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Erotic Ghost Story

by Timothy A Rowland 2 months ago in fiction

A Supernatural Erotic Mind Control Story

Phot by: Tim Rowland. Created via

Erotic Ghost Story of the 3 Sisters House

As the slow line of cars pulled up one by one and parked, Karla stood in front recalling the erotic ghost story that had been told to her by the executor of the estate. She had inherited the famous, 3 sisters house after the passing of a distant relative she didn’t even know she had. Naturally, she decided to throw a party that would last all weekend. Why not? The house was huge!

Sitting on over twenty acres, it boasted 12 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Aside from those rooms, there was also a huge dining room, two living rooms, a wine cellar, two kitchens, and a massive pool out back. When she first laid eyes on it and the executor had given her the keys, they told her of the three sisters that had once lived in the house decades ago. All three had died only a few days apart… and without any clear cause. However, since the house was being used as a brothel at the time, owned and operated by the sisters, everyone assumed that a client had become violent… and more over… nobody had really cared about the deaths.

All anyone knew was that ever since the last sister’s death, people who had moved into the house always reported being molested by visitors; both those in the house with them and those that remained unseen. It had been said that once a group of people moved in and invited the town’s people there for a party… that night, people walking the street could hear moans and screams… followed by a dead silence. It was hard to believe though. After all, the house sat a far distance from the nearest town road due to its location in the middle of the twenty acres of land. The executor had attested to knowing for certain that six of the women who had been in the house and left, had done so pregnant… some of them not only unmarried, but without a partner at all.

Erotic Mind Control Story- Karla

Finally, the last of the guest had arrived and she had greeted each one. Now, everyone made their way down the various halls and chosen a room. The doors all closed as each of the guest settled in and prepared to meet later in the dining room for drinks. This was her chance to take a shower and have a breather before the fun began. Karla slipped into the master bedroom, closed the door, and stripped out of her clothes. She walked to the master bathroom and turned on the old-fashioned shower. As she leaned against the sink waiting for the water temperature to be right, she continued thinking about the stories she had heard about the house.

Lost in her own thoughts, she suddenly came to… realizing she was now gently playing with her clit. The thoughts of those stories had gotten her a little worked up. Luckily, the shower was a great place to take care of that. She smiled to herself and tested the water one last time. Satisfied with the heat of the water, she stepped in and closed the curtain.

Slowly, she let the hot water cascade over her body, enjoying the sensation of the heat on her breasts and running down her skin. As one hand made its way to her breast, she started to squeeze and play with her hard nipple. The other hand glided down her abdomen and straight to her clit; now wet with more than just the hot water. She rubbed and played with passion, her eyes closed, as she let herself fall back against the shower wall.

The house was huge, but she couldn’t know if anyone was outside the room in the hallway, so she tried her best to stifle her moans and her little squeaks of pleasure. Even as her self-pleasuring intensified, she didn’t want to be discovered…which only served to further turn her on. She loved that she was fully exposed and so near reaching orgasm… and none of her guest would even know. This was her naughty little secret and she was loving it. As her body arched, she wondered if any of the others were having their own naughty little secret time in the other rooms. Yep, that thought was delicious, and she could taste the lusty thought of it on her lips.

A moment later, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and she came hard as her eyes flew open. Through a kaleidoscope of ecstasy and color, she saw a figure…just for a moment. Her orgasm still gripped her… just as she realized that it wasn’t the only thing gripping her. The figure was there and not at the same time, but she knew it was a beautiful woman. The woman was smiling and had her hand between Karla’s legs. Karla shook her head and wiped her face to clear her vision… just as the woman stepped forward…and everything went dark. As the world faded from view, she heard a whisper… “you’re mine.”

Stunned, Karla stood in the shower a moment in a haze. Then, she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. It was as though she wasn’t making herself move, though. She couldn’t believe she was in such a state that she was going through the motions without so much as a thought of what to do next. She looked over at her clothes and told herself to get dressed and join the others in the dining room as planned.

