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Fallon E Lane
Multicultural. Steamy. Authentic 

I'm a Northern-bred, Southern-led author of intelligently descriptive and steamy MMF, MFM, and MF fantasies. To put it mildly, I love boys, who love boys, that love girls, that love boys.

I've been a natural-born writer since childhood. First starting out with poetry to release my feelings, which later spilled over into a more sexual nature when I grew older.

The exploration into erotica and stories of female fantasies from Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden opened my world up even further, and helped me to come to terms with what was floating around in my head.

I loved every minute of reading about the different desires of a woman, and what turned them on. It was exciting to find out that sex could be so much more than just what I had heard about or seen in the movies.

Fast forward two decades later, and here I am, writing exactly what turns me on, and many others, without embarrassment or shame for my sexuality.

My naughty narratives are for readers looking for a heady dose of multicultural titillation, kink, fetish, and adult eroticism. Transporting my readers to a world of mental and physical satisfaction through wordplay and character connection is what she loves the most.

I'm obsessed with sex-positive cinema, literature, and believe wholeheartedly that love is love. I'm a lover, a wife, and a parent who never stops dreaming.

Here's a teaser from A Sense of Pleasure Book 1, The Taste of Madeline:

Milk & Honey is a prequel told from the perspective of Fletcher and Collin, the men of The Taste of Madeline Book 1 of the five-part short story series A Sense of Pleasure.

Follow their intense story in the full short available now!

**Please note this content is intended for readers 18+ contains MMF, high heat explicit sexual situations, and profanity.

Milk & Honey

The Taste Of Madeline Prequel

A Sense Of Pleasure series Book: 1

By: Fallon E Lane


She’s finally home again after all these years. Damn, she looks even better than the last time I saw her. My dick pulses at the sight of her slender, yet curvy frame. She’s settled into herself beautifully; her wild spirit has calmed with age. But that’s something I can definitely help her rekindle with little to no effort at all. My college years were spent being rebellious and screwing everything in sight, so I’ve learned a few techniques that can ease a woman into letting go of her inhibitions. Techniques that I would be more than willing and able to introduce to an old friend. After all, I’m a man now, not that insecure little tag-along she remembers from our childhood. The one whose heart she broke into a million pieces, right?

Honestly, after hearing through the grapevine that Maddie was returning home for good I was not surprised. It’s what her mother would have wanted.

When Mrs. Harper passed, it was devastating. She was vibrant and healthy one day then gone the next like some kind of bad nightmare.

Madeline’s mom never made any apologies for not liking me, but for the life of me, I can’t recall what I could have done to cause her to dislike me in any way. I loved her daughter with all that I had in me. I kept her safe and close to me with nothing but honorable intentions. So for her not to love me like her husband did was a complete mystery to me.

I guess she had her reasons, but even though she so obviously despised me, I never wished her any ill will. She was Maddie’s world outside of her relationship with Collin and me. But her dad? Now that is a relationship that I could never understand.

She chooses to keep her distance from him while I envied Mr. Bill Harper. He had everything that I wished I had, and so much more. He exuded confidence in everything he did. A walking pillar of strength, he accomplished so much for his family. The total opposite of my trust fund family, who knew nothing of blood, sweat, and tears.

Typical of the Young family: deep pockets, no heart.

I wonder what Collin thinks of all of this? I haven’t seen him much lately even though we both work for Bill now. He brought me on to help run the financial side of B. Harper Honey while Collin continues—in true Collin form—overseeing and maintaining the grounds, apiaries, and overall development of the bees.

Both Maddie and I have known since childhood that Collin’s place was with the bees. Together they made music that I was never able to hear. I was always jealous of how easily he fit right into our lives, Maddie and me. This quiet, almost painfully gorgeous little boy with a head full of unruly chestnut brown curls, and the most incredibly beautiful jade-colored eyes. I was hooked just like Maddie.

As children, I never thought of him as anything other than an invaluable friend; the three of us did everything together, so I guess it was inevitable that feelings would develop between us. The more we matured, the more I started to notice that my body would respond equally to him as it did to Maddie.

It was small moments really, like times when we would play together just the two of us while we waited for Maddie, or when he would fall asleep near me after a long day chasing those damn bees around and sampling honey. I loved how sometimes a tiny bit would linger in the corner of his mouth. He always slept with his mouth slightly parted; his lips were pouty and supple, almost feminine, and I found myself staring, curious of his taste.

