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Fantasizing About My Team Lead

by Grace Linn 11 months ago in fiction
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Playing out the erotic scenario in my head

Photo by <a href="">Emiliano Vittoriosi</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

I clock in for another 8 hours at the capitalist regime that is my employer. I walk to my station and do the usual checks, making sure my machines are ready for production. After filling out my paperwork, I press a few switches and watch the work come down the line. It can get boring if nothing goes wrong, but the second I turn my head, something always messes up, whether it's faulty product or a machine error.

If the line remains stationary for too long, Jay will walk by, questioning what has happened. He's in his mid-thirties, skinny, with tattoos on both arms. Tattoos being my Achilles heel, I bite my lip behind my mask (one bright side of the pandemic, I get to hide my expressions). Jay is really laid-back, but when too many things fuck up at work, he can get pretty hot-headed. Maybe he shouldn't be in charge of the line, but I can't help but fantasize about how this attitude of his would translate in the bedroom.

What doesn't help is when he smiles at me. He does have a nice smile, a soft warm one that causes my insides to flutter whenever I see it. Jay knows nothing of my desire to rip his clothes off of him and make him beg for me, and it's probably best that he never knows. But when my libido rises like the tide, I almost can't resist the urge to tell Jay of my feelings.

The closest I have gotten is making subtly suggestive jokes. I try to insert them where I can in our conversations, and usually the timing is impeccable. But to tell him I want to sleep with him? I'm unsure if I could muster up the courage for that.

If only I were his superior. I would call him into my office. This is how I would want it to play out.

I sit in my office, listening to the voicemails left on the call-in line. I better not be understaffed tonight, I think to myself.

On the other side of my window I see Jay walking to his station. He has on a jersey of some famous football player, but I'm not much into sports. It fits him well though, allowing me to see the gorgeous ink that adorns his upper arms. Jay is a good team lead, but the stressful nature of this place gets to him sometimes. Overall he wasn't a bad person to be a line operator for. And now, the shoe is on the other foot.

What can I call him in here for? I wonder while tapping my fingers of both hands to my desk. Actually, it's almost time for his monthly performance review. Time to make my move.

I scoot backwards in my swivel chair before standing up. I remember to put on my PPE before heading out to the floor. Jay's line is just a short walk from my office. I can see that everything seems to be running smoothly so far.

I give Jay a light tap on the shoulder.

"Hey Grace, what's going on?" He asks.

"Oh not too much" I reply. "I was looking at things and noticed it was time to do your monthly review. How about we get that out of the way real quick?"

"Sure thing, ma'am." Oh if only he knew what those words did to my insides just now.

We get back into my office. While searching for his file I fill the space with light chat.

"How are things going out there today?"

"Not too bad, we have about 10,000 left on this order before we do a changeover. We managed to get good numbers the first hour too."

"I like hearing that" I told Jay, with a coy smile. "Alright now let's see. Okay." I pan through the different categories in which Jay is rated.

"You know how these typically go. There are various areas of performance we rate you on, ratings are unsatisfactory, satisfactory, beyond satisfactory. At the end I'll tell you things to improve on, in addition to what you're doing well already."

"Alright, let's hear it," Jay said with a confident smile.

"Okay for safety we have you down as beyond satisfactory since you consistently follow the rules and make sure others are doing the same, keep up the good work on that."

I kept reading down the list, minus a couple things he rated "beyond" in every single category. His temper was the only negative thing written in the comments below.

Truthfully, there wasn't a single word of anything seriously wrong I could pin on this man. He's a fantastic worker, and I'm proud to have him on my team. I may have to be crafty if I'm going to make my move.

Don't do it Grace, you're his superior, it wouldn't be right.

Damn my conscience, for it was what I knew I should truly do.

But those fucking tattoos, that smile. Ugh! And something about the way he talks makes my intuition tell me that he probably knows how to please a woman.

I closed his file. "Overall, you're doing splendidly Jay, just try to keep that temper in check. I know it's a stressful job but you're also what your operators look up to. Try to remember that."

