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Fallen Deep

by Habby Grac 9 months ago in lgbtq

Bash & Wit

Fallen Deep

Chapter 3

“Bash stop that tickles,” I laughed and cried at the same time, Bash was of course wining at war by tickling me to death again.

“Say it,” his smirks made it too hard to deny.

“I love it,” our mouths collide in a heat of passion, this has been our world for the past three weeks, since Mo forced me to play cards and watch movies with him, now I’m thanking him because Bash and I have been inseparable at least except for class, being on the opposite sides of campus was torture, but we make up for it every night. He would meet me at my room for normal night was just lounging and watching movies. There is one other thing that also has changed, I got to meet Tom-Tom Bash’s son the most adorable kid every he looks like a mini Bash. Bash said Tracy went to Europe for a modeling shoot and he needed to keep Tom-Tom for a week, Bash took him home yesterday, I opted against telling him about us yet. Tom-Tom being here worked out well because we had just started our spring break, so we planned to take Tom-Tom out to a different place for each day he was here.

First the jungle park, not too far from our rooms, Bash asked to drive my jeep obviously we couldn’t all get on his bike, plus I didn’t feel safe with a four-year-old on a damn motorcycle. I was never at the jungle park either, so of course I ran around like a little kid. On the swings, slide, tight rope, rock wall, I felt so happy and good. Bash took pictures and videos not that he didn’t want to join us it was that he was too damn big. We died laughing when an old lady stopped him and said

“You must’ve drank your milk young man,” Bash stood a good foot taller then everyone in the park that day, that same old lady had us stand together for a picture, Mo printed out for me laughing at the height different even though I’m older by two years.

The next day we went to Jumpers Room, a trampoline place Tom-Tom bounced laughing at Bash falling all over the mat, he couldn’t keep his balance to save his life. Me on the other hand I was showing off a bit, doing tricks and flips that was until he snatched me from the mat.

“Show off,” humming as if I didn’t hear him, Tom-Tom pointed to a movie drive thru.

“We can do that tomorrow, K?” I said smiling at his chubby cheeks.

“Ok,” he laughed running off to Bash who wasn’t far from us, at the court getting food.

The three day we did the drive thru and dinner at a local fast food spot, the cashier gave us dirty looks the whole time, it hurt a little to see how some people viewed us, Bash was very good at ignoring it though. He made dirty sex jokes the whole time just to piss the man off, Tom-Tom had no idea what we’re talking about, but he laughed anyways.

“I like my weenies long and salty,” he winked at me, I tried so hard not to laugh,

“Well I like mine strong and sweet,” guessing it was the last straw because the man sucked his teeth and walked into the backroom, Bash and I busted out laughing even Tom-Tom laughed.

On the fourth day we stayed in watching movies and playing cards with Mo, Jerry and Tee who couldn’t get enough of Tom-Tom,

“Oh my God those cheeks, and those eyes, Damn Bash your son is a knock out,”

“Hands off,” we all laughed, even Tom-Tom, he had to be used to this by now, Bash said everywhere they would go at least one person stops them just to pinch his cheeks. Tom-Tom got to stay up late that night just to finish the Terminator movies, and smash popcorn stealing Tee’s lap.

His last day we went to the beach, having a picnic and playing in the sand, I loved the feeling of sand between my toes. This was the day that Bash kissed me for the first time in public Tom-Tom saw, but thankfully he didn’t ask.

“Why did you do that?” I snapped smacking him on the shoulder,

“To warn people that you’re mine and they need to stop looking,” he glared to the person behind us at the bar that had been there the whole we’ve been here.

“Dude, I’m a guy like you, you already know I’m not attracted to anyone else.”

“But still that guy is getting on my nerves,” he squeezed his arm tighter around my waist. His words sunk into my brain looking around to see the person, of course nowhere near my type. Before I could speak, He started walking my way, last thing I wanted was Bash getting into a fight with his son here.

“Hey Dude, your girlfriend is cute, she’ll look better on my arm though,” what the fuck? Bash didn’t even need to get up I beat him too it,

“What the fuck did you call me?” I was fuming, the man’s eyes almost popped out of his head,

“Whoa shit, You’re a guy,” his stepped back a bit.

