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Erotic Desires

by David Thomas 2 months ago in erotic
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What I would do to the woman I love

As I walk into the room and see this beautiful lovely lady laying down on the bed, ready for me to come in and please her on the inside and the outside and make her so wet.

I go over to the right side and touch her body slowly and gently to take her bra and panties off.

Then after I do that I proceed to kiss her from her navel all the way down to her sweet and tasty cherry until she moans and groans for more.

And I didn’t stop until it made her hot, sweaty, and her legs started to shake and she screamed out “Oh, my God.”

She also tenses up from every time my tongue licks her up and down like a lollipop and I try to get to the center of it and give her chills down to the back of her spine or until she says no mas.

Then I would let her get on top of me so I can caress and rub all over her body and I lick all over her nipples as she puts her titties in my mouth.

As I get on top of her and start grinding on her and we are both getting so in tune with each other with no insecurities or doubt.

I am feeling the fire from the way she looks into my eyes and I am doing my best to give her what she requires.

And I keep on touching on her body and lick all the sweat off as she whispers in my ear to fuck her harder.

So I do as she says and make her cum harder and make her legs shake even more harder.

And I love doing these things for her every time we are making love with one another.

I would also grab her hair and if she wanted to we could 69 on top of the bed comforter

Then I would lay on the bed and spray some whip cream with chocolate syrup all over her.

And I would do whatever she tells me to do and never question her without a doubt. And because she is my number one true lover who never makes me less than a man. And next to God I will put no one else above her and I would also put my mouth on her and suck on her clit and make her wetter than the levees that broke in New Orleans.

She makes me scream when her body is on top of me and I don't want her stop grinding and winding. I love it she tells me I'm about to climax KD, because that means she is getting satisfied by my dick being inside and she is riding it like a Harley.

After she climaxes and releases on top of me she gets off and asks me, "do you want to get into the shower with me." And say, "yes," and as ecstatic as I can be. Because when we get into the shower we end up having sex again for the third time that same night and felt so right.

After the shower we stepped out of the tub and I put a towel around her body and said that I loved her. And we put our clothes on and I fixed something to eat and I sat at the table that is when I knew she is my only sexy lover. And I would do anything for her.

Because when I am nearer her or when we’re together, she is my erotic desire!!!!.


About the author

David Thomas

I am a 34 year old author/spoken word artist who has written 2 poetry books and an autobiography. I love to write poems that are well versed and talk about everything that is going in society. I will putting some poetry on here.

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