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Excitement Found in Unexpected Places

A Hiking Trip Of A Life Time

By Nathal NortanPublished 5 months ago 69 min read

A Hiking Trip Of A Life Time

Excitement Found in Unexpected Places

His eyes were scanning over my body. I knew he was taking in every inch of me. And my eyes… well, they were closed, the soft sheets crumpled against my face. I could feel his breath on my thighs, and it drove me wild! A finger tracing up the sheer nylons, sending a chill down my spine.

His hands began freely roaming my body. The body he helped create. Finger running through the hair he once put up in pig tails.

When I graduated high school, I moved on campus for college, only ever coming back every few months. I would stay for the weekend before heading back to school.

It was a weekend in January when I surprised my parents with a visit. Had I called before showing up after 9 at night, they might have been able to hide the fact that they had been fighting.

But, walking into the quiet house, I made my way to the guest room, since my room had long since been used for storage. I opened the door to see my dad watching tv. He was surprised and we had a chat about how long he had been residing in that part of the house.

I felt bad and didn't want to make him sleep on the couch since it was cold. The bed was big enough and I offered to share since we had several blankets anyway.

We stayed up and watched some late night talk show, eventually turning in for the night. I curled up to a warm blanket and was out like a light.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of labored breathing. I thought something was wrong, but as I opened my eyes, I saw him sitting on the edge of the bed. I could feel the mattress lightly moving to the jerking motions of his arm. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Well, really, I didn't see anything. But I knew what was happening, even in my half awake state of mind.

I pretended to be asleep for the next several minutes, until he was done. I dozed off here and there and eventually woke up about 30 or so minutes after he was done. From then on, I always felt as though he looked at me differently. I could never tell if it was because he was thinking of me that night, or if it was because he knew I was awake.

Several years later, I got word that my parents favorite cabin finally has some openings for next summer. I decided to rent it out for a week to surprise them. It’s 10 months away, but will be a great gift for their anniversary at the time. And as surprises go, they never quite work as planned. My parents announced their divorce just a few weeks after I rented the cabin.

Time goes by and I forget all about the rental until I get the email reminder. I decided to invite my dad up there. He’s the one that taught me to love those hiking trails so much. It would be nice for us to catch up and be around nature. No distractions. Just the world.

He was so excited to go. We decided to meet up at my house and just drive up there together.

I made sure to pack all the perfect things. We were all set with groceries already at the cabin. It was going to be so much fun.

The 9 hour drive was long but we managed. The first couple hours, we talked about my work life. My non-existent social life. And then the divorce. After diving off that deep end, he told me how they had not had any type of intimacy for several years and there was no connection left with them. It was better this way.

In my effort to console him, I found myself resting my hand on his leg. It was comfortable being with someone I knew so well. Being with him always feels right. I closed my eyes and felt the breeze from the open window as he drove. It must have been several minutes before I opened my eyes, because the song on the radio had changed.

I opened my eyes as my hand moved away, and I heard him groan. I froze and looked up at him. His eyes never left the road ahead of us. He just said, “Dont stop.”

I rested my palm back down on his thigh. His hips shifted and I felt the tension in his muscles. I kept my eyes on his face, looking for a reaction. Some clue to tell me what he was thinking. I let my hand get more comfortable, resting on his lap, running my finger back and forth over the seam sewn into his pants. He didn't stop me, so I kept going.

My hand rubbed back and forth. Gently caressing the bulge that pressed tighter and tighter against the fabric under my fingers.

We pulled up to an intersection, then slowed to a stop. My eyes are fixed on him and his are closed. I felt my hand begin to rise and fall as he lifted his hips. He brought his hand down to mine and held it there, gently squeezing it as his hips lifted over and over again.

A vehicle pulled up behind us and the moment was over. He put the car back in drive and I sat up straighter in my seat. My hands back to fiddling with my phone while I stared out the window.


A few hours went by, listening to music until the static cut in. Then we managed to talk about animals and nature. Political views and who we voted for. It was all boring and I don’t remember any of it. My brain was clouded and focused on that moment at the stop sign.

We pulled onto a bumpy dirt road and drove for another twenty minutes or so before parking on a small hill next to a beautiful large cabin. The photos could not do this place justice! No wonder they loved it here.

We took our things inside and got settled. A few hours went by and I couldn’t even look at him without these new thoughts just taking over my mind! Each time I close my eyes, I can feel his body moving with pleasure. I hear his groans in the back of my head.

Everything changed on that drive.

I decided I needed to talk to him about it. This situation was not going to get any better by ignoring it and pretending it never happened.

I walked into the kitchen and had decided to get to work making dinner. My dad had walked in from the other room and brushed his hand on my lower back as he came up beside me. Chills ran through my whole body! I felt my thighs instinctively clench together as I felt a deep pulsing inside myself.

I began washing vegetables as he pulled out the dishes.

“Dad, can we talk about what happened in the car?”

His whole body had frozen as he stood there looking away from me.

I was worried he felt bad about the whole thing. I didn't want that at all.

I moved over closer to him and lifted myself to sit on the empty counter space beside the sink. He had no choice but to look up at me.

“Dad…” I smiled as I looked down at his dark eyes. “I’m not upset about it. I just wanted to talk. I wanted to know…”

I took a deep breath.

“I wanted to know if you had been wanting that for a long time now. From me, that is..?”

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“Dad…” I threw my head back, looking at the slowly spinning ceiling fan as I found the courage to continue. “I liked it. I … you … I haven’t been able to take my mind off of it since it happened. I just wanted to know if…”

Just then, I was surprised to feel his hands on my thighs. His body now between my knees as I sat on the counter. I lost all my words and couldn’t even understand my thoughts. I felt him struggling not to grab my legs too tightly. He groaned in frustration.

I Don’t know what came over me at that moment. I whimpered like a needy kitten hungry for attention. I felt his warm breath on the bare skin below my shorts. I felt my legs part even further, almost begging him to be closer to me. His hands slowly slid up my thighs. His hard working, rough hands, exploring the smooth skin of my inner thighs, stopping when his finger tips had just begun to slide underneath the denim fabric. He licked his lips and looked up at me. Pleading with his eyes. I didnt know if I should apologize and get down, or beg him to fuck me.

Finally finding his words, he told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me. Looking at me made him hungry to feel my touch again. He was hungry for me.

“Then maybe you should eat, Daddy.”

My heart skipped as I heard myself give this offering to my dad. To know I just call his bluff. And mine too.

He leaned forward and I felt his hands move to my hips. Sliding up my sides and lifting my top as he did. His lips pressed against my stomach as he covered me in soft kisses. I smiled and moaned as he became more acquainted with my body, one kiss at a time.

He unbuttoned my shorts and his fingers hooked inside the fabric as I lifted myself off the counter top long enough for my shorts to be pulled down. I flushed with embarrassment as I was letting my Dad look at my pink hip hugger panties. The little pink bow was visible, right above the damp spot that was slowly getting darker.

