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Fallen Deep

by Habby Grac 9 months ago in lgbtq

Bash & Wit

Fallen Deep

Chapter 1

Pounding on the door;

“Wit, are you in there?” Mo yelled from the other side of the door the sound made me shoot upward,

“Shit…” hissing and rubbing my lower back the stabbing pain shot through my body and down my legs, gulping and nervously lifting the blanket to find,

“FUCK! I’m naked,” wrapping the sheet around my body, ignoring the pain I walked to the door, stumbling a few times before I got there,

“WIT!” Mo pound harder on the door,

“YEA, YEA” snapping as I opened the door, he face instantly went to a shocking look,

“Christ, what happened to you?” he grabbed my shoulders only to send shooting pain through my legs hissing as I held on to the door for stability, my legs wobbled for a minute before I could straighten up again.

“Nothing,” stuttering nervously, my memory was gone there was no telling what the hell happened,

“Dude, don’t say nothing, look,” he held up his phone to camera,

“SHIT~~~” my hair was standing up in every direction, I had a hickey on my cheek and down my neck, as if I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was put through the ringer. Looking at Mo, who had a shit eating grin, rolling my eyes at him.

“BOY~~~” he sang pushing by me,

“No, Mo, where are you going?” I couldn’t even chase him,

“Dude, I need to meet the lady that took my man’s virginity, Whoo lady put something on, I’m coming to shake your hand.”

“Mo no, don’t go in there,” I limped to my room getting to the door, Bash was standing with everything hanging, tattoos, clothes and glory,

“Mo…” he turned to me wide eyed,

I could feel the tension in the air, Bash dressed quickly looking at me while the silence filled the air.

“To think you’re my best friend and you couldn’t tell me,” Mo snapped rushing by me, his shoulder collided with mine knocking me to the floor,

“Fuck,” hissing at the impact, the floor hit harder than Bash, holding my back trying to stand.

“Wit, are you ok?” Bash said holding out his hand to help me, I smacked him away.

“Get out!” tears ran down my face, not just from the pain, but from the fact that I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. Between the rush of memories and what Mo said, I almost instantly regretted ever meeting Bash,

“No, Wit last night…”

“Yea, I know, look at me, I can’t believe I’m that stupid, look at the mess I’ve cause. Please leave,” A frenzy of unneeded words shot out of my mouth,

“I left my number on the bed, see you at school” he snapped walking pass me, I heard the door slam shut.

“FUCK~~~~” the outburst was just the beginning of a very long list of things I would go through.

Crying like a little baby, I hate pain and anything that comes with it, beyond me how I got fifteen piercings and can’t handle sex.

Trying to relax in a nice warm bath to soak my sore body, looking around the bathroom thinking of last night, the things I did, I said. Shaking off the thoughts of me sucking his dick, touching my swollen lips, tracing down to the hickeys on my neck dark bruise like colors, running my hand further to my aching backside.

“How long would it take to recover, never going to do that again,” saying to myself as I pulled my legs into my chest.

“Wit, where are you?” Jerry yelled from the door,

“Bathroom,” embarrassed enough, but what was one more nosy person asking questions. He didn’t though he just stood in the doorway with a worried expression,

“What?” I didn’t really have a reason to snap at him, I just felt horrible, and confused.

“Are you okay?” he just said the words without sarcasm, just genuinely concerned about me.

“Let me guess Mo ran his mouth,” sitting upward with anger, this was exactly why I didn’t like telling Mo anything.

“I don’t care what you are, I Just want to know if you are okay?” He walked over to me, placing his hand on my shoulder.

“No…I don’t know what to do,” sobbing again and not even sure why?

“Come on I’ll help you today,” he said helping me out of the tub,

“Thank you,” sniffing as I dried my hair, getting dress

“What do you want to eat?” he tried to hide a smile as I struggled to sit on the stool,

“Nothing,” holding my hands in my lap, my emotions were all over the place right now, seeing Bash’s face change from happy to hurt when he left, or even his smile, not to mention his body, tattoos, piercings, muscles… Shaking my head at the thought,

Oh God… I could feel the burning sensation spreading across my face and ears, no denying I liked him more then I should though.

