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Dreaming Again

by Marie Ross 2 months ago in erotic

Stories For My Daddy Dom #10

Dara was escorted into a room where the only things in it was a bench and a table with a note on it. She walked to the table, picking up the note and read.

Welcome to the maze sub, Master is watching and waiting. Remove your clothing and move to the next room, the slave there will guide you through.

Dara shuttered as she put the note down, stepping away from the table she slowly removed her clothes. When she was naked, she heard the soft click of a door lock being released, she moved through the door to the next room. There she encountered a naked slave waiting silently by a table. She didn’t see a note this time, so she waited. Then a voice came from a hidden speaker in the wall.

“Good evening sub you were given a safe word before you entered here tonight, but if you make it through the maze without using it you will become my newest slave to be trained. Now the slave is going to blindfold you and put a collar and leash around your throat to lead you through.” The speaker then went silent.

The slave walked silently to her, securing the blindfold. She then locked the collar in place, letting the leash hang between Dara’s full breasts. Dara then heard another soft click, and a gentle tug on the leash had her fallowing the slave blindly. When the slave entered the new room she led Dara to the center, helping her lift her arms to grasp the bar hanging from above. The slave then spread her legs and went to the table in the corner to get a bottle of oil. Carrying it back she poured a good amount into her palm, setting the bottle on the floor she rubbed her hands together warming the oil, allowing it to omit a sensual musky odor. She began rubbing the sub’s body, oiling every last inch, spending a little more time rubbing it into her tits. when she stayed at the sub’s pussy getting Dara to start panting with need a sharp command came over the speaker.

“Don’t make her cum slave. Stop teasing and take her to the next room.”

The slave pulled away tugging on the leash to get Dara moving, when they came to the next room the slave bent the sub over the table in the middle of the room and read the note. She then caressed the subs ass before giving it ten hard smacks with her hand, five on each cheek. When she started to move her hand down to play with the sub’s wet pussy as stern command came over the speaker again. The slave pouted a little then flinched when her collar gave a small but intense shock, she turned to look at the hidden camera, but silently took hold of the leash to lead the sub to the next room.

In the fourth room the sub was laid on her back onto the table, her arms and legs were strapped down. When the slave finished with that a door opened quietly. The Master entered, gripping the slave’s throat he squeezed slightly as he petted the sub’s oiled folds before spanking them hard five times, he then leaned down licking at the pulsing pussy until Dara was panting, whimpering, and begging to cum. He then released the slave and left the room so the slave could unstrap her and take her to the next room.

In this room Dara was once again bent over a table, and the slave picked up a studded paddle delivering ten hard blows to Dara’s ass. The slave then led Dara to the next room, There she was laid onto her back, and opened wide. This time when the Master entered, he gripped the slave’s hair, forcing her to her knees. He then went to work on Dara, oiling an anal plug, and working it into her tight ass. He then began stroking her folds, getting her clit nice and swollen so he could slide the cool metal clit clamp onto her sensitive nub. Making her moan low and arch her back, next he played with her nipples getting them nice and hard before snapping magnetic clamps on them, getting a yelp of surprise from Dara. He then left the room silently so the slave could take Dara to the next room.

In this room the slave led Dara to a lounge type of chair, and she settled Dara into it strapping her down. when Dara was spread wide once again the slave then went and knelt in the corner to wait. When the Master entered, he surveyed the room, seeing half a dozen of his slaves kneeling around the room with the sub in the middle, strapped to a chair. Her arms were secured at the small of her back, and her legs open wide showing off the clamp and plug.

Smiling at the sight Master walked to the slave by the spanking bench. Helping her onto it Master strapped the slave down, picking up a paddle he spanked the slave while staring at the sub. Dara’s flinches with each blow made him smile. After twenty strikes he stopped leaving the slave strapped to the bench. Walking to Dara Master rubbed his cock through her wet folds, lubing it with her juices before taking it to her mouth. He fucked into it nice and slow when she opened wide loving the feel when she swallowed around him, groaning he fucked Dara’s mouth until he came, pulling out so he spilled his seed across her chest.

Releasing her head Master walked over to the slave strapped to the saint Andrews cross, picking up a cane he worked over the front of the slave’s body. Striking her nipples and pussy folds extra hard, smiling as the slave screamed around the ball gag in her mouth. Keeping the cane in his hand the Master went back to Dara, flicking at her clamped folds five times loving her little yelps and cries. Fisting his cock, he jerked off as he caned her thighs, squirting his cream onto her pulsing pussy. Breathing heavy Master went and got the slave that had led Dara through the maze, dragging her over by the hair after removing Dara’s clit clamp, he commanded the slave to lick her clean. Raising the cane, he struck the slave’s ass making her scream against Dara’s pussy until Dara came screaming.

Dara woke with a start, gasping as the sound of a cane striking flesh echoed in her head. Reaching out she found an empty space with cool sheets. How long had Daddy been gone? What time was it? Turning to look at the clock she sighed three AM. Climbing from the bed Dara slipped on a short silk robe, leaving it open she went to find her Daddy.

Stan was sitting in the living room staring into the fire while sipping a glass of scotch. His mind just wouldn’t shut off tonight, even with an amazing young naked woman laying beside him in bed.

“Daddy.” Dara found him in the living room in only a pair of pajama pants, and a glass of scotch.

“Hi baby girl, everything okay?” Stan reached out to pull her onto his lap.

“I woke up, and you weren’t there.” Dara said straddling his lap.

“Oh, and baby girl woke up wanting to play.” Stan commented stroking his knuckles over a nipple.

“I had a dream.” She said on a sigh.

“And it left my baby girl wanting?” Stan questioned.

“Needing.” Dara reached for his pants.

Stan set his drink aside to grip Dara’s hips. Lifting her enough, he raised his hips to let her pull his pants down just enough to free his cock. He groaned as she gripped his thick hard cock, she slid it through her wet folds before placing the tip at her entrance. Stan gripped her hips tighter as she let her folds pulse around his tip.

Dara whimpered as Daddy held her up letting her tease them both, then she screamed when he slammed her down onto him, rubbing her clit with his thumb to keep her on that edge.

“Oh god Daddy yes.” Dara arched her back leaning her tits close to his mouth.

“That’s it baby girl, come for Daddy.” Stan groaned as he suckled a nipple into his mouth.

“Daddy.” Dara whimpered reaching up to grip Stan’s hair, holding him at her nipple as she spasmed.

Oh, she was so sweet, he slid his hands around to grip her ass as she fucked him so slow. Nipping at one nipple before moving to the other one to suckle and nip at. Rocking his hips to get them both closer to that blinding edge.

When Dara came for a third time she leaned down, placing her mouth at his ear.

“Cum Daddy, deep inside me.” She panted.

“Fill me so full of your seed, please.” She begged.

Stan groaned gripping her ass tighter as he came deep inside her pulsing pussy. Panting he leaned back just to stare up at her.

“Will Daddy be able to sleep now?” Dara asked stroking his hair.

“He just might.” He said petting her thighs.


Marie Ross

Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington. Stay up to date by fallowing me on Facebook. Looking for the missing chapters of Mistress Manor? you can find them on Amazon, it is free through kindle unlimited

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Marie Ross
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