“Yea, I’m a MAN!” I snapped poking him on the chest,

“Sorry dude,” he held up his hands and walked away, sitting back down seeing Bash’s face blush red holding back laughter, to be honest I was too.

“Shut it,” rolling my eyes taking a drink of my soda,

“I’m not saying anything ma’am,” he snickered making me punch him in the arm, fucking hell deeply thinking of growing my bread out maybe then people will see that I’m a man. The rest of that day we spent between packing Tom-Tom’s things and hitting the road, I chose to wait in the car while Bash took Tom-Tom into his parent’s house. Playing on my phone looking at all the silly pictures I sent a few to Mo and Jerry telling them about the guy who mistook me for a girl. Shaking my head to their reply ‘What did Bash do?’

“He didn’t have a chance to yell at that stupid fool,” I snapped into the speaker of my phone after Mo answered my call.

‘Dude, just chill, so it’ll be your first night ALONE with Bash *Hint Hint*’

“Not happening,”

‘It’s been weeks since you two were together, I’m sure you’re healed,’

“I’m not ready,” yelling as I hung up the phone, not even a minute later Bash opened the door making me jump, forgot I was waiting for him.

Now that we were alone again it felt weird, we didn’t hide our affections, but to not needing to hold back in fear a toddler would run into the room. And Bash didn’t hold back that night; I remembered our first night clearly and that was nothing compared to the second time.

“We’re both sober, are you sure?” now he’s asking permission to send my body into a blissful heaven. Nodding while stripping, standing in my boxes unbuttoning his shirt, our mouths dance to the music playing in our ears. He again let me control what I wanted, straddling his hips grazing my arms across his pecks, his tattoos clearly showing, the dragon wings that wrapped around his back onto his sides, the dark forest on his chest his pierced nipples fit in as fireflies. Licking my lips at his abs and v-line perfect, taking my time sliding downward further and further. Eye to cock urging to taste him,

“Wit,” he sighed when my mouth took him in, now loving my tongue ring and how it made his legs jump on the most sensitive spots. Flicking my tongue over the tip a few times before he groaned gripping my hips upward to him.

“FUCK!” cursing as his mouth wrapped around my cock, my entire body shivered at his ability, returning to him while feeling my own pleasure. He did so much better than me, I was already close.

“Bash, I can’t ho…” huffing, I couldn’t finish my sentence as soon has his finger circled my hole I came almost instantly, but he didn’t stop, his finger moved in and out for a good minute then he added another finger stretching me more,

“Sh…it” panting as I rocked back and forth on his fingers.

“Ride me,” a husky whisper from him, nodding as I straddled him gripping his shaft as I glide myself downward, I welcomed the pain and pleasure combine.

“Good boy, take it,” Bash hissed as my cheeks meant his hips, I settled for a moment catching my breath.

He helped me fix my legs to bounce better, it was like a frog hopping up and down, my head went back trying everything in my power not to scream, but it was useless.

“Shit~~” gasping and panting he filled my perfectly and the amount of wetness I produced on my own was incredible. Bouncing for a few minutes, he played with my cock stroking fast and slow, just enough to keep me on edge. Bash sat upward meeting those brown eyes in the light, he pulled my hair tie out taking a handful of hair pulling my head back as I bounce on him, this position made him go in further causing me to cry out. His other hand wrapped around my shaft, stroking with every bounce.

“OH GOD BASH, I can’t hold it,” whimpering as I bite my lip trying my best to hold my next orgasm back.

“Not yet,” he gripped my hips rocking my ass into circles, there was no escaping this feeling of fullness and pleasure, nothing could ever feel better than this.

“Bash, please, oh my ah~~~” just as I shot my load on his stomach, I felt his load fill my insides. Dropping my head onto his shoulder huffing there was no way I’ll be able to go to school tomorrow, and I’m almost sure my ass will need ice.

“Are you ok?” oh now he asks, I chuckled sliding off of him, feeling my eyes getting heavy before I fell asleep he wiped me off then laid down next to me, with a kiss on the forehead I was out like a light.

The sun light blinded me enough to wake me up, groaning trying to soot closer to the wall, shooting my head upward it wasn’t a dream Bash is here? Asleep? Naked? Arching my eyebrow lifting the blanket to see for sure, yup we are both naked my erotic dream was real.

