Feed My Stress

by Unspoken Wyrd about a year ago in erotic

Finally Alone

Feed My Stress

I’ve been working so hard. I recently started a new position at work and ever since, my life has changed. I can’t even catch a break. I'm stressed out. I’m overloaded with tasks that my work goes home with me. My days off aren’t even mine anymore.

I live with a roommate. Her name is Tessa and she’s always home. She works at home and by the time I get home, she’s off. On my days off she depends on me for everything. It’s so stressful. If I’m not finishing with work at home then I am helping her with something. How do you cook pesto pasta? Can you take me to my appointment? I’m too nice and put others before me so I’d always help. There was no time for me.

One day as I was at work my roommate called me. “I won’t be home for a few days,” stated Tessa. All I could reply was “ok.” I was relieved. The excitement ran all through my body and suddenly a pulse like sensation filled me with joy down there. I just knew I’d finally get to do what I’ve been waiting to do for so long. I’m ready to pleasure myself. Sure, I could do it in the shower and of course locked in my room, but nothing was better than being able to be loud and free. Tonight is the night.

I got off of work and drove straight to the neighborhood store. During the drive all I could do was plan my night. Ok Candice, finish those numbers for work, put a load in the washer, and then the night is all yours. I was so excited that Tessa wouldn’t be able to interrupt. I arrived at the store to grab a bottle of wine. I knew what I wanted and was out of that store in less than 5 minutes. I finally was home and cleared all my to do’s and it was time.

I feel good. Two cups of wine in and I’m feeling hot and ready. I’m ready to give myself the love that I deserve. I’m finally home alone. I grabbed my phone and started to watch porn. Three videos in and there goes that pulsing sensation and my clit is so sensitive. I found a video compilation of women licking and feasting on one another. I started to think about Tessa. Wait, Tessa? No this is wrong. The more I drank, the less I cared.

I started to imagine feasting on Tessa and draining her out of juices. I even imagined her feasting on this pretty little flower in between my legs. My heart is pounding and my nipples are hard. F*** I’m so wet. I need more. I came across this video and two women were rubbing their clits together. My eyes lit up. It was porn I have never seen before and I liked it.

I laid down rubbing my clit and my fingers were filled with juice. I could just imagine Tessa and I bumping pussies. Mmm, I’m hot. I’m ready to cum. I turned my phone volume higher and layed it next to me. I no longer needed to see the action on the screen. Mmm, uh, mmmn Tessa, I love you. I continued to moan and groan as if my fingers were her clit rubbing against mine. Just the imagination soaked up our lovely suede couch.

I’ve gotten to a point of no return. I’m cumming. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I kept massaging my clit as I enjoyed the beautiful sounds of the women on my phone. My body is quivering. "Tessa, don’t stop," I whispered. Yes! Oh f*** I fed my stress. I came. I laid there with my legs wide open and weak. I licked my fingers as I pretended to lick Tessa’s cum. Mmm, I’m relieved. It was such a great night.

The next day, I woke up renewed. I felt great. I went to work and no longer felt any stress. I was ready to get through the day and tasks. I knew if I ever stressed again, I’d feed it with some cum.

Unspoken Wyrd
Unspoken Wyrd
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