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Face down

by Chanelle Lahrmann about a year ago in lgbtq

My, my, my , massages...

Where the magic happens...

There’s something about the way you want to lay up with a lover when it’s raining outside that has me intrigued. The weatherman is calling for rain the entire weekend so I can see that I need a cuddle buddy. Any buyers?

The last time I had a friend over it turned out to be magically delicious. I want to be clear and precise as possible, I love to have raunchy almost disrespectful sex especially when I have the power of seduction over them. I do massages and the woman on the table is an absolute pleasure to touch and look at . Hey ,I’m not going to lie I use massage to get lucky a lot. I can tell by the way her legs are starting to slowly open up that way I can let my fingers glide over her clitoris every few strokes but not seem to pushy. I know she feels lovely because she started to grind on my table . I don’t need to ask permission but I want to make her say she wants it. I try to be in a hurry but I’m so wet and hot. As I stroke her I slide my other hand in my panties and then I play with my own clit. Not to long would not date have an orgasm with out her having one first. I love to trace her ass hole with my tongue . When I start to trace my tongue on her ass she starts the back-and-forth motion and I put my hand on the top of her head and hold her down. Taking things slowly so that I can build up her orgasm is my master plan. Sometimes they are so under loved that I am blown away by the quickness of their explosion. I’m constantly letting my fingertips strike the inner and outer perimeters of her thighs which leaves her muscles anticipating and twitching with delight or is it desire? I need to feel her beneath me so I can make sure she feels how hot and wet she has me . My arousal is going to enhance the vibe and cause her to be more in tuned. I let my legs straddle her leg and sit high on her thigh so she can feel the wet sticky juices dripping down my thighs. I’m working the muscles in her back but mainly I’m grinding my pelvic bone on her and getting myself hot. I switch legs but continue to do the same grinding on her. Once I feel like I’m dripping wet I slowly trace my tongue down her spine into the crack of her ass and I stop when I’m able to once again lick and suck her ass. As I start to flip her over I make sure I ask wether I am doing it the way she likes. I want to know exactly the way she likes to be ate but I’m pretty good at going with my instinct. I want to build the anticipation of me touching her again so I start massaging her neck and shoulders. I let my fingers brush her breasts and I even suck her nipples both til they are perky and covered in goosebumps. I like to slowly start to play with the clit to get the pussy wet and usually out of desperation she wil spread her legs wide or start to grind on my fingers . I like to tease so I slowly start to kiss around the vagina and not quite letting my lips touch hers . I want to feel the desire become almost unbearable and then I will let her put it in my mouth and ride my face. I stick a finger in her ass and when I hear her moan get deeper I go deeper as well. I’m fucking her with my tongue in her pussy and her ass with my finger so that she is so close to Orgasming I start to tell her to give my that sweet cum all in my mouth . She so close I feel her shaking and I know how close she is so I tell her to tell me what to do to finish her. Usually it’s suck me slowly and don’t stop or fast and hard please lick it fast . I’m so turned on and I haa as be already gotten my orgasm from being in control and dominating the innocent woman on my table. I think they are more satisfied that embarrassed and I hope so I can do it again.


Chanelle Lahrmann

I’m a 40 year old woman who is coming to find herself after years of broken promises and good intentions that failed. Writing is an expression of my knowledge.

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Chanelle Lahrmann
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