“Stop staring or I’ll fuck you again,” gulping, but not moving my eyes from his glorious form, like a bullet he shot upward flipping me on my back,

“Do you want it?” I didn’t need to answer my eyes did it for me, arching my back to accommodate him better.

Sighing he barely moved, and I was as ready to come, his long strong strokes had my legs begging for forgiveness.

“Turn,” there he went again wrapping my hair in his hand pulling me closer to his chest, there was no escape not I wanted to anyways.

“Bash Right there,”

“Oh YES!” the bed thump against the wall making just as much noise as us,

“You like this dick?” no doubt about that I was loving every second of him, my hands held onto his hips, his hand stroke my shaft,

“GOD, oh MY…”

“Jesus Christ…” Mo shout scaring the shit out of us,


“SHIT!” Bash and I said simultaneously, the shock made us both come, even though we were so close already.

“I’m blind, Holy water… I… I need holy water,” Mo cried covering his eyes as Bash and I cover up, Jerry walked in nonchalantly smiling.

“I told not to come in here,”

“I didn’t think it was true dude, Damn Wit your ass must be stretched the fuck out,” glaring deeply at him,

“Actually he’s very tight, better then pussy at best,” Bash snapped pulling his shirt down Mo’s mouth dropped I couldn’t hold back a chuckle.

“Why are you here?” I said watching Bash smiling,

“Umm School, can you stand, I mean seriously the way you were just bent looked a bit painful,” Laughing as I stood completely naked walking to my dresser,

“I’m great actually, yea it hurt the first time, but now I love it,” smiling at Bash, he just winked,

“Come on,” Mo snapped leaving the room,

“I can’t believe him,”

“I can, I bet now he’s curios,” Bash chuckled wrapping me into a hug,

“What you said, is it true?” looking at him dumbfounded,

“You know, You love it,” pulling him down to meet my mouth in a nice sloppy tongue kiss.

“Good Lord get a room,” Mo snapped for the other side of the door,

“We have a room, you bargained in remember,”

“I’m not going to get that image out of my head,” he shook his head, as we all walked to class.

“Wit, can I ask a serious question?” Jerry said pulling me back out of Bash’s ear shot,

“What made this change? He has a girlfriend right?” shaking my head,

“NO, he told me they broke up a while ago and that we can move forward with us,”

“Are you happy though, cause in the beginning you swore you wasn’t gay, but now you’re HEY” he gestured his hand in the fruity fashion I had to laugh.

“I’m happy, like is like, Love is Love, it doesn’t have a gender.” We nod at each other then run to meet up with Bash and Mo.

Chapter Four

“Wit, come back here, you’re in trouble,” Jerry laughs chasing after me and Mo with water guns, like little kids having fun. It was our first time hanging out in a while and I was having so much fun too, it was good to take a break from normality sometimes. Bash was at his parents for Tom-Tom’s birthday I told him I didn’t want to impose; I’ve never meant his parents and I didn’t want them to get the wrong idea between Bash and me.

“Your dead meat dude,” Mo yelled throwing water balloon bombs.

“I can’t believe you Wit. You’re all manly now,” Jerry geeked trying to sneak past us.

“Can’t help it, I’m happy,” hitting him right in the back with a balloon,

“Awe Witty happy cause he’s got a boyfriend,” Mo teased I knew that was coming sooner or later, I wasn’t going to fight it any longer, I’ve come to grips with reality I’m gay and that’s that. Jumping to the sound of my phone ringing,

‘Bash what’s up,’ I said while trying to catch my breath,

‘Nothing much, why are you panting?’

‘Oh, water fight with Jerry and Mo,’ I held up my hand to pause the game so my phone didn’t get wet,

‘So I called to let you know I’m not coming back until next week okay,’ I felt a little hurt, but I completely understood it was nearly winter break and everyone was going home for the holidays.

‘Okay, just text me when you plan on coming back,’

‘Yup bye baby,’ he said then hung up the phone, my mood changed, I was looking forward to him coming back today, but I guess not,

“What’s wrong?” Jerry said standing with Mo in front of me,

“Nothing Bash isn’t coming back right now,”

“Oh, Do you us to stay with you for the vacation?” Mo said laying his arm across my shoulders, Jerry just stood there staring and waiting for my answer I didn’t want to take their holiday away from them because I didn’t have family to spent it with.

