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Duty Calls

by Jay Taylor 16 days ago in erotic
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Are you willing to do whatever it takes to save the world?

Duty Calls
Photo by King Lip on Unsplash

This is a M4F erotic audio script.

The speaker is definitely a bit of himbo, loves corny jokes, a lil awkward, and very kind with LOTS of check ins. His sense of justice is VERY strong, so though he has NEVER sexualized the listener (until now) he knows that there is no other option besides the one in front of him, which is cumming deep inside his lil buddy. He also through some chain of events is very large, I'm thinking Hulk size, so he needs to go about things very carefully... However the listener/partner does reallllyyy enjoy the sex and that kinda super charges him to be a lot more aggressive and animalistic during the actual fucking.

There are two instances where you speak to your commander, I picture this as comms or a phone call, he's not there.

All text between () (like this) is stage direction. I might over write that a bit, so any liberties you want to take are more than welcome.

Also, any adlib'd under the breath dirty talk during the sex as he wrestles with his respectful detachment and excited would be choice.

A psychotic mastermind has implanted a Doomsday Device inside your long-time-crime-fighting partner, and the only way to stop it is by filling up her tiny little pussy with your definitely-much-larger-than-a-normal-human cock. You've never even thought about each other that way, but will do whatever it takes to save the world!


(Door slam/fist pound)

Damnit! How did this happen? It doesn’t even make sense! Are you completely sure? There’s no other way? (Sigh) Yes Sir. N-no Sir, of course I’ll do whatever needs to be done, you know that. I just w- hmm? Uh. (Softer) Kit? Yeah, they uh… they’re right here. No, they can’t hear you, but we saw his livestream (under the breath) Everyone saw the livestream… Uh.. they’re just staring at me. Shocked. Maybe a little scared. (Deep breath) Yes sir. Of course Sir. We… are willing to do whatever it takes.

(Attention shifts to listener)

Heyyyyyyy. I’m sorry, I get stupid when I’m nervous. Ahhh… what do we do? We HAVE to do this, right? I don’t think there’s another way. I’m so sorry. We had no idea when we rescued you from his compound that he’d (whispered/gritted teeth/emotional) put that thing inside you… and he must’ve thought it was mighty clever that the only way to stop it was by… (heavy sigh, enraged ) “injecting you with my super sperm.” I swear to god if I ever get my hands on him… pause) Thank you. You’re right. There’s no real use being angry. We just have to move forward. So… How do we…? I promise I’ve never thought about you like… Oh. Oh please don’t cry. I didn’t mean… it doesn’t matter. Here. Look at me? Hey. There you are. Look. It’s been an honor working beside you for all these years and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the incredible hero and partner that you are. This is just one more battle that we have to fight… together. And hey, I’m not that bad lookin’ eh? Just a little *bigger* than most men… heh heh sorry, bad joke. But I got a smile. We can do this.

I… I’ll do my best to be gentle. Try not to hurt you. Pull my punches.

Now… the actual mechanics are a bit more… involved. Any ideas? Yeah, me neither. Maybe if we sit here and stare at each other long enough… wait… Do you trust me? Alright. Stand up.

Shhh heh heh. Just relax. It’s just me. I’m right behind you. Now what if I just… wrapped my arms around you? We’ve hugged before, right? This isn’t weird. Ha, remember Siberia? Good times… (sniff) Wow, you smell really good. Now… just… (whispered) close your eyes. Forget it’s me, just think about how it feels. That’s it. Relax.

My hands running up and down this catsuit feel ok? I’m gonna start this zipper… (kissing) Oh I felt that shudder. You like neck kisses? I can keep doing that. God this suit is so tight that your boobs don’t even move. Heh heh don’t you laugh now. Spread your legs a bit, let’s see if you can feel anything through all that armor… Well? No? (Under the breath) there’s only one way to fix that…

God this zipper is tiny. Keeps slipping out of my fingers. How do you even put this thing on? It’s so tight… ok so that’s… completely unzipped. Do you uh… mind stepping out? (Kinda lamely) Thanks. Wow. That ass is… must be why you’re so fast heh heh. Are your eyes still closed? Good, good… Oh. Hi. Your eyes are totally open and looking at me. Busted. I just… had to see. You look… Incredible. But… I don’t think we should do this while staring at each other. You’re gonna have to trust me at your six. That’s better. Now where were we? You’re… bending… over. (Lil moan, under the breath) God you’re so small. I uh… appreciate your willingness, but I haven’t… you know, since I assumed this form and I think I’m gonna have to… uh… prepare you if there’s any possibility of this actually working.

