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Double Trouble

by Jay Taylor 2 months ago in erotic
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M4FF Erotic Audio Script

Double Trouble
Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash

I wrote this an audio commission flirting with step-cest taboo kink ;)

(Female giggling, then footsteps and the opening of a door)

Aw fuck, again? How many times have I told you two brats to stay out of my room? This is super uncool and disrespectful… c’mon, out. Please. Ugh Becks, don’t laugh at me… C’mon, one last chance, or I’ll… (pause) What am I gonna do? Alright then… (Low exhale, footsteps, door locks. Pause) What? Oh NOW you wanna leave? You know, I think you two had the right idea… maybe we can all play together… and it seems like I just got two new toys… Oh please. Don’t act like this isn’t what you were giggling about… I know this isn’t the first time you’ve been in here, and suspiciously, it always seems to be my really personal shit that’s fucked with the most… The top of my lube untwisted and leaking, my condoms missing… You girls aren’t the type of dirty skanks to stick your fingers in someone else’s pocket pussy, are you? (To yourself) I guess we’ll find out… You. On the bed with your sister. What’s wrong? Don’t you want to play an innocent game with your step brother? Isn’t that what you’ve been sniffing around for? C’mon. It’ll be easier if you comply. On the bed. Now. There we go… Now don’t you two make a pretty picture… All cuddled up in the corner like you’re cowering from some monster. I know I’m bigger than both of you, but big brother’s are supposed to be protective, right?

So, let’s lay some ground rules for this fun little game we’re gonna play… Rule number 1, I am in charge. Rule number 2… heh heh… if you really want the game to stop, just say “King Jasper the Great”. I remember how much you used to hate that… Glare at me all you want, you little brat, that’s not gonna cover up that blush on your face. So you two ready to play? I’ll take that silence as a yes…

Alright, let’s start easy… Jasper says… Turn around for me. I wanna see how tiny those shorts are when you bend over. Go on. Face down, ass up, that’s the way we like to… wow. You know, I bet Dad wouldn’t let you out of the house if he saw you in those. Becks, your older sister sure is a bad influence on you… Ah ah hold still! I just wanna see if they’re as tight as they look… Damn, I can barely get my finger under the hem. Alright, on to the next task… turn around and face me… that’s it. Jasper says… let me see those titties. Oh c’mon, you’ve been trying to get me to look at them for years in those tight little tops! Now’s your chance. A free pass. I won’t tell anyone… (low whistle) Nice. Now, arms behind your back… oh you really are getting the hang of this aren’t you? And let me just see how firm these really are, my teammates have been giving me shit for ages… Well, they weren’t lying. Ugh and you press into my hands just like they said you would, you are a little slut, aren’t you? Becks, I know you’re the nice girl. I’m not gonna manhandle you. Hmm.

Ok… Jasper says… drop the shorts. Really?? No panties? I’m not even surprised at this point… (softer voice to little sister) Oh Becks, you sweetheart… what a pretty little thong. But you know we can’t leave that on, right? Good girl. Here, let me help you… yep, lift your ass… oh that’s a sweet little pussy. Now, everyone knows where THAT pussy has been, but what about this one? Has anyone touched you yet? Oh? A virgin? Well, I’m gonna have to see about that. Open your mouth, baby… get my fingers nice and wet. That’s it. Now I’m gonna go slow-oh, well you’re taking my hand pretty easy… Have you never been touched or just never been fucked? You let that neighbor boy put his fingers in you, didn’t you? Did they feel as good as mine? Mmm I didn’t think so… Did he kiss you too? Yeah? What about down here? Did he kiss you down here? (Licking for a few moments, then addresses older sister between licks) Haha hey you. It’s not nice to stare… You like this, don’t you, you little pervert? Watching my tongue stroke up and down your little sister’s pussy? While my fingers work in and out of her wet little cunt? Mmm… I might be watching too. See how her eyes roll back when I curl against her g spot? And how her body jumps when I suck her clit into my mouth? Heh heh I wonder which one of us you’re more jealous of? Mmm alright, on the floor both of you. On your knees.

Oh what big, pretty eyes looking up at me. You want this, don’t you? Ah don’t touch! I will take it out for you. I want to savor this… There… I know you two little sneaks have been spying on me in the shower, but it’s a little different when it’s hard and in your face, isn’t it? Now, big sis, it’s time to show Becks how to suck my c- Oh fuck, you slut! Straight into your throat, huh? Show off. Mmmmmm… alright alright you little bitch, be nice to it, slow down. That’s it. There we go… Use your hand, play with my balls. Jerk me with that throat slime, fuckkk. Heh heh… now be a good girl and share with your sister - Oh my god. Fuck you two look good down there. Oof Becks, you didn’t need a lesson at all did you, naughty girl… Uhh yeah. Suck me. Fuck, you two work so well together. (Ad lib receiving an awesome two girl blowjob 🙂)

Alright alright… I’m not gonna… I don’t want to cum like this. Get back on the bed. Back on the bed. (Panting) Fuck! (Laughter) Mmm and you both already have your legs spread and ready for me… What good girls. Now who’s first… Sorry, but that fresh little pussy felt sooo tight around my fingers. Lie back Becks… Aw fuck you’re so wet for me. Hold still baby. (Spit on your cock) Oh yeah, that’s it. Work that little cunt open for me… (to older sister) Help me out, sis? Reach down there and play with her for me? Mmm yeah… she’s still so fucking tight though… Maybe lick her? What’s wrong? Is that finally too far for you? Or are you the dirty little whore everyone says you are? Yeah that’s what I thought, get your face down there. Ooh that’s sexy… And she likes it! I can feel that pussy opening right up for me. Good girls. Ugh I can feel your tongue on my shaft when I pull out of her. That’s so good. Does big brother’s cock feel good in your little pussy, princess? Yeah? Mmm keep licking her clit, I wanna feel her cum on me. There we go. That curve’s pretty nice, huh? Heh heh yeah that’s it. Keep squeezing it for me. Right there, right there… cum for me… shhh sh sh sh (laughter, then a little rougher when switching to older sister) Suck her juices off of me… Good girl.

What’s that look for? You want me to fuck you too? Well then take this cock. (Pause) Oh you are a bitch in heat… Backing that ass up to me and rubbing your wet little hole on my crotch is inviting, but I told you to take it… That’s it. Now put it inside of you. (Inhale) And fuck me. (Ad lib encouraging me as I bounce back onto you) Alright, that’s enough. I know what you really want… (gradual increase in intensity through this next section) You want me to pound this big cock into that needy little pussy of yours, don’t you? Feel me stretch you out, bruise that cervix a little bit? Ooh don’t squirm, I know you can handle it. Be a good girl and take this cock you want so fucking bad. Oh and you feel so good… I like not having to hold back on this little hole of yours. Fuck I think this wet little cunt’s gonna make me cum… You want my cum? Yeah? Alright then you better get yourself off before I bust. Good girl, rub yourself while I fuck you. Right there? That’s it? Hurry and cum for me baby. Yeah? That’s it. That’s it. Good girl. Oh fuck fuck fuck. On your knees, both of you. Yeah just like that. Heads back. Mouths open. You ready? (Jerking to pop) Mmm what good girls… you look so pretty covered in my cum. (Camera shutter, sigh) Now, you two little brats better stay out of my shit or everyone’s gonna find out what slutty little whores you really are. (Smirking) Unless you wanna play another game… Now get out.


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Jay Taylor

Hi there, I’m Jay. Just here for another place to post my pieces. :)

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