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Lets explore the use of electric during sex


I finally got to have a bit more of a play with my neon wand, so it’s time to introduce you to the shockingly exciting world of electrosex. This is something that I was introduced to last year and I love it.

Neon wands and Violet wands transform household electric currents into streams of sparks that stimulate the nerves and the skin. They require electrode attachments to produce the sparks. Most electrodes are made of glass and burn gas inside them which produces pretty colours and sparks. The colour produced depends on the gas which is contained in the electrode. The size and shape of each electrode will also give different feelings. The bigger the head, the more contact area and the more the shocks are dispersed, this means the shocks are less likely to be sharp. Where as a smaller head will produce a sharper sensation.

On low settings it is common to feel a tickley/tingly sensation, this can be quite pleasurable and erotic. On higher settings the shocks will become more sharp and stingy, some people enjoy this and others are not so keen. When trying electrostimulation for the you should start on low settings to figure out where your partner/submissive is comfortable.

They can be used with blindfolds to enhance the sensation and increase excitement. They can also be used with other sensation play including flogging and pinwheels. One of the most exciting experiences I had was having somebody perform electrostimulation on me whilst I was also being flogged by someone else, if you ever get the opportunity to try this then I would definitely recommend giving it a go, you will be amazed.

As well as the glass attachments you can also get other attachments including metal attachments, lightbulb converter attachments and my person favourite, the human electrode tripper. The tripper allows the user to convert their own body into an electrode and shock their partner/submissive with parts of their body. This can very fun for both parties. When using the tripper, you should ensure that the body contact pad sits flush to your skin, otherwise you will get unexpected shocks. Also make sure you are not wearing nylon as the sparks will be amplified… I found this out the hard way. Whilst using the tripper you can also hold metal objects which the current will run through in order to give your partner different sensations.

Some safety advice, neon and violets wands should not be used if you have a pacemaker of heart conditions, also may affect some people with nerve related conditions. Ensure the wand is turned off when plugging it in and attaching electrodes, or you may get an unexpected shock. Also the room should be well ventilated and the wand should only be in use for 20 minutes at a time due to the burning of the gases. It is important that the shocks are moved about the skin, if they stay in one place for too long you will potentially give your partner burns. Vintage violet wands are maybe something to stay away from, they can be unpredictable with regards to the current, because of this they can be very powerful and dangerous due to the unknown levels of voltage and current.

GUYS... DO NOT SHOCK YOUR PENIS.... it will cause intense pain. I have personally seen a couple of guys try this and both were reduced to rolling round on the floor for 20 mins. Just dont do it.

So lets talk about cost, violet wands can be expensive (around £200), neon wands are more affordable (£30-£100). Neon wands also emit less power than violet wands, meaning that neon wands are more suitable for beginners. The neon wand I have comes in packaging suggesting that it is a beauty product (£30), however it is exactly the same machine as the neon wand which comes with the erotic packaging (£100), it just costs a lot less.

Have fun playing

Kink x

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