“Look you can’t wobble around depressed because your friend thought you lied to him, you just need to call him here and explain it to him, it’s not a crime to be curious and it sure as hell isn’t a crime to actually be gay dude.” It felt good to know I had at least one person on my side,

“But I’m not…” I stopped myself from saying it, I clearly was after what happened, I think,

“Gay, I have no idea what I am right now,” nervously saying trying to hide from the world if I could, it was starting to get on my nerves, and sadly enough it was kind of true.

“Sure, but…” he looked down trying to find the right words to say without pissing me off.

“You never looked at a woman the way you eyed Bash last night,” if he were recording, my reaction was (priceless) he busted out laughing,

“Wait you saw us leaving, why didn’t stop me?” currently more confused than earlier.

“I honestly didn’t think you would do anything, and Bash isn’t the type of guy that does one night stands,” he sat a cut up apple in front of me with water and pain medicine.

“Eat, I’ll be back in one hour,” nodding as he left. Sitting there letting the remainder of the night soak into my brain, smiling because I actually had sex and weirdly enough, I did in fact enjoy it, only if it didn’t come with this amount of pain. Rubbing my hand over the hickeys on my neck smiling at the memory of Bash’s soft, full lips. His kisses were just the beginning, those hands holding me in place or even how his strong legs held my down while his tongue traced my body. My hand shot to my lips running a finger across them, I could still remember his taste.

“Wit…” startled by the sound of the door slamming,

“Huh, oh Hi” blushing like I had just got caught jacking off,

“Okay, now that we are all here, let’s clear the air.” Jerry stood next to Mo

“No,” he (Mo) snapped, turning to the door,

“Mo, it’s not what you think, I’m…” I turned in the stool, looking at him I needed to clear it up with him, at least Jerry got the message.

“A fag! Yup got it,” He (Mo) scold, What the fuck? Why would he say something like that?

“What the fuck is your problem?” snapping as I hopped off the stool pulling him to look at me,

“You should’ve told me,” seeing the hurt in his eyes,

“Why so you could run your mouth about it,”

“You know I’m not as bad as you think,” it was true he did do good sometimes, but this was a different subject all together.

“For your information, I don’t know if I’m gay, I just so happen to do exactly what you two have done a million times, I had a one night stand, it just happened to be with a man and not a girl, what’s the big deal?” I crossed my arms, shaking my head at him, he blew this way out of proportion. He chuckled walking over sitting on the couch looking at me,

“Man, you’re never going to get a girl if you keep looking like one,” and there is was again the one thing Jerry and Mo got away with, calling me a girl because I have long blonde hair and blue eyes, no amount of hair dye or contacts will change that.

“Fuck off,” rolling my eyes, we cleared the air and things was back to normal for us, at least for now.

“So how does your ass feel?” Mo said amused,

“Fuck you, asshole.” Smiling,

“No, but Bash did” he (Mo) shot back making all of us laugh, we ended up watching movies for the rest of the day eating take out and chatting about everything and of course Bash came up in the conversation a few times.

“So be honest did you enjoy it?” Mo asked I nearly choked on my dinner,

“MO,” Jerry snapped smacking him on the back of his head, holding back a giggle,

“No, it’s fine, and umm I don’t know,” I was complete honest, I did and didn’t enjoy it.

I still didn’t know what to do about him, seeing them off for the night I laid down ready to call it a night, throwing my hands behind my head, the pain was now nearly gone and for one weird reason I found myself thinking about Bash again and this time I focused on sucking him, shaking off the thoughts again turning over seeing Bash’s watch laying on the side he slept on seeing it had an engravement, ‘Sebastián Curtter Sr.’ Shooting up holding it in my hands, a leather band with a silver time dial.