I’d never had those thoughts about any other boy but him, so I hadn’t considered myself bisexual until that night after my high school football game. It’s amazing how one moment in time can leave your life forever changed, helping to shape who you become.

Unfortunately, every detail of that day is still as fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. I would like nothing more than to forget what happened between the three of us. To be able to stop dwelling on the “what ifs” that I’m clearly the only one that's been suffering from for the past decade. With Maddie being close enough for me to touch, I anticipate my yearning will only become harder to deny.

“What’s happening, Milk, long time no see,” Maddie says playfully, as if it hasn’t been about eight years since we had a decent conversation.

Maddie, has been calling me Milk since we were children, she told me once that she nicknamed me that because of how I always turn white as milk when a bee comes anywhere near me.

“How’ve you been, Maddie,” I say, responding reluctantly, wishing I could crawl right out of here like I never saw her.

“What’s it been now, like ten years since we’ve really seen each other,” she said more nonchalantly than I would have liked.

“Well, actually, if you count your mom’s funeral...”As soon as I said it I regretted ever letting those words come flying out of my mouth. How cruel of me to bring that up as an example. Maybe I was doing it to hurt her or to prove a point.

No, I definitely was.

“I’m sorry, Maddie. I didn’t mean to bring up Mrs. Harper’s passing; it will never happen again.”

“No problem, Fletch. I know you weren’t being malicious on purpose, and I apologize for not acknowledging that we did see each other not even a year ago,” she said sadly, and I immediately felt like the biggest asshole.

“It’s totally fine,” I say with the best poker face I can muster up at a moment’s notice, knowing that it totally wasn’t. I was actually hurt that she didn’t remember me being there when all I could think about was her.

“Let’s start over again,” Maddie teases, throwing up her hands in complete surrender.

“Sure, darling, no harm done, right. So how are you, really?” I say, waiting for the sincere response that the Maddie I knew was famous for.

“I’m doing quite well, actually, better than I thought I would be. Don’t I look like I’m doing fine?” she teases, twirling around in her little, easy access, flowery dress.

Damn, if the circumstances were different, and I had my way, I would so politely take her to the back of the house near the tool shed, relieve her of all her clothes, and spread that sweet little pussy of hers. I wonder if she still tastes the same, feels the same—like the sun’s warmth on bare skin, delicious, yet dangerous.

If she only knew what I could do to her, how I could make her feel. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a taste, and a lot of things have changed since then. I’ve changed since then. Now I know how to make it last until she’s screaming my name.

After all, as the saying goes, Milk certainly does a body damn good.


I’m finally finished. I’ve been outside tending to these bees all day. This has become a familiar pattern for me lately, staying out all day, hanging with my little friends who have become more familiar to me than actual people. I’ve even stopped trying to go out. What’s the point? It’s not like our small little town has a huge LGBTQ scene anyway. Even if it did, I wouldn’t want to get involved—too close to home. I’m not even sure what I identify myself as yet. I find myself attracted to the individual, not their sex; gender has never been important to me now that I think about it.

The thought of a woman’s warm, aroused pussy is just as exciting to me as the desire to have a man’s throbbing dick in my mouth—both equal, both for me.

The fact that I can now admit these feelings and desires to myself is a huge step up for me. But as soon as I feel like I’m taking leaps forward, something happens to derail my progress.

I guess I should stop being a chicken shit, man up, and face my fears. I can’t run away forever, not when I know, not more than twenty or so feet away from me, Fletcher and Maddie are probably having their first, very awkward conversation after years of silence.

At least I’ve spoken to Maddie recently. I still don’t know the whole story behind the silence between the two of them, but I guess she has her reasons. Who am I to judge? All I know is that after our night together, which seems like a lifetime ago now, its been radio silence, and not just with Maddie.

Fletcher has been very standoffish since he came to work for Mr. B last month. I barely see him at all, even when I make it a point to be near him. We only exchange quick pleasantries and resume our individual tasks for that day.

I’ve always been envious of the relationship that I seemed to barge my way into by default—a wild-haired sensitive little brat hanging around two of the coolest kids I had ever seen. Yet they still accepted me with no questions asked.

