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Escaping the Cage

by Beth (Halo) Hanson about a year ago in erotic
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Kitty come back

Jewel came crying over to my door Sunday afternoon. I had just stepped inside from taking a smoke when I saw her through the glass door with tears in her eyes.

I opened and the door and gave her a hug.

"What happened?" I tried to say softly.

"Lucky ran away… she's done this before, but this time I'm afraid she won't come back."

"She'll come back; why do you think she won't?" I asked, taking a step back and gesturing for Jewel to sit on the couch.

"Because she's been gone all day, she hasn't been spayed, Lucky's only a kitten, but I guess she's getting antsy."

"Hm, well, I know what that's like to need to run away for a night like that," I said, which made Jewel laugh. "She'll come back," I said confidently.

I left Jewel to sit on the couch while I went to the kitchen to make some tea.

I came back with two mugs.

"I brought Ross over to wait for Lucky in case she comes back, but I still feel like I should be there."

"well, I'm glad you came over," I said, "we can go wait together over there if you like?"

"Yeah, let's.'"

"Do you mind if I just grab some art supplies, so we have something to do while we wait?" I asked.

Jewel sniffled and nodded in agreement.

We walked around the corner of the street to her place.

It was the size of a bedroom with a little kitchenette in the corner; she had piles of clothes everywhere. Ross was sitting in her bed with a laptop and a beer watching Futurama.

I did not really know Ross, so I just assumed he was a guy she was seeing. He was attractive enough, tall and lean with blonde hair and a friendly face.

"Hey Jewel," he said, putting the laptop to the side but letting it play. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine; this is Erika, my neighbour."

"Hey, nice to meet you."

"You as well; I brought us some art stuff to play with while we wait for Lucky."

"Oh cool, I guess you don't need me anymore?"

Jewel did not reply; I looked at her; she still had tears coming from her eyes. I wondered if there was more to the story than just the cat is missing.

"Uh, you can stay, do some drawing or painting with us if you like?" I Inquired.

"I'm really not much of an artist, but sure, why not."

I could feel Ross checking me up and down with his eyes. I was curious but still did not want to ask what his relationship was with Jewel.

I put some sketch paper, pens, and pencils out on the table grabbed a few tools for myself and started sketching.

"Hey Jewel, do you want to put on some music?" I asked.

"Um, sure."

While she was setting up her speaker. I got on the bed with Ross, offering him a pen and some paper.

"Thanks," he said, looking me in the eyes for a moment too long for comfort.

I moved over to lean against the wall and started doodling.

Jewel put on some indie music and came to join us on the bed. She seemed to be cheering up a little.

"I have my two favourite people here with me, so I can't be sad; I just want lucky to come back."

Ross put his hand on Jewel's shoulder. Then they kissed.

I was confused, to say the least when Ross and Jewel both reached out to touch me.

They stopped kissing to look at me.

I was speechless.

Jewel and I had kissed before, but only at parties when we were both wasted.

"You guys do your thing; I'm just going to draw for a bit I said."

"Of course," Jewel replied, and she lay comfortably with Ross, taking the pen and paper I had given him to start doodling a picture of lucy, surrounded by stars and flowers.

I started sketching some patterns and designs, and the two of them laying together. They looked beautiful; their bodies seemed to match each other perfectly. I was pretty attracted to both of them. I got lost for a moment, just staring at them together when Ross sat up and whispered.

"there she is, Lucky."

Jewel jumped up and crept over to the door to close it before Lucky managed to escape again.

We all started to laugh with joy and relief. Jewel gave me a big kiss. Then Ross came over and joined in.

Before we knew it, the three of us were in a cuddle puddle in bed together, watching Lucky sniff out the room and eventually come to join us in bed too. I had my chest on Ross's lap as Jewel lay in his other shoulder.

"So, how long have you guys known each other?" I asked.

"Not too long," replied Jewel, "we're just good friends; I'm happy that you too are meeting; I thought you would get along," She said and looked at me and my lips.

It was all so unexpected, but I guess that's how these things happen. I leaned over to kiss Jewel, and Ross groaned in amusement. He pulled us both in closer, kissing us both on the cheek.

Before long, Lara and I were taking turns kissing him and each other. As Lucy slept on the edge of the bed.

The sun had set, and the full moon was enough to illuminate the room through the window.

The contrast of Jewel's soft curves and sweet lips to Ross's hard abs and stubbly face had me more than a little turned on; I had just met him, but I trusted her, so I trusted him.

"Erika, you are so hot," Ross whispered in my ear as he started to tug at my clothing to take it off.

I peeled off my pullover hoodie, then my sports bra. I went to unzip Ross's jeans while Lara made out with his moustached face. I was amazed at the present in his pants and began to blow.

He moaned and repeated it.

"Erika, you are so hot."

I was worried Jewel would be getting Jealous, so I stopped what I was doing and started to take off her clothing. Touching and kissing her beautiful breasts. But the more attention I paid her, the more Ross seemed to give to me.

We took turns pleasuring each other until we were all tired and sleepy. Jewel was the first to fall asleep.

"Should we leave or spend the night?" Ross whispered to me.

I didn't even answer. I wanted to leave with Ross and get to know him better. But Jewel was my best friend and neighbour. What would she think if she woke up all alone after that? I tried to wake her up. But she was out cold.

"I'm going outside for a smoke; you're welcome to join," I said, getting up and putting on my clothes.

Ross joined me outside.

"I left a note on her bed that we both went home; I'll see Jewel tomorrow," Ross said as I handed him a cigarette and a light.

"What a night."

"'yeah," Ross sighed. He looked gorgeous, like a greek god.

"I'll see you soon" I sighed and gestured towards my place.

"Yeah. See you soon—Ross said, slipping his car keys out of his pocket.

When he had left. I went back to Jewel. I spent the night with her and Lucky and slept, sort of.


About the author

Beth (Halo) Hanson

Visonary painter, Realist writer

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