“Shit!” rushing around to find his number finding it on the floor. Rolling my eyes as I dialed the number cursing myself I didn’t know what to say,

‘Hello,’ click his voice alone sent my body into a frenzy, the husky sound of his nearly prefect accent, I knew he was foreign from the first day of school. His family was from Thailand, but he was born here. Looking down at my phone a text on the screen,

‘Are you okay? B’

‘Yea, ummm you left your watch here, sorry’

‘Ok, meet me in the entrance hall tomorrow’

‘Okay, night,’

‘hold on, can we talk?’

‘Tomorrow!’ I already knew what he wanted to talk about, and right now I’m not sure I can do that type of talk. Tossing and turning all night my brain drove me insane to think I was seeing him again, but I needed to keep my cool. Wearing my normal skinny jeans and over size shirt, pulling my hair back into a hair tie, trading my studs for hoops on my lips and eyebrow. Sighing deeply this was it, going to chat with the man that sends chills down my body and this weird butterfly feeling in my belly. My dorm room wasn’t too far from the entrance hall, seeing students were coming and going I waited at the door until it cleared out a bit.

“Wit,” turning to face a chest, I keep forgetting that he’s so damn tall, looking up to his brown eyes instantly wobbly.

“Hey, uh here,” holding on my hand with the watch in it,

“Let’s have lunch and talk,” he didn’t let me answer he grabbed my hand and lead me to his bike, flashing memory of riding with him. The ride was short, but amazing him hitting bumps were a bit uncomfortable not as much as yesterday though.

“You okay?” he asked seeing my little too obvious struggle, trying to fix my jeans and trying not to bend, hated having my boxers balled up, my balls needed to breathe.

“Yea, I’m good.” Smiling, following behind him as he walked into the diner.

We order the same thing, chicken tenders and cheeseburger fries, with strawberry milkshakes.

“Go sit,” his stern voice made it almost sound like an order, but I didn’t argue, sitting by the window waiting for him to sit across from me with the tray of food.

“Thank you again, this watch is irreplaceable” he said as he hooked the strap.

“I noticed, you’re welcome,” saying as I popped a fry in mouth smiling.

“So, about…” he as trying to play it smooth, looking at him playing bashful.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you,” I cut him off it was awkward enough, but I’m finally sure what I want from this lunch.

“It’s okay, but what I wanted to say was, I knew you were a virgin, I shouldn’t have done that.” His face seemed to change again, from confused to happy

“It’s fine, I was drunker than I thought, I’ve always believed I was straight, but never looked at a woman in a sexual way, it’s weird.” Talking in between eating it was nice, sort of a first date feels to it.

“You discovered you’re actually gay?” he arched his eyebrow, the one with the ring and tattoo, my belly did those flips again.

“I’m not sure about that either, how would I know?” I wanted to know as much as possible, but I wanted him to be the only one to teach me.

“Well you could go on a few dates and see,” my stomach feel to my feet, I lowered my head eating more food for a few quiet minutes.

“Maybe I only want you…” when he didn’t answer I slowly gazed upward from the food to his chin then eyes, he wasn’t answering me, I blew it Jerry told me he didn’t like one night stand.

“Umm,” seeing him sitting there like he was somewhere else,

“Wit, I have a girlfriend,” he finally spoke somberly.

Well damn!

The rest of the meal was awkward, I didn’t once look at him again, the one thing worst then what I did was that he cheated on his girlfriend with me. We ate quietly, I was too busy feeling like a whore. I didn’t bother catching a ride with him back I walked back to my room.

The next few days I stayed home like always, hanging out with Mo and Jerry, they tried to get me out to the bar, I hurried to yell NO! We drank the nights away, and before I knew it, it was time to go back to school.

“Yo, Wit, you’re pretty enough let’s go,” of course Mo teasing again, he is jealous I look better than him.

Walking into the entrance hall spotting Jerry standing with Tee and Stacy, they’re pretty girls nice eyes and long legs, and good size rake too.

“Hey Jerry,” waving as we meet up,

“Hey…” he looked uneasy about something, I often pick up when he’s not all here.