Then, as she walked over to her bedroom door without drying off or getting dressed, she watched and felt herself open the door and walk out into the hallway. Her feet carried her down the hall…down the steps…around the corner and toward the dining room. Inside her head she screamed… it wasn’t a state at all! She was not the one controlling her movements. Her thoughts were her own, but her body was not involved in those thoughts…or effected by them.

As her feet carried her past the doorway of the dining room, she could see Kristen laying nude on the table, Sara was leaned over the side of the table with her face buried between Kristen’s legs. Behind her stood Jeremy; entering her hard over and over and his hands gripping tightly to her waist. The look on their faces made it clear that they were not in this situation by choice. The group was moaning, and the sound of Jeremy’s pounding echoed through the large room. Turning her attention in front of her again, she could see Tyler sitting in one of the high-back old chairs. He was nude in the chair that was turned to the side, and his cock was standing proudly between his opened legs.

Her body approached him, and she felt herself going to her knees. She tried to glance over at Sara- Tyler’s wife- but saw her only briefly before she vanished from sight as the table overtook her view. Now she could only see Sara’s legs under the table and Jeremy’s behind her. Her mouth was forced open by an invisible force and suddenly Tyler’s rock-solid cock was taken so deep she felt it touch the back of her throat. Her head began to lift and fall in a fast rhythm, taking it deep in her mouth each time. Looking up she could see the confused yet turned on look on Tyler’s face, as she glanced over at his wife taking it from behind, and then down to watch her suck him feverishly.

She could feel the presence of people walking into the room but couldn’t stop or turn to look to see who it was. Without being able to see them, she felt hands on her hips, and then her lower body being lifted and back into a doggystyle position. She let out a muffled scream as a dick that was almost too big for her was pushed deep inside her. She had no idea of whose face she would see if she turned around, but she knew one thing… the only people she knew had already been in the room when she arrived. The dick taking her from behind belonged to any one of the other guests that her friends had invited.

By Yohann LIBOT on Unsplash

Amusement for the Dead

Suddenly, the man behind her removed himself from her and she felt empty a moment. She stood onto her feet and her body turned. She saw the blonde-haired man standing there, his cock shiny with her juices, and a look that was shared among everyone. Against her thoughts, her body stepped back and began to lower itself. She was shocked and a little horrified as she felt Tyler’s cock press against her asshole. She wanted to scream but could make no sound other than a moan and squeal. Despite her thoughts, her body continued to lower itself and she had no choice but to accept it as he entered her ass deeply until the cheeks of her ass were pressed against his waist. Though she dreaded it, she knew her body and his would begin to move, forcing him deep inside, out, and deep again.

Instead, she watched as the blonde stranger stepped forward and lifted her legs off the floor. His massive rod penetrated her pussy and once again sank balls-deep inside her. She was now completely filled as both men began to pump in and out with the full length of what they had been given. She was taking it all and trying not to lose her mind in either the pleasure or the lack of control. She looked over to the corner of the room and there she could see the figure from the shower. The woman was standing there with a smile on her face, scanning her vision around the room. Karla shot her sight over to the other corner as best she could and could barely make out a second woman standing there with an equally large smile on her face. Somehow, she knew… these were two of the sisters from the story.

For a moment, she locked eyes with the figure from the shower. Then, the sight faded and all she could see was colors dancing across her vision. She suddenly heard Jeremy cry out with a powerful orgasm… and then the loud thud of him falling to the floor. A moment later it was Kristen that screamed in pleasure… followed by total silence. As Karla’s vision slowly returned as a hazy view, she could make out Sara’s silhouette as she approached and sat on the table next to the blonde stranger. Then as her vision fully cleared, she could see Sara playing her pussy, using what was obviously Jeremy’s cum that was leaking out of her. Like the others, Sara moaned out a loud orgasm… and then fell to the table without moving.