He pulled my shorts off and tossed them to the floor. I rested my hands behind me on the marble and let him gaze down at his next meal.

He ran his long, fat tongue over the dark circle on the thin fabric. Pressing firmly against my needy slit. My stomach tightened and I whimpered as I felt my inhibitions slowly falling away. He hooked his fingers under the edge of my panties and slid them down my thighs and off my feet. His strong hands slid down and under my ass and I let out a lustful moan. I closed my eyes and waited for what felt like an eternity, feeling only his warm breath on my pussy.

He began kissing the skin on my bikini line. Soft slow kisses that gently grazed my lips.

I remember briefly thinking that there must have been some bigger reason mom and dad split up. If he was this good, I could never stop. That’s when guilt and shame hit me. My dad was holding my ass and about to smother himself with my pussy. Was this okay?

Just then, I lost all ability to think, to even move! His lips wrapped around my clit and sucked hard as I felt his tongue sliding out and lapping up my juices as it trickled down my slit. I could hardly breathe! I felt my hand move to his head. Fingers gripping his hair and my palm pressing him against me. I was so close!

My hips began writhing and grinding against his face as I moaned with a sense of need I have never felt before.

I couldn’t believe this is what I have been missing! His tongue was caressing my pussy in a way that made me feel so loved, so adored. And at the same time, he devoured me like a starving man who only had one need and that was to use me. Every bit of this experience was unbelievable!

He licked and sucked on my needy clit. His hands kneading my ass like that was all he could do to stop himself from throwing me on the floor and fucking me right then and there.

My body began to tense and I felt my pussy dripping to my ass. The pleasure was building and I was aching to cum.

“So close… Daddyyy… Ohh fuckkk.. So goooooddd..”

My hips lifted and I felt him suck my clit between his teeth and it was all over.

My body erupted in a flood of pleasure. I moaned deep and loud as my body wriggled and twitched. My head felt light and my body spasmed. He moved his face away and began trailing kisses over my stomach before standing up straight once more. His hands slid out from under my ass, and I was left with the cold countertop touching my skin.

He reached out and helped me down, holding my waist until he was sure I had my balance. I smiled up at him and blushed.

I had just felt my Dad’s tongue on my pussy. He made me cum! Hard! And here he was, holding me again, like I was still his little girl.

We stayed like this for several minutes. Just quiet and enjoying the moment.

The oven sounded its alert that it was preheated, and our moment was over.

He began preparing the food and I went to my room to change into something that was, well, not covered in my cum.

What had just happened?! What would happen now?

Are we going to do it again? Does he want anything else? Do I want anything else? Do we want more?

There were so many thoughts flooding my mind. I stopped and took a deep breath.

I looked in the mirror and found myself.

“I am a beautiful woman. He is a very attractive man. There is nothing wrong with what happened. But it does not need to continue. It’s inappropriate.”

My voice trailed off as my mind began to wander. Thinking about the night I spent at my parents house. In the guest room with my dad. When I woke up early.

I had blocked so much of that morning from my mind, because I didn’t understand.

—-I remember feeling… pleasure… No.. not feeling pleasure. WANTING pleasure. The mood in the room was like being in a fog. Not quite sure what was happening. I remember the bed shaking slightly from his motions. His hand was working at a steady pace. But what was that feeling?

I remember feeling something on my leg. It was his other hand, now that I think about it. His hand was rubbing on my thigh. I was tired and drifting in and out of sleep. His fingers tracing the crease of my skin between my thigh and ass.

I was on my back and remember having one knee bent up, my foot flat on the bed. His finger was tracing the outline of my ass. I remember feeling horny and sleepy. I wanted to moan but dozed off again. I heard him breathing hard and trying not to groan too loud. The light from the window was blocked as he stood in front of it. I remember making a soft whimper when something warm touched my thigh. Was it wet?

It was a damp cloth. He was gently rubbing my thigh with it. When I fully woke up later, he was watching tv and drinking coffee. My shirt was twisted and pulled up from my constant tossing and turning. One breast was fully exposed, my hard nipple taunting me with the tingle from the cool air. It took me a minute to realize the extent of the exposure. And I fixed it, not understanding why he had a grin on his face. —-

I staggered back as the memory came rushing back to my mind. How come I didn't remember all of this before?! How could I only remember this now?

I wanted to think this over. But he called from the kitchen that dinner was ready.

He always cooked such good food! I was excited for the steak and roasted veggies.

The smell of food filled the air. Aromas of pepper and garlic were enough to make me audibly moan. He looked up and smiled.

“I hope you always make that sound around me”

I didn’t understand, so I smiled and commented on the amazing food in front of me.

He brought the food to the table and we sat across from each other. It was a small table and occasionally our feet would touch.

The food was amazing, as I expected. The company… was leaving electricity in the air.

I couldn’t look up at him the way I did before today. I couldn’t see him as my dad. He was this sexy man who had just made me cum so hard in his tongue. And until a moment ago, I didn’t even realize that several years ago, he stroked his cock while touching me.

I looked over at him and saw his dark eyes just sinking into me.

I smiled as I took a piece of steak into my mouth.

The entire meal was wonderful and completely filled with sexual tension that I had never felt with him before.

Does this mean he wanted more? But what would happen if I gave in? Would he only want it one time?

“Dad,” I began. “I need to know what you want. I don’t know what is happening, and I need to know so I can understand what comes next.”

He looked at me with a serious expression on his face and said, “I don’t know. I know you want to think I know everything, but I don’t.”

“Dad I…”

He interrupted, “I couldn’t help myself. I don’t know what is happening and I don’t know what comes next. I don’t want to pressure you. So just say the word, and we can spend our time on opposite ends of the cabin.”

“Daddy… I trust you. You always take care of me. And even if neither of us understand what is happening, I know you would never try to harm me.”

I stood and took the dishes to the sink. As I began washing them, he walked into the other room.

That night, we sat on the front porch and played a game of checkers. I was wearing pajama shorts that looked more like underwear, and a tank top. It was warm out, but there was still a soft breeze that teased at my nipples.

I think he pretended not to notice. But I knew if I had made an attempt to hide them, it would have drawn more attention to that very thing. So we played checkers and sipped on some wine. We talked about a new house he might buy and a new job I might take.

It was late, and I decided it was time for bed. He agreed. We headed back inside and down the hallway to our separate rooms. That night, I couldn’t sleep at all. I was sure he would have come to visit me before morning. But he didn’t. I don’t know exactly what happened between us.

But I do know, my dad made me cum with his mouth. And now all I want is more. I want to feel his hands on me. I want to feel the pleasure his mouth can give me. I want to know what his cock feels like. What it looks like! I want to feel him inside me. Owning my body.


I fell asleep to these thoughts. I woke up to the sun shining on my face. The gentle warmth kissing my skin as I lay on top of the covers. I could hear the birds chirping as the light continued to brighten the room.