“Wit, you look different,” Stacy said standing a bit too close to me, eyeing Mo knowing that he put her up to this,

“Not really, just…” looking downward to my legs and shoes, nothing different.

“Wit,” my heart dropped at the booming voice behind me, turning to be face to chest again.

Damn it!

Bash the giant. I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could he only took my hand almost bragging me through the halls into the bathroom. I could feel peoples eyes on us as we walked by.

“Bash…” cut off by his lips, shocked for a second before pushing him back, smacking him across the face not that it hurt him.

“Wit,” he stopped resting his head on top mine.

“I need you again,” he sighed heavy holding me in place,

“Ask your girlfriend,” I reached for the door his hand covered mine, for a second I stood back facing him, we didn’t talk or move just stood there.

“Please, don’t do that again,” I said, then left him standing there. Sitting in class listen to another lesson project for the spring concert, Mo suggested Moon Pies, Jerry said Crazy Oats, it was going to be one crazy spring concert thanks to them.

Chapter 2

Most of the last few weeks I spent with Mo and Jerry working on the concert. We started seeing each other less since the festival was over, granted everyone had a great time myself included. Jerry finally ‘announced his relationship with Tee’ (We saw that coming) Mo seems different he does not really go out much either, Jerry said he has a girlfriend, but lately he’s been depressed. We asked a few times he (Mo) just shook his head about it. We all just seem to have our own separate things going on. I finally got that tattoo I have been wanting a mini storm trooper on my inner thigh; I love it and yes it hurt like hell but totally worth it. Dave is the best I have gone to him for all my work over the past ten years, still remembering his words from last night.

“So, who hurt you now,” he smiled, he knows more about me then Jerry and Mo when it came to inner family, Dave is my uncle and I got my first piercing at twelve. It was my way to vent my Bi-polar and Depression.

“No one!” snapping at him trying to act tough, he saw right through it.

“You only get work done when you’re heart hurts so tell me, this tattoo will take a good hour let it out,” he nod listening hard to my words, and to tell my uncle that I believed I was gay was a big step for me. I let out a sigh when he did not look me in the eyes and say I hate you.

“Dude that’s some deep shit.” He looked me in the eyes after I finished speaking, he knew about my promise and it hit us both hard to think about it.

“Yea, well at least everyone can get off my back about being a virgin though,” I tempered,

“Yea, but dude it hurt hearing about it, did you talk to him?” I didn’t have the guts to speak to him again.

“He tries to talk to me, but I’ve pushed him away,” He shook his head, I silently wanted his advice.

“Maybe he had a legit reason to cheat, or maybe he’s not with her and it’s a rumor, you know people make stuff up all day, every day.” Sadly, enough he had a point I did not really hear Bash out completely and I’m not really sure his girlfriend is the real deal or just for show. While I was researching, I found a lot of closet gays hide behind a false relationship.

“Okay all done, and my next client should be here soon,” he huffed wiping and wrapping my leg.

“Okay, thanks” I turned to leave only to run into the giant I’ve been avoiding, I turned back to Dave, Who now had a cheesy grin.


I began walking to the door, stopping at Bash’s voice,

“Stay!” Bash said as he sat in the chair, part of me wanted to run out the door, but another part of me wanted to see him again. Confusingly dizzy at the turn of events in the place few weeks. Dave pulled another stool out for me.

“What are we doing today?” Dave asked Bash while he began setting up,

“I want what he got in the same place,” just the sound of his voice made me shiver, and aroused, I hated the effect he had on me.

“What? No Bash don’t do that,” rushing to say before Dave began drawing it up,

“My body, my choice.” His husky voice made me squirm in my seat. I swallowed my pride and sat watching intently, he did not move or flinch, me on the other hand I was crying and begging for mercy. I kept my head down even though Bash tried several times to talk to me, after pulling my hair tie out, he ran his fingers through my hair, he was doing everything in his power to get my attention, but the only thing going through my mind was why was I still sitting here, what makes me so drawn to him. Dave huffed roughly as he finished, wiping and wrapping his leg.

