books its relaxs my mind. I also work at wal mart been there 15 years hoping to survive as an author. I want to entertain the world with my awesome stories

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