I decided that maybe it was just a one time thing, between me and Dad. Maybe he just needed to get it out of his system. And I would be okay with that. I wanted my dad to feel better. He hasn’t had a lot of happy days in the last several years, and I really wanted to make him smile again. If yesterday made him happy, I can live with it. I wouldn’t beg him for more. I wouldn’t make him feel bad for that. We are both consenting adults. It’s not like I didn’t enjoy it.

I put on a long t-shirt and shorts. Tied my hair up in a high ponytail, and headed to the kitchen. As soon as I opened the door, I smelled food. Bacon and coffee were the main course today. And probably every day, if I could wish it true!

Dad was sitting down at the table, doing a crossword puzzle. He looked up at me and smiled when I walked in.

I wanted to be casual and not push anything.

“Hey Dad. Good morning. I hope the bed in your room was comfy. MIne was a bit on the lumpy side.”

He took a sip of his coffee and said, “Well tonight you can sleep in my bed.”

I must have had a stunned look on my face because he chuckled and said, “Don’t look so shocked. I would love to press my body up against you all night, sweetheart. Now come here and help me with this puzzle.”

He moved his chair back and patted his lap, looking up at me with that familiar smile he always gave me. There was a time when I would sit on his lap and help him with the crossword. And apparently today would be no different.

I poured my coffee and brought it over to the table. I looked at him a little unsure and he just smiled, waiting patiently. I stopped overthinking things and brought myself to him. I gently sat down on his lap, not letting go of my full weight or relaxing much. The same way you would if you were just stooping over to see something for a moment.

I glanced at the book and tried to find an easy answer.

He took a deep breath and brought his hands to my waist, tugging me all the way down to him. My balance was lost and my body pressed against him. His hands stayed at my waist and I laughed as I heard him blowing my hair from his face.

“Dad!” I laughed more. “I'm a bit too heavy to share a chair with you these days.”

“Don’t be ridiculous honey, you fit just fine here on my lap.”

His hands rubbed my sides and up to my shoulders. Eventually he began moving my hair to one side, combing it slightly with his fingers. I decided that the only thing I could do at this point is relax and get used to the moment. It's just breakfast.

I took a piece of bacon from his plate and munched on it while I looked at the puzzle.

I made a joke about a word he misspelled, and he laughed. It was the first moment I felt his skin on mine. I hadn't realized he was in a bathrobe, until just then. My bare legs were wrapped around his, skin to skin. No big deal I guess. It’s not like we were naked. Except… he might have been. I felt pressure against my ass every time we laughed or moved a little.

I took another sip of coffee and let my body rest against him, leaning my head back.

“Dad… about last night…”

He took a deep breath and held it. I was sure he must have felt bad. I started to wonder if I made him do that… Did I? I sat on the counter… in shorts! I must have been right there, tempting him!

He stayed silent and I felt so embarrassed.

“I’m sorry that I…” He interrupted me with a “Shhh.”

“But Dad…”

I felt his breath on my skin as his lips caressed my neck. I swallowed hard as I realized it wasn't at all my fault. He wanted this just as much as I did.

Just then, his hands slid over my arms and over my breasts. My nipples immediately perked up at the pleasant attention of those wonderful hands. His fingers teasing them. I felt a kiss on the side of my neck, another on my earlobe.

I moaned out of reflex as his hands began to massage my breasts. I could tell he was restraining himself. And it made me want more. I wanted to know what it felt like for him to lose control with me.

I whimpered, “Please..”

His teeth pressed hard against my neck and I felt a chill run through my body. HIs hips began to lift and I could feel his cock pressing against my thin shorts. I moaned again and rocked my hips to meet his movement.

One more interaction wasn’t bad… was it? Just enjoying the feeling of a man’s touch. This isn’t really any different than your one night stand from the bar. His hands feel so good on my body. The way his fingers tease my nipples, how can I resist? It’s not like this will happen again anyway.

And with that last dismissing thought, I slid my body away from his and lowered to my knees. My eyes moved to his erect cock which had pushed completely through the part in his robe. I shuddered when I realized that my thin cotton shorts were the only thing stopping him from pushing into me.

I felt wetness slick on my thighs as my eyes really took in the sight of his erection.

My hands ran up his legs and untied the loose knot at his waist. The fluffy robe fell open and I smiled as I leaned over his lap. My tongue eagerly reached out for my first taste. His hands gripped my hair, gently holding it to one side, so he could see me work.

My tongue slid up along the side of his cock, and swirled around the tip before sliding down the other side. I took my time tasting every inch of this delicious prick.

I wrapped my lips around the swollen head and sucked gently as I lowered my mouth over his entirety. I moaned in delight as I felt him throb on my tongue.

Each time I brought my mouth up, I would swirl my tongue around the sensitive tip, and feel him writhe a little. My tongue worked to roll along the underside of his cock. I felt his grip tighten in my hair and his hand took over. He guided my head up and down the entire length. After a moment, he slid me as far down as I could go, and thrust his hips up to meet me.

I gagged as his cock pushed against the back of my throat. But he didn’t stop. He pulled away and thrust in again and again. Each time making a bit more progress on shoving his cock down my throat. When it happened, I couldn’t believe it.

Drool was escaping my lips and running down his balls with each contraction of my throat. I felt my chest tighten as I struggled to breathe, but he held me down. I gagged on his fat cock over and over again until he finally pulled it from my mouth completely. I gasped for air. Coughing, I looked up at him and he had this look of lust in his eyes. My dad was not here fucking my mouth. This was a man who was so eager to use me, he had clearly never thought of anything else. I was panting, trying to catch my breath when he pushed his cock back into my mouth and began thrusting over and over. He used my mouth like a fuck toy. He began grunting and I felt his cock swell between my lips. It was almost as though he had plugged my mouth with that enormous cock. Both hands now tightly grasped my hair and forced my face to be used. I was moaning and gagging. Doing everything I can to gasp for air. Trying my best to plead for a break when he thrust his hips up and shoved his cock all the way down my throat. I felt him buck his hips and heard the groan of ecstasy as his cum flooded my throat. He slowly pulled away and let another rope of cum fill my mouth. As his cock slid from my lips, I felt the wet string of saliva stick to my chin.

I stayed there, trying to ease the burning in my chest, calming myself. I was actually worried I would pass out. How could he do that to me?! How could he just use me like that?

I got up and didn’t even look at him before I went into my room.

I had so many feelings running through my mind. I couldn’t even begin to sort them out.

I took off my T-shirt that was now soaked with my drool and even a bit of his cum. As I did, my fingers grazed over my nipples and I shuddered. My body was on edge. I desperately wanted to be used. But.. by my dad?

I decided taking a shower was the best thing to cool me off. I let the steam fill the room, fogging up the glass shower doors. I stepped inside, allowing the hot water to run over me. All thoughts left my mind as I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through my hair.

I let out a deep moan of relaxation as I began to run the bar of soap over my body. As my hands slipped between my thighs, I wasn't surprised with how much slick wetness was being held within my slit. I enjoyed our little encounters. But there is a reason it didn’t go further. We would have fucked by now if there were ever a chance.