“You know what this stare down is getting on my nerves, Wit if you stare any harder, you’ll end up eye pregnant…” I felt my face burning as Bash and Dave laughed.

“I’m locking the door so no one will disturb you, ok, yea bye,” Dave smiled leaving us sitting there, I looked around seeing that he had indeed left us there alone.

Damn it

“Wit, I think it’s time I told you the truth and I can only hope you will be okay with it,” no matter how hard he pleaded I didn’t want the truth to come out of his mouth.

“It’s your business, I need to go,” standing to leave, now I knew how women felt when guys push them a side.

“Wit wait, please,” he grabbed my wrist stooping me like an idiot at my boiling point hit.

“No! You cheated on your girlfriend…” I turned to face him again,

“Yes I admit I was drunk and stupid, but you were sober and you choose do that even after you heard me say, my first will be my ONLY.” I yanked my hand away, he cupped my face, those strong yet soft hands.

“I’m sorry, I really do want to have something with you…”


Stepping back looking him in the eyes, he really just said that, my pot boiled over he really just said that to me.

“Are you kidding me?” I raved,

“I’m not going to be your side bitch,” fuming as I headed to the front door, as my hand hit the knob he stopped me,

“I’m only with Tracy for my son,” my heart sunk, part of my silently prayed this was a sick joke, no words could describe how I felt to know the vow I made to my late parents had been broken by him, I blame myself completely.

Pushing the door open to leave,

“Tracy was my first…” he rushed, I do not know what stopped me from leaving, but I did not.

“I didn’t know what I was doing with her, I was test my sexuality and she found out she was pregnant, I’ve never had feelings for her and I haven’t touched her in years, I want you Wit,” feeling tears coming to the surface, I left welcoming the cold air, trying to save what little bit of dignity I had left.

Was what he said true? How am I different from her? He has a child to think about.

“Wit, is that you?” Amber came into view, rushing to wipe my eyes before turning to face her. She’s a classmate, I’ve known her since we started school, she tutored me a few times we’re not exactly close, but I’ll say she a good friend. Giving a gentle smile as I started walking away,

“Hey wait, are you okay?” she said holding onto my jacket, her blue eyes looked glossy from the cold air, her nose and cheeks were red too.

“I’m fine thanks,” keeping my answer short and sweet, just until I got home.

“Hey I’ll walk you home you look a little out of sorts,” her face showed concern not that I’ll ever tell her.

“K” with that she walked with me, she wasn’t nosy, not once did she ask what was wrong.

“Wit, can I ask you something?” I was already prepared for any question out there,

Why am I so short? Am I transgender? Where do I get my hair cut?

“Sure,” faking a smile,

“Are you gay?”


Stopping mid step lowering my head further, that was not on the list and I still was not sure either.

“Shit, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to intrude, it’s just everyone is saying it, so…” she rushed the words I barely caught half of what she said. Looking at her dumbfounded,

“Everyone is saying what?” I snapped before she could finish speaking

“Well, it’s just that since school started all the guys say you’re gay cause you’re never seen with a girl and Tommy said he saw Bash leaving your room early one morning,” Rolling my eyes has I walked,

“All because I vowed to not have sex until I was in a committee relationship doesn’t make me gay, and Bash spent the night to make sure I didn’t choke on my own puke, doesn’t anyone know Bash has a girlfriend?”

People will say anything, I’m no different I just don’t want people to know Bash cheated on his girlfriend.

“Yea, everyone knows about her, but they’re never seen together, she came to the school making a fuse a couple months ago and Bash had her band from coming, now the only time he sees her is when he goes to his parents’ house and trust me, spring break and winter break he spends here until the last day, he went home for like five hours.” How does she know this information? Why is she telling me?

“Oh, well thanks for walking me, I’ll see you around class,” walking up a few steps

She nods then walks away, I wasn’t sure if I should’ve asked her out on a date or not.