She could feel Tyler begin to shake beneath her and watched as the blonde stranger became equally excited. To her surprise, both men moaned loudly, and she felt the hot spray of cum in both her ass and her pussy at the same time; now fully filling her in a whole new way. Just like the others… after their orgasm subsided, they both fell motionless to the floor, causing Karla to fall hard to the floor as well. She felt the pain of the fall immediately and screamed. She reached down and rubbed her ass… realizing in that moment that she was once again in control of her own body.

She leapt to her feet and gazed back and forth at the two female figures standing in the corner… as they glared back at her, still smiling. Karla then looked around the room at the unconscious friends and stranger. “So, this was just for your amusement?” The two figures shook their heads slowly. “What do you want?” There was no reply. Then, she had a thought. The stories had spoken about three sisters, yet she only saw two figures standing in the room. “Where is your other sister?” Both figures smiled a little wider and then looked up to the ceiling. Surprisingly quickly, Karla put it together. There were still two guests missing and one sister missing. With a bit of panic, she took off running down the hall and then up the stairs.

Horror Upstairs and a Deal to Be Made

One by one, Karla ran down the hallway and flung open the doors, desperately searching for the other two guests. Finally, she flung open a door and could see a beautiful woman standing in the large bay window. The window was open, and the woman was holding to the top of the window as she frantically fingered herself hard… and moaning loudly. As Karla began to run across the room toward the woman, the woman in the window screamed out in pleasure. Her eyes went into a dream-like state… and she fell… out of the second story window. Before Karla could reach the window, she heard the gruesome sound of a body hitting the cobblestone patio below.

Tears began to fill her eyes, but her moment to grieve was cut short by the sound of a man screaming from down the hall. His screams were of pain, not pleasure, that was clear. Again, Karla took off running down the hall and toward the man’s screams. She flung open the door in time to see a man sitting on the edge of the bed. One of his wrists was cut open and he had used his own blood as lubrication as he masturbated. Again, after only a few steps taken toward him, he reached his orgasm and fell dead to the floor as his blood began to pool on one side of his lifeless body.

Laying across the bed, Karla could see another female form smiling at her and touching herself sensually. The figure waved with one hand as Karla turned and ran from the room. Back down the hallway and down the stairs, she ran cussing and holding back tears. She flew into the dining room and saw Jeremy, Sara, Kristen, and Tyler awake. Sara was sitting on the table, holding an ice pick in one hand as she rubbed herself with the other. Kristen was next to her with a seven-inch knife in one hand and rubbing her breasts with the other. Jeremy stood in the center of the table with the tablecloth tied around his neck on one end and to the chandelier on the other end, as he slowly stroked himself. Tyler was once again in the chair, holding a razor blade and muttering to himself, “I just need lube.”

“No! What the hell do you want?” The two figures, suddenly flashed from the corners of the room to directly in front of her. Still smiling, they both slowly raised their arms until they were pointing directly at Karla. “Me? You want me?” Both figures nodded their heads. “What does that even mean? You want me? Fine… let them go and you can have me!”

Suddenly, the four friends all seem to snap out of their trance-like state. All at once, they began to yell and cuss and scramble around. Tyler yelled out, “Hell with our stuff! Let’s go now!” Agreeing loudly, everyone grabbed blankets and assorted fabric items and wrapped themselves in it as they all ran out the door and to their vehicles.

Very soon after, the sound of car doors closing…opening and then closing again could be heard, as people realized they didn’t have their keys. Everyone gathered in Sara and Tyler’s car and their engine kicked over. Karla watched from the door of the house and waited to ensure that everyone else had gotten away safely. She took in a sigh of relief as she started to step out of the door.

Before her foot could make it past the threshold, she felt cold hands on both of her shoulders. She spun around and was faced with the three sisters. They shook their heads and gripped her tight. Karla gasp as her heart stopped…and moments later… her lifeless body fell to the floor.

Two Years Later…

The young couple walked into the huge house, laughing, and then kissing passionately inside the doorway. From the corners of the room… four female figures watched…smiling.


Timothy A Rowland

I’m an every day human Xennial living in the Southeastern United States. I have many interest. I just want to improve your life and maybe entertain you.

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Timothy A Rowland
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