“No, No seriously go home guys, I’ll be find, I promise,”

“Wit it’s their anniversary as well, you can’t be alone,” Jerry hung his head as he spoke,

“It’s been ten years, I’m fine,” I’ve become numb to the fact that my parents died on their wedding anniversary coming home from a project in England.

“How about hanging with Tommy, he never goes home,” shaking my head no as I walked into Jerry’s apartment. We spent most of the evening eating ourselves silly and watching movies including Knock Up, Mo joked around rubbing my belly saying I was pregnant and Bash needed to pay child support Jerry secretly took a picture and sent it to Bash, he immediately called me I couldn’t help but laugh it was so funny.

“What did I miss?” he laughed,

“Nothing these jerks are teasing me again,”

“I bet, have fun baby.” His laughed hanging up, it was nice to talk to him before we went to bed,

“Whooo, Baby Wit” Jerry teased,

Waking up to the sunlight blinding me, no idea why the hell I always sleep next to the damn window, laying Jerry’s bed with him and Mo. It’s a good thing they didn’t get all weird about being this close to me knowing my ‘Gayness’ as Mo puts it. They actually could pass as a couple with the way they were laying Jerry was on his back, Mo literally laying on top of him with his hips between Jerry’s legs. Kinky, sneaky a picture before waking them up.

“MO YOU COPPING A FEEL THERE?” watching them scramble to away from each other, giggling even more seeing Mo blush at Jerry. Just as we finished making breakfast Tee came over.

“Wit,” her smile lite up the room like always,

“Hey, Tee” looking up from the table I was wiping clean,

“What are you doing here?”

“Just hanging out, what’s up”

“Nothing just thought you would be with Bash… my eyes shot up to her again,

“No, he’s home with Tom-Tom and his family I didn’t want to impose,” I rushed before she got the wrong idea, truth was I don’t think Bash will ever tell his parents about us. It’s both a good thing and bad thing, I never wanted a relationship that I needed to hide, but I also didn’t want to draw any unwanted attention to myself or partner.

“Tee baby,” Jerry rushed to her side kissing her cheek, their laughter filled the room, Mo stood in the doorway he had a smile on his face, but he seemed to have something on his mind.

“Let’s talk,”

“Sure,” he hung over my shoulder as we walked around the garden leaving Jerry and Tee alone.

Mo didn’t need to tell me anything I already knew by the change in his face.

“You like someone more than a one-night stand,” his shocked expression definitely gave it away,

“That obvious uh,” he tucked his hands into his pocket kicking a rock.

“Who is it?” I wasn’t trying to be nosy, just wanted to help him a bit in this situation.

“I don’t want you to get mad at me, or hate me,” his words instantly turned me curios, I turned looking him in the eyes,

“I will never hate you Mo, you’re my best friend a brother at that, what’s wrong with you lately?”

“I don’t know how it happened, I just woke up to him,” I tried to hide the shocked expression on my face, but I honestly didn’t see that coming, He huffed sitting on the bench running his finger through his hair nervously,

“Man I have no idea what to do, I tried calling him and even stopping by his house, but the shit I said to him I regret it so bad.”

“Ok, so tell me exactly what happened,” I wish I would have held my tongue, but he let lose and told me everything.

The night Mo meant Racy, (One week earlier)

‘Nearly half past mid-night, after hitting two girls and still horny I couldn’t get rid of my damn boner between drinks and blinding lights I was crashed. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw her standing there drinking as she swayed her hips, I’d never seen her before.

“Are you new here?” I whispered it her ear, she turned and smiled

“Yep, Racy and you,” she held out her hand for me to shake

“Moses,” we dance and laughed getting to know each other more, her favorite strawberry vodka, she danced to about everything. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her beautiful green eyes, those plumped red lips, her long curly red hair, that tight dress hugging her curvy hips and tights, barely holding her tits in place.

“Let’s leave,” she whispered, I’d never turned down a girl asking for it. Following her to her car, we talked about her roommate being an ass sometimes and that her place was a bit messy, not that I cared I just wanted to get my rocks off and really didn’t need to go to her place for that, but she wanted to go there.