(Voice very soft, a lil nervous ) So I’m gonna eat-lick-kiss… kiss on you. Okay? Spread your legs a bit… Oh fuck. Yeah. Mhm. That’s good. (Deep breath, and then mouth sounds)

(Mouth sounds for a bit, gradually increasing in intensity and getting a little moany. He likes it and is very turned on, but shy and trying to stay reserved. Following phrases interspersed in, very quiet, almost to himself) Oh god you taste good… I love the way you feel under my tongue… You like that?

(Under the breath) Lets see if we can get a finger in here…

(to listener, voice should be shaky, like he’s trying to hold something back) Huh? Oh yeah, that’s… one of my fingers. You should probably be able to handle three of them before… the rest of me. I know. I’ll go slow.

You know… there is something else I can do with my tongue while I stroke you with my fingers… You trust me? (Mouth sounds) Ooh I felt that squeeze… You ever had anyone lick you back here before? Heh heh. Can you take another finger? Ohhh yeah. That’s it. That’s it. You’re doing so good. (More mouth sounds, then under the breath) Are you getting tighter? Are… Are you gonna cum? No, you can - you can absolutely cum. (Quietly) I would love that. (More mouth sounds, a bit more intense) Oh that’s it. Right there? Oh yeah… mhm that’s three baby, but you’re doing such a good job of taking them. That’s it… just cum for me. (Mouth and exertion sounds as you bring the listener through orgasm, then relax.)

Wow. That was… wow. Are you sure you’re ready for more? Yeah? Okay. I uh… I need you a little higher. Can you get up on this bench? Yeah… and just um. (Shyly) Face down, ass up? Heh heh. (Long exhale) Yeah, that looks perfect. (Under the breath) I can do this.

Mmm. You should be careful pressing your ass into me, little one… I might think you really want this… Oh really? Is that so? Alright then… Hmm, we don’t have any… oh well… (spit on that D).

(Shaky inhale) Oh my gosh you’re so warm and wet even on the out - Oh FUCK. You pushed back and swallowed the head. Are you ok? Yeah? Ok. (Almost whimpery) Oh my god that’s so tight. Mmm yeah roll your hips against me. Oh yeah work it in there. You..? You what? You like that? (Moan) You want what?? Oh fuck Kit you keep up that nasty shit and I’m not gonna be able to…

(Lil growly) Yeah? You like that big piece of meat between your legs? (Lots of pauses, still trying to hold back, but failing, more growl) Stretching out that tiny… little… body of yours. Mmm you’re doing such a good job taking it and bouncing your hips back onto me. Oh and you look so good on the end of it. You still wanna get fucked? (Laugh that dissolves into a growl, then whispery, silky, wicked) Take a deep breath then…

(Grunting, full growl) There you go. Take as much of me as you can, you sweet little thing. Uhh fuck that tight little cunt of yours feels so good wrapped around me like that. You like me buried inside you like this? God I love the way you sound. (Sweeter) You like that baby? Yeah?

Mmm with the way you’re gripping me I’m not gonna last… maybe that’s for the best… Wouldn’t want to (grunt) break you… Ahhh fuck say it again. Tell me you want my cum. Yeah? It might be warmer than you’re used to, Kit… Mmm that’s it, yeah… Let’s save the world. (Improv to big finish)


(Breathless) Ohhhh fuck. Oh my god there’s so much… It’s everywhere heh heh. Are you ok? Such a trooper. You were incredible. There’s no one I’d rather have by my s-oh hang on…

Yes Captain? Yes Sir we uh… accomplished the objective. Hmm? Oh they’re… they’re right here. Yes, they performed incredibly well, as usual… Sir? Did it… work? (Sigh of relief) That’s excellent news Sir! Yes, we would appreciate some R and R and will report back in the morning. Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.

(Back to listener)

Sooo… you hungry? Heh heh


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Jay Taylor

Hi there, I’m Jay. Just here for another place to post my pieces. :)

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