And I really wanted to fuck. I moaned softly as my fingers slid into familiar territory. Sliding into my wet pussy, imagining and remembering what his tongue felt like. Wanting to feel more. I pushed two fingers inside myself. My eyes closed and I remember a cold chill running over my body as if the room suddenly got cold. My nerves were on edge and I leaned back against the cool tile wall as I teased and circled my aching clit. My pussy throbbed and I whimpered, trying to stifle my sounds as I felt the pleasure build up and rock through me. My body tensed and I felt the twitches run up my legs and down my arms.

I turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around me before stepping out. That’s when I realized my clothes in front of the bathroom door had been shoved over as though the door had been opened, pushing my clothes against the wall. I felt a tightening in my chest, an ache.

I wasn’t worried that he had opened the door. I was worried that I was once again turned on that he had acted to his own desires.

I knew I just needed some sleep. That would cool off my brain and my hormones!


Dad and I had gone out on our own the next day. Which was good. We needed time alone to figure this out.

When I got back to the house, he was just about to serve dinner. I took a quick shower, begging my body not to touch myself right now… I didn't have time and I was hungry.

I quickly washed up and threw on a long T-shirt.

Before I could make my way to my seat, my dad invited me to sit on his lap again.

I bit my lip in anticipation as I wondered where this would lead. I nodded my head and sat on his lap, this time with my legs both to one side. No funny business this time.. I thought.

There was one plate of food in front of us and a fork. He wrapped his arm around my waist, and the other reached out to pick up the fork. He brought a piece of roasted potato to my mouth. I parted my lips to take the bite when he pulled it away and blew on it. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you Daddy. I don’t want to burn myself.”

He smiled and let me take the food. I chewed slowly. I was hungry, and the amazing food made me forget for a moment that I was sitting on his lap without any panties on.

I was chewing another bite he had fed me when he asked me to stand for a moment so he could readjust. I hadn’t thought about what I was doing when I sat back down the way I usually do.

My back to his chest and my legs on the outside of his.

As soon as I felt his other hand go around my waist, holding me there, I knew I made a mistake.

I swallowed and took a deep breath. Taking inventory of the situation.

He rocked in his seat and pulled me back against him. He groaned into my ear as I felt his cock slide against my pussy. A lustful moan escaped my lips as his cock peeked out between my thighs. His cock was sliding across my needy slit and he wasn’t fucking me.

I writhed a little on his lap but he held tight to me, not letting me go. His hands began guiding my body, encouraging my hips to rock back and forth. And why wouldn’t I? It felt amazing. His hard massive cock was rubbing up against my clit. I wanted to cum so badly. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to feel his cock own me. Then we could be done. Right?

I moaned and whimpered, “Pleaseeee… “

“Shhh” Is all he said.

The whole time, sliding his cock through my wetness, teasing me.

I lost track of time as I stared down at his cock slipping against my pussy, slick with my juices. His fingers teased at my nipples and I only wanted more. I began rocking my body more for my own pleasure. Writhing in just the way to please my needy clit. I needed much more, but an orgasm would take the edge off.

I ground my hips in long bucking motions as I found myself on the edge. I moaned out as I felt myself cum. He held me tightly and I watched as he shot his cum all over my pussy and thighs. He panted in my ear as I trembled. My body was weak. I was tingling everywhere and I didn’t want it to end.

He wouldn’t let me get up until I had finished my dinner. Even luke warm, it was still delicious.

I tossed and turned most of the night. I had a very intense dream. I couldn’t remember all of it. I was so out of it. So exhausted from the mental battle in my mind. I was feeling horny. I think I left the window open because it was cold. I had kicked my blanket off during the night and was too tired to sit up and retrieve it. I rolled over to my stomach, deciding as long as my chest and stomach was warm, I could manage.

My dream had me moaning. I remember wanting to feel his hands on me. And then I did feel them. I asked him to make me feel good like he did before. But I could feel his words next to my ear, telling me I needed to take what I wanted. I just whined and wriggled my bottom as if that would be answer enough. I felt his warmth hovering over me. My thighs felt warm. And then my ass… it was almost like I was getting a massage. I remember feeling a lot of warmth right between my thighs.


And then I remember waking up that morning. I must have been so tired. I remembered being cold, but my blanket was still on me when I woke up. I laughed to myself, because I vaguely remember not being able to find my blanket anywhere. I shook it off and pulled on my leggings and my sports bra. I liked that it kept everything in place when I was running, but I hate that It always pushes up my already perky breasts, especially in my work out clothes. Though, I had to admit, I loved that I felt so sexy in it. Knowing people were looking at me, wanting to see me naked. It always got me a little hot thinking about it. I generally make time to masturbate after my workout sessions. I hope I have time later to take the edge off again. Because I can NOT keep doing what I have been.

I need to give him space. I am not here to fuck my dad. I am here to spend time with him and help him feel like himself. Since the divorce, he just hasn’t been the same man. My heart ached for him. I know it must be hard to be alone when you devoted your life for so many years to someone.

I put my hair in high pigtails, braiding them. I grabbed my water bottle and headed to the main room, planning to get my shoes on and eat some oatmeal before braving that hiking trail to the North.

As I walked into the kitchen, I saw my dad drinking his coffee, already dressed and ready to go. He looked up and smiled. I loved his smile. It always made me happy to see him smile like that.

He asked if I slept well and I explained that I was tired and apparently slept pretty well considering how long my dream lasted.

Even after the weird couple of days I have had with him, I was still excited to go hiking with him. I enjoyed our time together and loved that I could be myself with him.

So we set off into the woods. Which was like, 20 feet from the front door.

I love the smell of the trees and the air up here! I wished I had been able to come here more often. I smiled and threw my backpack over my back and we made our way to begin the 15 mile hike.

The sun was rising and we were just beginning to make our way to the uphill portion of the trail. I was always impatient when it came to seeing where I was going. I loved being in front. And all these years of hiking with my family, I have always been first. My dad of course, right behind me, making sure to watch out for me.

We made it to the first plateau of the trail. About 3 or 4 miles in. I had been staying pretty hydrated and needed to refill my bottle from my pack. As I did, I looked up and saw him watching me. I was crouched down, my tank top showing off those very pushed up perky breasts, and he was watching me. I felt my cheeks heat as they flushed. I couldn’t help but smile as I tried to fight that shy feeling that overcame me.

He told me he needed to relieve himself before we continued our trek. He walked over to a tree about 5 feet off the trail and I waited. A couple minutes went by and that's when he called for me. I was confused because he didn’t sound worried, he said he just wanted me to see something.

As I approached him, I saw some movement from his hands. I looked down to see him stroking his cock. Right there! I stood in shock as I saw his hand slowly work his impressive cock. He looked me in the eyes and groaned as he stroked a bit faster.

“What did you need, Dad?”

“Suck daddy’s cock.”

