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By Luna Arcana

By Luna ArcanaPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

The cold sting dancing across her cheek, down her neck and to her chests as he bends her over the marble tabletop holding her neck, “I asked you only one thing of you”, gathering her skirt at the bottom of her back, exposing the black lace panties that encase her milky white ass. His fingers playing with the lace as he kneels to the ground and digs his teeth into one of cheeks. She flinches at the satisfying sting of his teeth, her body filling with the want and need for him.

Returning to his knees he bends with her, placing his mouth next to her ear. In that moment, his heavy breathing and heartbeat were the only sounds known to her the rest of the world had gone mute. His hand swifty crashing into her soft skin, she held back her moans of gratitude, waiting for the next course of rhythmic vibrations through her body.

As he returns to his tall stance he brings her with him, taking her face in his hands he his mouth joins with hers, their tongues seeking each other, there need for each other fuelling this one kiss. He moves one hand from her face and reaches below her skirt, pushing her damp knickers into her thigh, he plunges his fingers through her entrance, ignoring any resistance his hand covered in the essence of her satisfaction.

Her body crumbling around her, his hand softly grasping her neck being all that holds her up, his fingers sense her release coming as she tightens around him. Pulling his fingers out of her rapidly she releases the moans of her needs against his tongue.

He sits himself in the chair by her, pulling her arm gently, moving her to her knees. He promptly releases his burning desire from his jeans, her eyes full of raw sexual desire as she leans into him, “slowly” he growls before she takes him in his mouth.

Placing her tongue at the base of is cock she slowly traces his prominent veins, enjoying every groove of him. As her tongue glides of his tip, sending his head in a backwards jerk, he grabs a fist full of her hair and thrusts his cock in her wanting mouth. Her eyes spill as he hits the back of her throat and her body at his complete mercy. Their eyes lock, both filled with intense desire to please each other, his thrusts getting harder his cock throbbing within her.

  1. His body searching for its release, vibrations bolting to each nerve ending making him fall deeper and deeper into the orgasm he was about to release into her mouth. The salty liquid of his orgasm hits the back of her throat, covering her tongue, his moans echoing around them his mind entering the state of euphoria. He pulls her head back, release his cock from her mouth. His thumb cleaning the spill of his cum at the edge her mouth and feeding it to her.

Pulling themselves to a stand, her eyes beg for her release as he fastens his jeans. Her body trembling in arousal. Confusion sweeps over her, the need to defuse the ache between her legs. He places his arm around her shoulders pulling her closer to him “only good girls get to cum”.


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Luna Arcana

Creative writer, mainly short stories and mostly themed with a little spice.

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