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Fantasy and Urge

Sexual encounter

By Lashonte BevelPublished 8 days ago 3 min read
Fantasy and Urge
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Chapter 1
Tyra and Joseph

Ring Ring hello hey I'm coming by on break make sure you are ready for me. I smiled at the phone saying ok because I knew what was about to go down. I jumped in the closet to look for my sexiest lingerie with lace and split underwear. I look at the clock and he will be here in about 20 minutes. I jump in the shower really quick and freshen up. I step out of the shower and slowly dry my skin off and begin to put my lingerie on and then I spray the perfume that drives him wild and makes him want to devour me. I make sure everything is ready like the camera to record it which he likes to watch back. 5 minutes till he is on his lunch break I go unlock the front door so he can come in. While I am laid back on the bed with my legs, the eagle spread one of the many positions he likes me in. He texted me that he was on the way. My heart is racing because I knew he was going to be pulling up soon because his job wasn't far from my place. Finally I hear the door open and he locks it behind him and then he puts his hands slightly aggressive on my thighs and full on puts his mouth on my lotus flower and treats it as if it was a pop quiz that he had to pass because he studied really really hard. I'm looking at those sexy eyes which make me water like a flowing river exploding all over his face. So I handed him a rag and then I pushed him on the bed and the pole was standing straight at attention so I then slid my mouth down his sword till I could feel the sword all the way to the back of my throat. Pleasing the sword as if I was on a mission to please every part of his sword. Up and down I go gently twisting it and moving the sword up and down in my throat juices flowing all down his sword sloppiness water flowing at its finest. His hand aggressively on my head as his toes curl up and he starts to mutter. I can feel the throbbing pulse getting intense and then he explodes. I'm spitting it out in a rag. It takes him maybe 20 minutes to be ready for round two. He takes out a glove and then slides it down his sword and then sticks it in and his thrust game is always on point in and out. The pressure was insane because he knew how to move the sword a certain way for insane wetness. He sucks down my neck as he is thrusting my lotus. He angles me in a certain position. He holds my legs behind my head and digs deep down my lotus with his sword and he is starting to make her juice flow from her body. All you hear now is the pounding wet noise and her moaning ever so intimately until they both are shouting I'm coming I'm coming she comes and he comes 5 minutes after her he flops on the bed. Damn bae that was so good I'm going to be late getting back to work let me clean up and get back to work. As he cleans up in the shower he asks me to join him. We are washing each other with sexual lust as he kisses me passionately. He says you are my wildest adventure ever and I love you for that. He steps out, the shower dries off, gets dressed and says I will see you later as he kisses my forehead and headed back to work.

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About the Creator

Lashonte Bevel

I am a children's book Author, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur.

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    Lashonte BevelWritten by Lashonte Bevel

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