“Here we are,” I kind of guessed the alcohol was wearing off, she was becoming nervous and uneasy. I just grabbed hair and kissed her probably harder than I should’ve, but I didn’t want her to change her mind. She didn’t fight in fact she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my body closer to her.

“You want this right,” with just a nod she held my hand leading me into her apartment I glimpsed around, keeping in mind how to navigate out later, the living room, kitchen, hallway all the way to her bedroom.

“Racy,” I was cut off by her mouth, her soft sweet tasting lips, her hands roamed my chest, lifting my shirt over my head, I attacked her neck the scent of roses. She smelled so good and tender, she gasped when I squeezed her tit.

“Mo,” I didn’t stop and neither did she, our clothes fell to the floor, that was when it happened.

“CHIRST” looking her in the eyes,

“What are you?” I snapped trying to put my clothes on,

“I’m in process of changing genders, I wanted to try it before my surgery, but it’s ok I won’t stop you.” She said walking into the bathroom, I sat on the bed gathering my thoughts for a minute, there has been all these weird things going on, like my best friend being gay, my other best friend having a relationship and I was still stuck with the same routine. I was actually really thinking hard giving the person a free ticket to lose his virgin before becoming a female.

“Racy,” I didn’t wait for him to come out of the bathroom I opened the door to him jerking off in the shower, his beautiful eyes on me, biting his lip to hide the moans, I got hard just from the site. Pulling him by the arm almost throwing him on the bed, straddling his chest making him suck me as I stroked him.

“Racy, I’ve never been a guy,”

“Me either,” my dick popped out of his mouth making a popping sound, gulping hard as I took him into my mouth.

“AHA it tickles,” I knew from what Bash told me, that I needed to get him wet so he wouldn’t bleed, letting my spit slid down to his hole introducing one finger for a good minute,

“MO~” he arched taking me further into his mouth, I would never believe it was his first time. It didn’t take long to add another finger, his hips rocked as he huffed gagging a few times on my cock.

“MO, Please,” he was so close to cumming, I flipped my tongue over his tip.

“FU~~~” turning around as he came down from his first nut, watching him hum as I rolled a condom on,

“Ready?” just a nod was enough, I pushed my knees under his back hold his ass upper ward, I watched his face as I pushed inside him,

“You’re so big Mo” I knew that was just because his never done this before, I was average size, I settled waiting for his ass to stop squeezing me. Slowly sliding in and out, until his huffs turned into moan. I was enjoying him and like Bash said he was tighter than most girls I’ve been with.

“Come here,” grabbing him up as I stood bouncing him on me,

“Oh Shit MO~~Fu~~” he whimpered, I wasn’t that rough it just the angel,

“Rac, cum again,” hooking him between the wall and me I stroked him, watching his eyes in the light of the bathroom,

“Mo, please, I’m… I’m… Cumming~” he dropped his head on my shoulder, I smiled thrusting again,

“Oh, Oh, OOH MO,” hearing his moans were music in my ear, gripping his hips roughly thrusting, he held on for dear life, but I was going to make sure this was the best for him, I held my nut as long as possible. We changed position three times, between one and four nuts he was spent, and I had only come twice, but it was worth it. Waking up to him laying my chest was actually adorable, but it was the last time I saw him.’

Listening to Mo’s actually made me sad, I was mad because Bash and I didn’t get a lot of time together, but him, he wanted something with Racy and she’s refusing him.

“What should I do, I literally can’t get it up for any girl now,” arching my eyebrow to him this was serious, he couldn’t get it up


“Shut it,”

“What you guys taking about?” Jerry said walking up to us,

“Nothing much, just Mo’s erectile dysfunction,” that earned me a slap on the back of the head, but it was worth it,

“You, REALLY,” Jerry throw his head back laughing,

Mo broke down and told him the same thing and yup he had the same reaction, HOLY SHIT!

“SO, what do we do?” he said looking at me like I had all the answers NOT ME!

“I’m just going to go home,” Mo said, there was absolutely nothing we could do right now. Jerry and I talked for a while before I headed home to my nice quiet apartment.

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