And without another word, I removed my backpack and knelt on the dried up leaves and dirt. I looked up at him and opened my mouth. Before I could even think, My pigtails were wrapped around his hands and his cock was in my mouth. I tried to suck slowly and tease him. But he took control away so quickly. He began fucking my mouth so forcefully. When He did pull out, I would cough and gasp for air. But that would only last for a moment before he would do it again and again. He pulled tightly at my hair, holding me down on his cock for long moments while my chest tightened and my throat squeezed around him. I felt drool running down my chin. He pulled his cock free from my lips and I saw the string of sticky saliva trail from his cock to my lips.

Before I could wipe my mouth with my arm, he leaned forward and pulled at my tank top. He lifted it over my sports bra and head and fashioned it into some kind of knot as it was twisted around my wrists. I was so confused and my head was fuzzy with lust. I was hungry for his cock and I would worry about everything else later.

He reached down and pulled my bra down under my breasts. I felt the warm air on my nipples and they perked up instantly. I looked up at him and pinched them, hard. I was shocked and cried out, not thinking.

“Better hope no one hears that, and catches you looking like a slut.”

He gave me that wonderful, trusting smile, and slipped his cock back into my mouth. I moaned over his cock as he used me. My knees were sore and my mouth was tired. But I was in heaven. I felt so much lust and desire flowing through me. It was time for me to admit this trip was going to be about much more than I considered.

His hands pulled at my hair and gave a good tug on them every time my mouth would relax a little too much. I moaned over his fat cock, sliding my tongue around the tip of the head and down the sides. Always swirling always moving to please him. I knew he liked it when I did that because he would hold me in that position to let me do it a few times. Then he would push his cock all the way down my throat until his balls smeared my drool against my chin.

He pushed my head all the way onto his cock, my throat contracting as I struggled to breathe and he ordered me to stick my tongue out and lick his balls for him. I struggled to obey his orders and did my very best.

After several minutes of gagging and drooling, I had lost all sense of what I was doing. I knew it was wrong. Sucking my dad’s cock in the woods was not okay. But tell that to the aching fire in my needy pussy. I was enjoying every minute of this torture. I loved the feeling my dad gave me when he used me.

He moaned and his grip tightened on my hair and he pulled me off of him and told me to open my mouth. As I did, his cum spurted out and landed on my face. Ropes of cum dripped from my cheeks and chin and lips.

He told me not to wipe it off.

He let me up and cleaned off my knees while I sat on a rock. He wiped them down and even kissed each one. As he smiled up at me, I felt such adoration from him. He said he enjoyed looking at my tits and wanted them out for the rest of the hike.

Considering our new unspoken arrangement, I thought it to be a fair request since there were yet to be any other hikers in this area.

After several minutes in the warm weather, his cum had dried onto my skin and my sweat had caused most of it to run off my face. I found it exhilarating and a bit refreshing to have my breasts out in the open. I wasn’t running today, so the support was not as necessary as it is for other activities. With that thought, I removed my tank top and bra altogether and tucked them in my bag.

He smiled as he walked beside me up the trail.

I was high on the endorphins of this experience. Feeling the air on my nipples only made them harder. I was nervous and excited that someone could see me any moment. I wasn’t normally this kind of person. I was timid and shy most times. Sure, I have had a couple college threesums, but nothing crazy like giving a blow job outside… to my Dad!

As we hiked up the trail, he would ask me questions about my life. We talked for the next hour or so while pushing through the steepest part of the trail. After a little while, I had actually forgotten I was topless.

The rest of the hike was just like old times.

We were nearing the top of the trail when I heard some voices coming from around the other end back toward us. I immediately looked down at my bare breasts and over at my dad. He smiled and kept walking.

I took a deep breath and kept hiking up the trail. The man and woman passed us, both gawking at my perky heavy tits as they went. The man slowed his pace for a moment to get a good look. And then kept going. I heard them arguing on the way down.

As we reached the top, I was so happy to see a picnic table when I could sit.

It was exhilarating to be at the top of this small mountain, looking out at nothing but trees, as the sun broke from the clouds, warming my skin.

I asked my dad to apply some sunscreen for me, so I wouldn’t burn. I sat on the table with my feet resting on the bench. He squeezed some lotion onto his hand and rubbed them together before reaching up and starting on my shoulders. I smiled as he took care of me the way he always did. His large hands made their way down my arms and back up my sides. He applied more lotion and rubbed my stomach and then my back. His hands came around and gently rubbed the sunscreen over each breast. Taking time to get around each nipple and tugging on them. I moaned as he did.

As he stood in front of me, rubbing my breasts and teasing my nipples, he told me how he thought about this a lot. How he thought about ME. He had wanted to taste my pussy ever since I was visiting home from college. He said I looked so sexy, it was hard to be around me without needing to jerk his cock.

All the memories came flooding back to me as he spoke. His cum was on my legs… His finger teased my slit as he stroked himself.

“Daddy. I know this week has been confusing. But I want you. I want… you to fuck me. Please.”

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to ask. Just tell me when you want it.”

I blushed and as he tugged on my nipples especially hard, I squirmed and whimpered, “Now.”

At that moment he moved away to grab something from his bag and told me he wanted to see me naked right now. I stepped down and began removing my leggings and panties as he laid a small blanket over the table. He motioned for me to sit on the edge.

I looked down at him, very familiar where this position led us last time. I wasn’t much taller than him in this position and that made it very easy for his hands to reach back and grab my hair. He pulled me to him and our lips met. He kissed me softly and with so much passion, I wanted to lose myself. I sucked on his lip while he nibbled on mine. My legs wrapped around him and I realized he was naked as well.

My hands caressed his bare skin as his lips moved down my neck. He smiled up at me and gently urged me to lay back on the blanket. I looked up at the clouds as his hands held my ass once more. He tugged me closer to him and I felt the swollen velvet head of his cock sliding against my wet slit. I moaned at the sensation. I was about to plead with him when he pushed himself into me.

I groaned out as his balls pressed firmly against my ass. I heard him swear under his breath as he settled in. His hands gripped my ass a bit harder as he began slowly pumping in and out. I gasped as he seemed to push even deeper on the next thrust. My moans were getting louder and my body was moving in time with his. I could feel his cock push against my cervix every time. Rubbing against my G spot and making me want to cum. I whimpered as he teased me on the edge.

“Dad, I need you to pull out when you cum. I forgot to take my pills on the trip.”

I moaned as he kept fucking me slowly. What I thought was a reasonable request, seemed to be accepted.

“Of course baby.” He said between groans of pleasure.

I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist and felt him pump into me with more force each time.

I whimpered as his cock pushed a bit deeper. He swore loudly, “Fuck baby girl. Daddy needs you.”

His hands pulled me closer and he began pounding into me. I was losing all sense of surroundings as my eyes closed and I felt the pleasure building. I moaned louder, hearing the faint echos of my ecstasy as my dad fucked my wet pussy. I could feel his balls slapping against the wetness that dripped down my ass. All the while he pounded away like I was the one thing he had always wanted.

