Down with Anal

by Dan StrawberryHall about a month ago in erotic

An Anal Sex Erotic Short Story

Down with Anal

It was a perfect Sunday evening in summer when she did it to me. The thing I thought I’d never do.

I was out drinking with friends in the beer garden of a local pub, and she just happened to be there too. We’d slept together a few times already by then, but it was nothing serious, just casual sex when we both fancied it. We flirted with each other outrageously all afternoon, and I guess we both fancied it that Sunday. As people began to leave, she invited me back to her place.

We got close on the bus home. We kissed drunkenly. We touched each other a little more enthusiastically than is proper for public transport, but no one said anything.

Between kisses we giggled and whispered to each other. We talked about sex more openly than we ever had. We told each other what we liked, what really turns us on. If a girlfriend ever asks about my fantasies, I always hold back. But with her, with no pressure, no expectations, I told her everything. Even about the thing I’d always wanted to try, but never had.

She shrugged at me as if it was no big deal. She said she was down with it. I thought she was just joking.

We tore each other’s clothes off as soon as we got through her door. I was so hard I was aching; she was slick and flushed already. We were desperate for each other. She dragged me over to her sofa and pulled me down onto her, and I slid inside her right away.

She was hot and wet and soft, and she pressed back urgently to meet each of my thrusts. We kissed and grunted and fucked with unrestrained delight.

She loves to ride me, I’d learnt that on previous occasions, and I love being under her too, so I rolled us over to get her on top of me.

We looked into each other’s eyes and we grinned as she fucked me. She looked so beautiful, her face was glowing, her eyes were alight, her breasts were heaving rhythmically as she rocked herself up and down my stiff cock.

I reached up for her, I pulled her face down to mine and I kissed her hard as she moved above me. I grasped her tits, I rolled her nipples with my fingers and thumbs, and she groaned wonderfully against my lips. She felt incredible, tight, slippery, smooth, her cunt clasping at me as she slid up and down my shaft.

I love how she grinds her clit against me as she fucks me. She isn’t shy about it, she doesn’t hold back, it feels good, so she does it with gusto, simple as that. And that evening she writhed and squirmed as her body came down and met mine, she rolled her hips, she mashed her clit against me and she moaned with pleasure as she did it.

She moved faster, she rode me harder, she ground into me with growing enthusiasm, and I wanted nothing more than to hear and feel her come as she fucked me, but then she did the thing. The thing I thought I’d never do.

She whispered in my ear between her gasps and moans. She asked me if I wanted to give it a try.

I assumed she was joking; that she was just teasing me, or that she was talking dirty. I’d always wanted to give it a try, I loved the idea of it, it was bad, wicked, depraved, but I knew people only did that sort of thing in porn and sleazy erotica, not in real life. But then she showed me how wrong I was.

She did it with characteristic simplicity. She spat on her fingers, then she reached around behind herself. She kept her hand back there, and her moans took on a different note. She closed her eyes and groaned deeply more than once, and I guessed she’d got more than one finger inside herself.

She raised up and my dick slid out of her with a slippery pop. She spat on her hand, then she reached down and took hold of me. She rubbed her saliva over my cock, she spat on her hand a few more times, she kept doing it until I was slippery and glistening.

I tried not to think about what was about to happen. I didn’t want to jinx it. I told myself she was still teasing me, but then she angled my rigid cock, she placed it against her arsehole, and just like that, she lowered herself down onto me.

For a second I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I thought she was still joking, that this was some elaborate game, but she dropped down lower and I felt her coming open around me. She kept going and her tight arsehole enveloped the head of my cock.

She held still for a moment, or as still as she could manage, as she moaned and trembled above me. She took deep breaths, and I tried my best not to hyperventilate. Fuck, she felt so good, she was tight but soft, like my dick was being squeezed in a gentle, warm, vice. I was throbbing already. She eased down a little lower and took more of my cock into her heavenly arse.

She caught my gaze and she gave me her best Cheshire cat grin as she slowly lowered herself onto me. She looked at my face so intently, as if she was studying my every expression and reaction, as if she wanted to see everything. I groaned to show her how good it felt, to show her how much I wanted this.