Moving here from a place like Wisconsin—even to a small town in California—was a complete culture shock. So to have friends almost immediately was extremely helpful for my transition.

My mom knew Mr. B from a mutual friend she was extremely close with who told her about the small California city where her friends, the honey makers, lived. Intrigued by how lovely the city seemed to be, and with her and my dad’s divorce finally complete, it was a perfect time to start fresh.

Deciding that it is finally time to get out of my own head and face the music, I head to the main house entrance, resolved in my decision to confront the two most important people from my past and play nice. I am hoping we can all get back to where we used to be, or at least work our way to mutual speaking terms.

Well, here I go, time to play the middleman once again, which, to be honest, I really don’t mind if I’m in the middle of those two.

“Did we catch you at a bad time?” Maddie teases playfully as if no distance or time has passed between us.

“Not at all,” I respond nonchalantly, trying to play it cool like the very sound of her voice doesn’t send signals straight to my groin, causing an almost immediate erection. It also doesn’t help that she is wearing this almost see-through dress with the tiniest little yellow flowers, that, if she bent over just the right way, you would be able to enjoy the view of her “ray of sunshine,” so to speak.

I can still remember how her body smelled so delicious, and how sweet her pussy tasted—like the warm, sticky honey that has been with us most of our entire lives. What I wouldn’t give to see her gloriously naked, right here, right now covered in honey, while Fletcher and I work together, meticulously licking every bit of her clean, leaving no part of her untouched.

“I was just headed in to chat with you guys, but you both caught me before I had the chance. So did you guys finally kiss and makeup?” I chuckle as I think about the two of them kissing, and how delighted I would be if I could watch.

“No need to make up if we never had a fight, right, Maddie?” Fletcher interjects, giving me that fake, insincere look he gives when he’s masking his true feelings.

“Exactly,” Maddie says, only confirming that something is still going on between them that is very much unresolved. But who has time to figure all that out right now? I know I don’t.

All I know is that if I don’t tell them how I want them both naked and panting in my bed as soon as possible, I’m going to ruin what’s left of my already half-sticky underwear. I can barely keep it in my pants that are struggling to contain my very rigid dick.

“Great, so if everyone is good with each other, how would you both like to join me for dinner tonight? We haven’t been together just the three of us in so long. I’ll cook, my treat. Are you guys game?” I ask, volunteering myself for anything they might have in mind.

One quick trip to the store later, I’m in my kitchen, whipping up a culinary masterpiece for three, excited about the possibilities tonight will bring. I’ve created the perfect setting for my “coming out” speech. I’m ready to finally be honest about the feelings I’ve been holding in for far too long.

Two friends, one amazing meal, and a bottle of my best wine later, the mood between us has become one of ease and uninhibited conversation. Before I even realize it our early evening meal has quickly turned into talking and drinking into the early morning hours. Together, the three of us lay on my couch, one to the left of me, the other to the right, drunk off the good company and expensive red wine.

Waking up from my alcohol-induced haze because I was too afraid to give my, I might be pansexual and I’m in love with the both of you speech, so I got everyone drunk instead, I can finally take a real look at the two beautiful bodies laying beside me, so warm, so alive I can’t help but to want to touch.

Reaching to the left of me where Maddie lay, still wearing her tiny little dress with the yellow flowers that caught my attention earlier in the day, I lightly ease my hand up inside its opening, finding my way to her soft, round ass. It fits perfectly into my hands as I knead and touch relentlessly. Now is not the time for fear. I don’t know when I’ll ever have another opportunity like this.

Maddie, feeling my touch, begins to move against my hand, angling herself farther into my grip. I take that as a sign that she is enjoying what I’m doing to her, and I press forward, boldly moving to her already moist panties, shifting them to the side so that I can feel the moistness of her opening.

She reacts immediately, sharply inhaling when I slide one finger, then two inside of her, feeling her soft flesh welcoming me to work toward her arousal. Her eyes are fully on me now, and what I’m doing underneath the fabric of her dress. We kiss, tasting each other’s mouths slow, mine absorbing her sweet little moans as my fingers work their magic inside and outside of her. I want to taste so I don’t hesitate to lift up the thin fabric of her dress and spread her thighs wide, exposing my delicious treat hidden underneath.