My body ached for him. I never felt so complete as I did in this moment.

“Harder. Faster!” I cried out. “I’m cumminggggg!”

And like I spoke it into existence, my hips began to buck as he held firmly to my thighs. His moans matched mine as he bottomed out inside me and held me there.

Several minutes went by and he let my legs down gently. He sat me up and kissed my lips. I was in such a euphoric state, I just wanted to sleep.

He gave me a bottle of water and I sipped on it as he put his pants back on.

I looked out over the horizon and smiled. I stood up to get my clothes, when I felt more wetness dripping from my cunt.

My dad’s cum is dripping from my pussy.

We got dressed and knew that my panties were going to be preventing his cum from fully leaving my body. But why did that turn me on?

We got dressed and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was forgetting something. But as I stared off at the beautiful view, I could only think about how perfect this vacation had been so far.

I left myself topless for the trip down the trail. It took half the time for us to get back. We didn’t encounter anyone else along the way.

I didn’t mention my knowledge of what he had done. We talked about wanting to visit this area more often. How we would want to explore the other trails out this way. We had both been interested in midnight-hiking. And now, the thought left so many options open.

As we returned to the cabin, we both went to clean up. When I got undressed, I noticed the lack of fluids leaving my body. I was unsure what that meant. He was just in the moment. I know it’s hard to remember things when your mind is focused. I hardly remembered it, myself. He wouldn’t have done that intentionally, would he?

I couldn’t get pregnant from this. I was still on the pill, just not right now. And it’s not like he would do that again. Right?

I took a shower and made some food while he took his. I was dressed in some comfortable cotton pajama shorts and a sports bra.

It became routine for me to sit on his lap for every meal now. I never even thought about it as I served all the food onto one plate. I sat with my legs draped over his. He would wrap one arm around my waist and feed us with his free hand.

I loved the closeness that I felt. But I was worried I was becoming too attached. After all, we weren't a couple. I felt his cock press against me as I finished my food. I moaned ever so slightly as I wriggled my bottom against him.

“It’s bedtime baby girl. Remember, you’re sleeping in my bed now.”

He urged me to stand up and he readjusted himself before clearing the dishes.

I smiled and headed for the room, bringing an extra pillow from my bed. As I uncovered the bed, he came in and smiled.

I had no idea where our relationship was going. I knew that we were at a point where things had changed forever. But did I want to continue? I loved the way I feel when I’m with him. I always have. But I used to chalk it up to him being my favorite parent.

But now, this was different. I get butterflies when he looks at me. He always knows how to make me feel just right.

And our physical chemistry… WOW!

This takes us back to where we left off.

My face buried in the sheets as he teased my body to new heights.

His eyes were scanning over my body. I knew he was taking in every inch of me. And my eyes… well, they were closed, the soft sheets crumpled against my face. I could feel his breath on my thighs, and it drove me wild! A finger tracing up the sheer nylons, sending a chill down my spine.

I had my knees spread apart to allow him access to every inch of my body. That's when I felt him kneel on the bed behind me. His hands were warm and firm. I felt his palms on my ass, taking hold of my flesh like he didn't know where to start.

My body tingled with excitement as I waited for his next move.

He moaned as he slid his cock over my entrance. I felt the warmth of his skin as he rubbed the soft head against my lips. I felt my wetness spread as he slid forward and back. I MOANED as he pressed his cock into me. Slowly at first. Sliding the tip in and out.. Teasing me as I wiggled with anticipation. I tried to move back toward him, to take what I wanted. But I was met with a smack to my ass.


Stay still, I want to take my time.

I whimpered and lowered my head again as I tried to be patient and wait. Without warning, he pushed into my wet, needy pussy. I gasped in surprise as he sunk into me. The sensation was unbelievable as he began to slowly fuck me. I felt my body responding to the stimulation. I was lost in the moment. Feeling his strong hands on my body, guiding himself in and out of me. I kept thinking I was dreaming or fantasizing. But then I would hear his voice calling me his good girl. And I could smell his familiar cologne. I was in bed and my dad was pushing into my pussy, fucking me.

With every breath he would push in harder. Pulling out for long moments before pushing into me harder and deeper each time. I could feel the air forced from my lungs as he thrust into me. My wetness was causing a slippery situation as he would sometimes slip out and run against my clit. I would moan out in frustration each time this happened.

His cock was so perfect. Fat enough to press against every nerve ending without being too long to hurt me terribly. My body took some time to get used to the feeling of his thickness, but then I lost my mind. I felt like I was on fire. I needed more. I needed to feel him fuck me like I was his dying wish.

I moaned and whimpered.. Begging for more.

“Pleaseee.. Please fuck me. I need it so bad. Yesss..”

My body would tremble and I felt my orgasm growing closer and closer. Then his cock would slip out and we would both groan.

I was so close I couldn't take it anymore. I begged!

“Please Daddy! Fuck my cunt. Bury your cock inside me and pound me senseless!”

It must have been all he needed to hear, because he grabbed my hips and slammed into me HARD. I moaned out loud as he began fucking into me harder than before. My fingers grabbed onto the sheets and I felt my pussy squeeze around his cock, tightening the grip on him as he pushed me to cum. I gasped and moaned loudly as I felt my orgasm roll over my body. I began to spasm and buck my hips as he made this animalistic growl. I felt so many tingles all over my body. I had never cum so hard.

I felt the elation die down and he had moved to lay beside me.

He ran his fingers over my face to move my hair, and he kissed me. Our lips touched and we shared the sweet embrace for a long moment.

I realize now, this embrace was more than just him enjoying my body. He was caressing and exploring my body.

And as I thought about what might be going through his mind. I knew what else was going through mine. I never wanted to stop kissing him. I wanted to be around him all the time. I wanted to hold his hand and sleep beside him. I loved him. I loved him far more than I thought was probably normal. But it didn’t matter to me.

I smiled as we snuggled up close and quickly fell asleep.


I woke up to the feeling of hands caressing each thigh. Warmth on my skin as my body tingled. The most intense pleasure rolled through me as I was rocked with this amazing orgasm before even opening my eyes!

I was panting and squirming as my legs were lifted and his cock pushed into me. I was wet and needy for more. Every thrust into me made me gasp and moan. His hands massaged my breasts while his fingers pinched at my nipples. I moaned and lifted my ass in the air, with hopes to bring him closer to me.

He leaned forward and pressed his body against me as my legs slid down to his waist. I smiled up at him as he began to slowly push into me. My body was aching for all of him.

“More pleaseeee…. Cumming..”

That whole day was new. It was like we were on our honeymoon. Just me and him. I had an orgasm in every room of that cabin.

I wanted to take some time to enjoy a hot shower. I peeled the spandex hiking gear from my body and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My body was sheening with a layer of sweat. I looked… sexy. I was feeling tingles over my skin at the very thought of our adventure.

Is that what this was? An adventure? I wanted more. I didn’t want this to end.