"Yes ma'am" Jay said.

Hmm, I bet you would take my commands quite well if I were about to sit on your face.

Think with your head and not your genitals, Grace. Christ.

Jay reached my door when my mouth thought ahead of my brain.

"Oh Jay?" I started.

”Yes Grace?" He asked.

My head caught up with the moment and I decided ultimately to keep my desires to myself, denying my pleasure once more.

"Never mind," I replied.

Jay walked out the door, leaving me to my own self-damnation for having let this opportunity slide by. I decided to turn my blinds and lock my door to be in solitude. I want to see this man underneath me, our skin touching, while be begs for me to fuck him.

And fuck him I will. I'll gently massage every inch of his freckled skin, using each finger to rub out any muscle tension. His eyes will close as he lets out a little moan. My hands will eventually reach just past his stomach and find themselves stroking his cock.

I wonder what his dick size is.

Jesus, what a sexual deviant I am. I shake my head quickly in order to dispel the thoughts from my mind. I need to be professional, I don't want things getting weird. Keep your personal and professional lives separate, they say.

And so the work day drones on, meetings here, a phone call there. The endless sea of numbers, deadlines, and machine issues. For me managing these situations was easy. But some days the tensions run so high, someone says one wrong word and next thing you know I'm horny as hell, wishing to vanquish this beast named lust.

I reach my apartment complex at about 8 am. At least it's sunny out, I thought. I park my car in the garage underneath my building and begin the tedious journey of going up the elevator to the third floor, and to my apartment. The minute I put my keys in the door, I hear my cat yelling excitedly. Opening the door, she is all over me the second I walk inside. She is very needy of my attention, but altogether is the sweetest cat.

After giving her plenty of affection I begin my relaxation routine.

Time to get these clothes off of me. I briskly undress, kicking everything into a pile towards my bed. I flip the light switch in my bathroom.

I wish that fan wasn't so loud.

I draw myself a hot bubble bath. While the tub fills up I make sure to find my vape pen. Weed sure as hell takes the tension out of me.

I look in the mirror at myself, naked, my hair messy from staying in a bun all day. I think to myself, damn I'm sexy. It's with that kind of confidence that usually sends me into my erotic mindset.

Closing my eyes, I can picture Jay standing in front of me, not wearing a damn thing. He's a decently tall dude, and thin but he's got some muscular arms. Tattoos are on both of them, easy for me to ogle. I keep this image of him in my mind while I sit down in the bathtub.

I feel the blood rush to my pelvis as my nipples harden. Fuck he's so sexy. My hands travel to my luscious breasts (at 42 DDD), cupping and gently massaging them. I move my hands in a circular motion applying gentle pressure for a few minutes, before pinching my nipples with brute force. It hurts oh so delightfully. I let out a small moan. The pain stings sweetly.

I take my fingers and bring them down to my clit, feverishly stroking it with the utmost intensity. It's a meticulous process, as female orgasms are quite complicated indeed. But somehow I manage.

I feel the blood rush like a waterfall to my genitals as I'm climbing the mountain to pure bliss. I'm aching to come, and I'm so close.

If only he were here, I thought.

For aid I pull up a picture of him on his Facebook page, him wearing a tank top, those muscular arms out for me to see. And fuck, those tattoos. Mmm.

I retain that image as I keep rubbing myself. I feel my buttocks tighten as I climax, letting out a moan loud enough for my neighbors to hear.

I don't care, I WANT them to hear it.

"Mmm fuck, oh fuck, FUCK," I gasp in between moans. My eyes roll into the back of my head, my heart pounding as I sink back down into the bathtub. Jesus Christ, I needed that.

I step out of the bathtub and dry myself. I put my pajamas on and finally crawl into bed. Thankfully that sweet orgasm has tired me out. I pull out my phone to check one last thing before shutting my eyes. The first thing I see is that picture of Jay. I sigh, for I realize that I may never have this man.

Some day, you will be mine, I think to myself. And when he is, I will provide him with total bliss.

But that is for the future. And for now, I must rest.


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