“I want to taste you. I’ve been waiting a long time to make you come again.” I can barely contain myself, “Open wide for me, love.”

Without a word she relaxes and gives me all of herself. I have all the freedom to explore her body as I see fit in order to bring her to orgasm.

The louder she becomes, the harder we kiss to mask the sound, not that I mind, the sound of a woman’s arousal is one of the most beautiful sounds a man can ever hear.

I can feel her muscles beginning to contract around my tongue. She’s about to come, so I slow down, calming her, taking control of her arousal.

“Fuck, Collin, don’t stop; I’m about to come,” she moans, panting through slurred words.

“Relax, love, I’m not ready for you to come just yet. I want to feel you come around me while I’m inside of you.”

“That’s so fucking hot,” a voice says deeply. I almost forgot that I still have another guest that I’ve been neglecting: Fletcher.

“If it so hot, then why don’t you come and join us? I’ve been dying to taste you too.” I watch him intensely as he strokes his thickness, which is begging to be freed of the constraints of his pants. I’m more than willing and able to help him achieve that objective.

Looking down at Maddie, I get the visual OK, and I invite him down to us. I kiss her, thanking her for her openness to being with the both of us sexually once again. This is a powerful moment between three friends who will become consensual lovers again.

I can feel the excitement reverberating throughout my body when Fletcher’s lips finally meet mine. He’s relentless in his assault, sucking and licking off all of the remaining evidence of Maddie’s essence from our earlier activities.

“You want to taste her before I go inside?” I ask, praying to God that his answer will be yes.

That smile in response to my nasty little question is all I need to execute one of my deepest desires. I slowly and gently retract my fingers from inside of Maddie, massaging her tender nub to get her wet for me when I return. I reach for my discarded pants where I always keep a spare condom for emergencies. Gliding it with both hands down my length I quickly replace where my fingers entered with my well-protected long slender dick, slowly pushing every inch of me inside, watching it disappear, watching her as she forms the most delicate “O” with her sweet little mouth before biting her bottom lip, preparing herself for my stroke.

With the fingers I just removed, I turn to Fletcher, who is kneeling to the left of me, and seductively insert them one by one into his warm waiting mouth, eager to feel the pressure of him sucking me off the way I’ve imagined only in my dreams. He does as he's told like the good boy that he is, never taking his eyes off mine as he swallows, happily enjoying every bit of her taste. This is a sight that should be against all laws.

My attention returns to Maddie’s satisfaction, pulling out of her almost completely, then slowly and deeply grinding my hips, pushing myself all the way in, balls deep, vanishing inside, then again and again. I keep a slow almost painful pace, but I know this will send her to a place of multiple orgasms. I can feel her contracting around me as she reaches her peak, moaning, and grinding against me. I watch as she glistens and drips down between her cheeks as I pull out, almost congratulating me on a job well done.

Fletcher now stands gloriously before me, completely naked, dick in hand. He's teasing me, almost begging me to take him into my mouth, relieving him of everything he has inside, but I resist. I am afraid that I’ll take my desires too far, past the point of no return. Once we’ve crossed that line again there’s no turning back, and there’s a fine line between just kissing and oral sex.

“I want you to touch me,” he says in a tone I have never heard him use before, innocent and vulnerable like he is bearing his soul to me. “I want both of you to touch me.”

Maddie and I both look up at him quickly, tenderly accepting his plea, allowing him to finally let go of whatever he’s been carrying with him inside. It seems that we both share a need to be accepted and desired by another man. With that realization, the weight of the truth is lifted and we can be ourselves, the three of us in this moment.

“How far can I go with you?” I ask, scared to hear the answer that I’ve been afraid of for so long. Fear wells up in my chest, desire building up in me like liquid courage.

Fletcher, Maddie, and I stand before each other bared, naked, some of us more than the others. We begin to kiss each other, one after the other, and then together.

“Let’s see where the rest of the day takes us,” says Fletcher to the two of us, reaching out for our hands, guiding us into a whole new meaning of pleasure.

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I'm a Northern-bred, Southern-led author of intelligently descriptive & steamy MMF, MM & MF fantasies. To put it mildly, I love boys ,who love boys ,that love girls ,that love boys.

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