I smiled as I stepped into the hot shower. I felt the steam overtake my body. And as I let the water soak into my hair, I heard the bathroom door open and shut. Before I could ask if everything was alright, the shower door slid open and my dad stepped in behind me.

I looked up at him as his arms reached out and pulled me to him. I took in a deep breath just as I felt my body sink against him.

I knew where I wanted to be.

Lifted my head and kissed his neck. Gently nipping at the skin with my teeth as I trailed down lower and lower. I brought myself to my knees in front of him. His hands on my head, fingers running through the wet hair as the hot water cascaded over us.

I moaned as I took his hardening cock in my mouth. I felt him grow even harder as I slid my tongue over it. I gave another moan as I took the length into my mouth and slid off. My tongue trailed up from the base all the way to the tip. I smiled up at him as I truly worshiped his cock. My body belonged to him, and I wanted to show him that.

“Fuck my mouth Daddy.”

He stared down at me, unmoving.

“Daddy, I want…”

And before I could repeat myself, he shoved his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I gagged immediately as he began to fuck into my throat. It's like my mouth was never enough for him. He always wanted more. He needed to feel my throat contracting around his fat cock as I struggled to breathe.

I felt my drool running down my chin, even as the hot water rinsed it all away. I would gasp for air every time he would pull from my mouth. Just long enough for me to let out a small cough. Then he would hold my head as he pumped into my throat again.

My Dad was using my throat. I was his new fuck toy and I loved it. I enjoyed being his obsession. Hearing him moan as he fucked my face. His balls slapping against my chin as he owned my mouth.

He finally slowed his pumps to a stop. But kept his cock as far back as I could manage. I had somehow learned to get a few breaths in every now and again, my mouth working around his cock. I looked up at him and he spoke.

“You are mine. And right now, I want to fuck you. And I will continue to fuck you and use you until this no longer pleases the both of us.”

With that, he slid his cock from my mouth and helped me stand. I was still trying to catch my breath when he began rubbing the soft bath sponge over my body.

His hands worked the soap over every inch of me. The water would immediately rinse the soap down my body as he rubbed it over me.

He crouched down and ran the sponge up each leg and over my ass.I felt the water run down my back, creating a little stream that slid between my cheeks and down my slit.

I smiled at the thought of my daddy washing my most delicate areas. His fingers slid over my pussy and asshole. He let the soap trail to all my crevasses. I moaned as I felt his fingers tease between my lips and over my clit. I bent over, giving him a better visual as I rested my palms on the edge of the tub.

He slid his fingers back and forth over my pussy. I knew I was getting wet, even if you couldn’t see it with the water. He would pinch my clit between the sides of his two fingers and wiggle them…

The water washed away all the soap after the first minute, but that didn't stop him from making sure I was perfect.

I whimpered as He slid a finger inside me. It felt so good to feel him tease me. I wiggled my bottom at him and he planted a kiss on each cheek. I giggled and he pushed one more finger inside.

“Ohhhhhh.. I like the way that feels.”

He was enjoying my moans as much as I loved feeling him make me moan. He ran his tongue over my slit and didn't stop until he reached my asshole. I was surprised!


And before I could protest, he slid his tongue into my tight little star.


His fingers worked in and out of my pussy as he began to tongue fuck my tight little ass. I was in shock. It felt so good! I moaned at the sensation. Hot water running down my back, trickling between my cheeks, even as his tongue invaded my ass. Now 3 fingers pushed into my pussy. I groaned loudly as he began to fuck me harder. I could hear the wetness squelching as he slowly stretched my pussy. I whimpered as I felt close to cumming. His fingers teased my G spot with every thrust inside of me. His tongue was not fixed to my ass. No longer moving away, just pushing in and out. I loved the feeling of his tongue sliding into my ass. I was so close to cumming, I didn't want any of it to stop.


Before I even knew what happened, he pushed a fourth finger into my pusy and I felt my eyes roll back. I was trying hard not to buck my hips in pleasure as I came. My body was on fire and my orgasm rocked through me as he pushed his thumb into my ass.

My mind was in a fog. All I could do was enjoy the invasion as it added to the pleasure I was feeling. My pussy was stuffed and my ass was too.

“Pleaseee.. Don't stop.”

He curled his fingers as he twisted his wrist, allowing his fingers to tease my G spot over and over. My body shivered and I felt the tingles begin to wear off.

I was lost in orgasmic bliss as he slipped his hands away. I whimpered at the loss as I felt myself sink to the floor of the shower. He wrapped me in his arms and lowered himself as well, his legs on either side of me as we let the water run over us.

It must have been quite a while as I lay there in his arms. The water had begun to run cold. We got out of the shower and he dried me up. I put on one of his t-shirts and let it drape over me as I poured us each a glass of wine.

I was so embarrassed that he had played with my ass. I felt nervous. Like, he had done something to me that I should be ashamed of. So I talked to him about it as we snuggled up together on the sofa.

He explained that he wanted every part of me. And that he enjoyed playing with me. He wanted to show me everything he enjoyed doing so much.

I saw how happy he was that I wanted to learn more about him. And I didnt want to disappoint him. Even though anal sex had never been a desire of mine, I did really enjoy it when he was teasing me. So maybe that was okay. I could just let him use his fingers. It doesn’t need to be his cock.

I sat between his legs, sideways on the sofa. We stayed there a long time just sipping on wine and talking.

After the second glass of wine, we were both getting frisky again. I could feel his cock pressed against the top of my ass while his hands massaged my breasts.

I sighed softly as I let the wine relax my body. His lips trailed down the side and back of my neck, down to my shoulder. His hands worked to slip underneath the large shirt and pull it up over my head.

I felt his teeth press firmly against the side of my neck as his fingers pinched at my nipples. I pressed myself closer to him, wanting the sensation to never stop.

“Ohhhh.. Moreee…”

His hands slid to my back and urged me to reposition, leaning forward. I shifted to my hands and knees, my ass in full view, now that I was naked.

His hands slid over my cheeks and spread them, to get a better look at what now belonged to him. My mind was racing. I was giving myself to my dad, over and over again. And I loved it each time. I was done being apprehensive.

I wiggled my ass in hopes to draw him closer.

I hadn’t realized he even moved his position until I felt his tongue run over my slit, followed very soon by his cock. I whimpered as he pressed it against my slit. I wanted it so badly. I wanted to feel him take me every chance he got.

I whimpered and pushed my body back, letting his cock slip inside me. I moaned out as he filled my pussy, stretching me with his thickness. At that moment, I felt something wet on my ass. I moaned again, feeling the drizzle of cool wetness over my little puckered hole.

I knew I was going to feel his finger inside me again, and I yearned for it.

I was kept distracted as his cock slid in and out of my wet pussy. I loved how much he filled me up. I always felt so full when my daddy’s cock was inside me.

He teased his finger around my ass hole and slipped his finger inside.

He pushed his cock inside me once more. Thrusting harder now as I felt his finger curl and twist inside my ass.