Sitting at my desk scrolling through my Facebook shaking my head at the amount of drama that is posted every day, no one wants to know your relationship issues, or how your baby daddy wouldn’t pay child support. Seeing that post actually sort of made me sad, because what Bash said, he was only with his son’s mom for him. I was doing so good of keeping him out of my head until Dave trapped us together now all I’m thinking about is his warm body pressed against mine, the feeling of his thick shaft going down my throat, running my fingers across my lip feeling my arousal hit.

“NO, absolutely not happening,” snapping as grabbed my towel for a shower, trying to rid my mind of him, failing miserably.

Letting the water steam down my face and body reminiscing that night, thinking how the hell did one night do this to me? His hands, lips, his tongue, thick shaft sliding in and out of me, stroking myself slowly leading against the bathroom tiles sighing. It is not enough I needed more, I wanted him inside me more then I needed air. I perched my leg up on the side sliding a finger inside hissing at the sudden, intense yet satisfying sensation. Pushing deeper I felt completely needy for it, like a drug I want him again, stroking myself with one hand and pumping my hole with two fingers, moaning from my self-pleasure, I’d never wanted, needed or enjoyed something close to this before, never had anyone I wanted as badly as I wanted Bash. Gritting my teeth to hide my voice, pumping faster and harder trying to mock him, tears welling up because I knew that was one vow I’ll never break I’ll never be a side piece to anyone no matter how badly I wanted or needed it. It hurt knowing both my body and heart wanted him more and more by the weeks.

“Fuck,” shooting my load onto the tiles as water raised it down the drain. Dropping down to my knees crying, it hurt, I wanted him more than anyone in my life to know all this information and still feel hurt by his actions.

“Wit?” I ignored Mo, I didn’t want to talk, but that didn’t stop him from barging into the bathroom,

“Jesus Wit are you trying to burn your skin off,” he snapped pulling me out of the shower, the fuzziness in my head kept me from noticing. I was too numb to acknowledge how badly I’d failed.

“What the fuck is wrong with him?” Jerry snapped from the phone, I sat up on the bed, wrapped in a towel hanging my head low, tying to just hide from the world.

“Go home Mo.” Empty minded, I just wanted to be alone.

“Fuck no, not until you tell me what the fuck is going on?” he held my shoulders staring into my eyes.

“I want to go on a date on Friday,” for once he didn’t have a cheesy comeback to slap me in the face.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re not going anywhere until you fix yourself, you need to get over him dude.” He stood with his hand on his hip dialing Jerry’s number,

“I can’t remember how to forget him, how can one night make me feel like this?” stupid to ask MO that question, his never been with the same girl twice.

“Jerry get here,” he said hanging up the phone, sitting next to me on the bed, wrapping me into a well needed hug at least that’s how it felt. We sat quiet for what felt like forever. Mo jumped to his feet when the doorbell rung, I just wanted to sleep, but I knew they weren’t going to let me.

“So let me get this straight, Bash has a kid and a girlfriend that he cheated on with you, you are having all these weird feelings and urges, but still you want to go on a date with Amber, Did I miss anything?” Jerry said pacing the floor with Mo, I just laid on the bed staring at the ceiling hiding my tears.

“You got it,” saying nonchalantly just staring into imagery black skies, wishing I were in another world.

“Fuck man, I need a drink after that, shit!” Mo snapped shaking his head.

Why did I let this happen? Why was I so stupid?

“Wit why don’t you see where things go between you and Bash?” shooting upward glaring at Jerry of all people saying this,

“Hear me out first, you said, he said he hasn’t been with her for years, maybe their relationship is over and he’s only finically caring for his son.” Arching my eyebrow,

“What exactly do you want from Bash?” Jerry said, that was a good question, I’ve anything nearly close to this feeling with him. It’s like being in the same room send me into a frenzy, not just for sex, but to feel complete. Standing to find clothes it’s not like they haven’t seen my naked before, but it felt weird now.

“I don’t know yet, I want to think he completes me!” Jerry and Mo stared at one another then back me, as if I said something wrong.