I’d always assumed anal sex would be more difficult. I thought it’d take time, careful preparation, lots of lubrication, slow movement, and deep breathing. But she’d just stuck a few fingers up her arse, spat on me, and then slipped me into her behind like it was nothing. She came up a touch, she rolled her hips and moaned louder, then she slid down further and took even more of me into her glorious bottom.

She did it over and over, working more of me into her each time. I gasped and groaned so loud she started laughing at me, and then I was laughing too. There was delight in her eyes, I think from the way I was reacting and maybe the look of pleasure and disbelief on my face. She laughed louder, she lent down and stroked me and showered me with kisses.

My cock throbbed harder as more of it disappeared into her tight back passage. She started to bob up and down gently, and I had to fight to hold my hips still.

She went a little faster with each rise and fall, until she was moving without stopping. She groaned louder, she started rocking her hips once more, and just like that, she was fucking me again, and in the way I thought I’d never experience.

And fuck me, what an experience it was. Her sphincter held me so tight, like a band of squeezing muscle sliding up and down my dick; it sent shivers of pleasure through me. And behind that tight sphincter, she felt more open, and warmer and more silken than she did in her pussy. It was so different from how I’d imagined it would be.

She kept moving, fucking me with her arse, working me deeper until her buttocks made contact with my thighs. Her anus held the base of my prick, and I realised was in her all the way, my cock buried as deep inside her anus as it could be.

She held still for a moment above me and I took her in my arms. We kissed with tenderness and desire, and she started moving again. She slid up me, then down all the way, she rolled her hips and ground her clit against me hard, and I pressed back to meet her each time.

It was actually happening. This wasn’t a fever dream, a hallucination, or an acid flashback. It was real, and it was more wonderful and touching than I ever imagined it would be. We kissed over and over, we moved together, gently, as one; we looked at each other and we laughed as we sighed and moaned and trembled. It wasn’t sordid or dirty, it wasn’t exploitative or abusive or painful, it was intense. She sounded like she was into it as much as I was.

She moved faster, and I moved with her. She ground herself against me with mounting enthusiasm, as if this was just as much for her as it was for me.

She told me to grab her arse and I did, I held her round, full, magnificent cheeks and I squeezed and kneaded them. She told me to feel my dick sliding in and out of her, and I went a dizzy as I spread her cheeks and found where my cock and her body met.

We kissed and kissed, we moaned and groaned together, as she rode me with her arse, that glorious, gorgeous, wicked girl. She drew my pleasure higher with each movement, the tension inside me grew tighter, heavier, until I was desperate for release. I wanted her to come too though, I couldn’t think of anything hotter than her climaxing with my cock in her there. I squeezed a hand between our bodies. I spread her wet pussy and got a finger against her clit.

I’d never have believed a woman could enjoy anal sex; I thought it was something they endured. But she was making so much noise, her whole body was shaking, and when my fingertip found her swollen bud she went nuts. Her moans climbed an octave instantly. She moved faster as I stroked her, she rubbed herself against my hand so hard I just kept it still against her body and let her do the work.

She was wild, she bounced up and down on top of me like she was fucking me with her cunt. I squeezed her breasts roughly with my free hand, I pinched her nipples, I sucked on them, and she went frantic.

I fought to hold my own orgasm back, I tensed all the muscles in my body to try and hold it at bay, but the feel of her, her urgency, the noises she made, it was too much.

I gasped in her ear, I warned her I was about to come. I thought she’d raise up of me, but she laughed and she kept going. She moved with even more vigour, she told me to come in her arse.

That was the most glorious moment of all. Those heavenly, dirty words, and the yearning and need in her voice, it was more than I could take. I groaned and let go, and the pleasure surged through my body, up my straining prick, and out of me in a glorious rush of sensation and release.

I gasped, I shouted out I was coming inside her as my prick heaved and twitched and spurted, and it sent her over the edge. She tensed, she screamed, then she was shuddering and bucking and yelling above me as her orgasm hit her.

Coming inside a lover always feels the best, and coming in her arse was the most wonderful of all. My cock pulsed over and over and I came hard and long, and she was there with me all the way, riding me with the fervour and zeal of a woman lost to the intensity of her own orgasm.

I never thought I’d have anal sex, and I never imagined it could be so intense and tender, and so pleasing to both of us. I thank my lucky stars I met her that afternoon. I thank my lucky stars that I kept hold of her.

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