He suddenly pulled his finger free and I whimpered as I felt the emptiness. His cock slipped from my pussy and I didnt even have time to register the desires I had, until I felt the pressure against my needy little hole.

I felt my body relax as he slowly and carefully pushed himself inside me. I took a deep breath and felt him push past my tight anal ring and slip so very easily inside me. I moaned hard as I felt my body adjust. I could feel his heat radiating off of him as he pulsed inside my needy ass.

“Daddyyy.. It feels so full. I'm so stuffed with you inside my ass. I just… ohhhhhh”

I felt him slowly begin to thrust his hips. Every now and then adding more lube, which made it feel better and better each time. My body was tingling and I wanted more.

“Daddyyyyy.. Please .. fuck me. Fuck my ass. Use my tight, needy little virgin ass.”

And with my final words, my Dad pushed his cock into me hard. I cried out as he began to thrust into me harder with each passing moment. His hands found my hair and he pulled my head back.

He pounded into me over and over, I felt like he would split me in half as his fat cock stretched my tiny little star. I wanted to feel him let go.

“Daddyyy.. Please daddy fuck my little ass. Yesss yes yes yes… Cum for me daddy. Cum in my ass. Make me your little cum slut. “

I felt his hands release my hair and grab onto my hips, holding me against him as he slammed into my ass. Our skin clapped together and he cried out. He stayed there for a long moment before pulling away slowly. As his cock unplugged my ass, I felt his cum slowly trickle down my slit. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the feeling. Grateful that his cum was only just tickling my pussy and not deep inside.


I was living a life that felt like a dream. Each moment with him was more than just me with my Dad. I was with the man who could make me feel like a woman. I was constantly hungry for more. And he was there to give it to me.

Our last day at the cabin was spent visiting a small cluster of waterfalls that were on the other side of that crazy trail. I was so excited to see it!

It was hotter than it had been, so I chose to wear a sports bra, but no shirt. I wore my spandex legging shorts with my standard hiking shoes and pack. I kept having moments when I worried that things between us would start getting weird. Like, maybe we wouldn’t be able to talk anymore without it being about sex. But it never was.

We laughed and smiled. We talked more about my work life and the job offer I had received. He gave me professional and fatherly advice. And he made the dumb dad jokes. Nothing about our trip had been unpleasant or uncomfortable. I enjoyed spending the time with my dad that I had wanted. I helped him get out and forget about the divorce… put it all behind him. I spent time with my dad, my best friend, and my lover.

I had amazing sex every night. And amazing orgasms. I was losing my mind with the amount of pleasure one woman can experience.

We hiked almost all the way to the top of the hill again. But this time, we followed a slightly less visible trail that veered off to the left and down a sketchy slope. I was too excited to stop anywhere this time, and I think he knew that. He didn't ask me to stop for him at all. I had never forgotten for a moment what was going on between us. But it didn’t mean I needed to live in that feeling all the time.

I was excited to see the falls, and he was at least excited for me. I guess he will always be my Daddy, watching his princess be happy.

As we took the slope down, my foot slipped and I slid down a muddy patch, about 10 feet. I laughed when I got to the bottom. My dad rushed down to check on me. He laughed when he saw me covered in mud.

After making sure I was alright, he stood me up and smiled. Mud had covered my legs and ass. We joked about sex in the mud and continued our journey. We walked about 20 minutes and wandered right into this beautiful secluded area with a small lake and the smallest of 3 waterfalls in the vicinity.

I was so thrilled to see it. I tossed my pack on the grass and kicked off my shoes before jumping into the amazing water. I dove under the water and let my body cool off as I came up for air. I noticed he had jumped in after me, and was also enjoying the break from the heat.

I began rinsing all the mud from my skin and the not so wonderful places it slid to.

I swam over to the small waterfall and used it as a shower. I removed my clothes and threw them on a nearby rock after getting the mud out of each one.

I let the cool water rinse away all the stress from the past few months. Just taking in the wonderful feeling.

I saw my dad swimming over to me and laughed as he tried to take off his clothes while coming closer. He was perfect. That bright smile lit up every time he looked at me. He popped up behind me and I immediately felt his hands on my ass while he leaned in to kiss my neck. I moaned and felt my smile deepen with every moment he was near me.

This feeling would never go away. I turned around and kissed him. My lips covered his as I teased him with my tongue. My teeth nipped at his bottom lip and he moaned at the feeling. His arms pulled me in closer and we shared the passionate moment, forgetting that another world existed.

He scooped me up and rested my back against the smooth wall of stone behind the falls. I wrapped my legs around my daddy’s waist and felt him adjust my weight so my legs were over his arms. Using the wall to hold me steady, he used one hand to hold his cock in position and lowered me onto him. I felt his cock impale me and I cried out louder than I had before.

I could feel how stuffed he made me and I loved it.

Over and over he lifted me with his arms and all but dropped me onto him. The pleasure boiled over so fast that I couldn't even tell him I was cumming. The tingles ran through my body like jolts of electricity. I felt like I was boiling over with sensation.

He kept fucking into me hard. I was pretty sure I had blacked out for a moment. When I opened my eyes again, we were kissing. The mist from the waterfall was hitting my face and he was pumping into me slowly. I was already feeling another orgasm bubbling up when he slipped out of me and let me down. Holding me until I was steady, he kissed me again, biting my lip in a way that drove me crazy. He gestured to the rock that had my clothes on it. I leaned over and put my arms on the pile of clothes, my head now outside the waterfall.

He positioned himself behind me and pushed into my sopping used cunt once again. I moaned out as he thrust his cock in my body. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I felt the excitement of being fucked in public with the confidence that I was completely alone.

I was losing my mind to another orgasm that was about to rock through me. I felt him slip his finger into my ass and I cried out as my orgasm exploded.

A minute or two went by and he came around to the front and helped me stand again. He held me in his arms and helped me get dressed again.

As I was putting my top back on, another couple walked through the same opening we had earlier. I froze in fear, worried they may have heard me.

I looked worried at my dad and he smiled.

Now fully dressed, we got out of the lake and relaxed in the sun.

My dad had begun a conversation with the other man. The couple was asking how long we had been together. My dad was stuck, unsure of how to answer. So I chimed in.

“It feels like my entire life.” I beamed up at him with adoration.

“He’s just always been there to make me feel perfect.” I kissed him on the cheek and grabbed my bottle of water for a sip.

The man said he was going to join his girlfriend for a dip in the lake, hoping it would be as much fun as we had.

I nearly choked on the water and my daddy laughed.

Later, we talked about how nice it was that they didn’t know who we were or what we were doing.

Then he spoke.

“You should take that job. I know you’d have to move. WE’D have to move…”

He trailed off. He wanted to move with me.

“Daddy.. Do you… want to move in with me?”

“Well, it wouldn't be fair for you to raise our baby on your own.”

I stared at him, confused for a moment.

“But I’m not..”

Now it was my turn to trail off

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