“What did I say?” hunch my shoulders,

“Oh, nothing umm Jerry I’m going to go get some beer, by back in ten.” Mo rushed as he ran out the door,

“Well damn,” I looked up at Jerry who huffed and sat next to me,

“Man, this is deep, are you sure?” he shook his head, I just huffed standing to put the clothes that I sat out.

“DUDE!” Jerry snapped wide eyed like,

“What?” I sat as I pulled my pants up looking at him trying to follow where his eyes were, completely lost.

“You have your dick pierced too, dam I didn’t think you’d go that far.”

“Yeah, I thought you knew that, it’s a good two or three years old now,”

“Fuck no I didn’t know, did it hurt?”

“Why you want it done too?”

“Fuck no, oh shit, mine’s hurting seeing it, did Bash see it?”

“Well yeah, we had sex of course he saw it, he sucked it too,” the face he made, made my day, I threw my head back laughing if only I could record it.

“Does it work? You know when you get hard does it hurt?”

“It works the same as yours,” I arched my eyebrow laughing

“Can I ask you a serious question?”


“How are you feeling right now?” his words ran deep into my soul, I really needed to think about everything.

“I don’t know really I’m happy with and sad at the same time, getting all this information is a bit overwhelming right now.”

“I guess I’m just confused,” we sat quiet for a minute, My brain was empty and I was drained from crying.

“I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just I feel full of life when he’s around me, I know it sounds stupid,” I said after a good minute of silence.

“It’s not stupid just surprising My Witty’s in love,” he grabbed my shoulders rocking side to side. I held my head in my hands this was not good, only my friends know me this way, they know me inside and out. Even when my grandmother, and my uncle died, they knew before everyone else they could sense my mood change. I went from a headstrong dickhead too a man loving, dick sucking sissy almost overnight, and I still wasn’t sure it I could to things with other men or not.

“Okay let’s change the subject, I want to play cards.” Jerry jumped up pulling out the folding table setting it up, with cards, chips and dips now just waiting for Mo to return with beer and smokes.

Jerry and I played two games of rummy until Mo came back,

“I got the drinks man, let’s play cards.” Mo shouts holding the bags in the air,

“Why is he here?” I snapped seeing Bash the giant standing behind him,

“He’s here to play cards,” Mo smiled sitting everything down on the counter, snapping out beers for all of us.

“Is that a good idea,” Jerry said Mo just smiled as we all sat down to the table. The first two hands of spades were awkward cause Mo was my partner, but after switching from Mo to Bash things eased up and oddly enough, we laughed and loosen up a bit.

“We’re going 6 what about guys?” Mo sets the score board, I hit another drink,

“We’re going 7” Bash said looking at me, this eerie shiver runs through my spine, he has a way with those brown eyes. We played three games in of course Bash and I won two games, after Mo tried to cheat once. Laughs and jokes flew by with time I was actually having fun and remembering how fun it is with my friends.

“Time for a movie, let’s watched Knocked up” Mo held up the DVD smiling.

“No” Jerry, Bash and I snapped, laughing.

“Terminator,” Bash rambled, Mo and Jerry look at me, I look at them,

“What? It’s a great movie, one of my favorites,” I nearly choked to death my eyes shot up to Mo and Jerry, the room fell silent.

“Uh that’s Wit’s favorite movie dude,” Jerry looked dumbfounded, none the less we sat and watched them. Bash sat next to me, Jerry and Mo took the armchair, I knew they were up to something and making sure we were side by side didn’t help either.

“Wit, Wit, wake up,” groaning because I didn’t want to get up and I didn’t want to go to school pouting as I opened my eyes following the dark outline until my eyes meant with brown soulful, dreamy orbs, Bash!

“Shit! Sorry,” I rushed to get up only to be stopped by his hand squeezing my shoulder gently,

“Stay,” no idea why I listened to him and stayed there just lying on his chest listening to his heart, the soothing sound kept me from falling asleep again and I also couldn’t concentrate on the movie not that I had seen it a million times.

Habby Grac
Habby Grac
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