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Double DP

by Athenia P 11 months ago in erotic

Things get interesting

Double DP
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My favorite time of the month was hear again. Jack and I were patiently waiting for our guests to arrive. Ben, Jess and Mike were our playmates. Once a month we would have a "playdate". Jack had on blue jeans and a white t-shirt and looked sexy as always. I decided to wear a blue mini skirt and flimsy black tank-top. I had become accused to not wearing panties or a bra for our playdates.

The knock on the door signaled that our guests had arrived and I jumped up form the couch and let them in. I was surprised to only see Mike and Ben. The greeted me and headed for the couch while I grabbed them each a drink.

"Is Jess not coming tonight? Is she okay?" I asked.

"She's fine but she has a huge project at work that need to be done so she couldn't get away tonight. It's just us. Is that okay?" said Ben, before taking a sip of his whisky.

"Absolutely. Just wanted to make sure nothing happened." I said, honestly. Though having three men all to myself sounded like a dream, I thought.

"Shall we retire to the playroom?" asked Jack obviously ready to have some fun. He kept adjusting and I could see the bulge in his jeans when he stood up.

Ben and Mike both stood and their obvious arousal was also very apparent. I stood and followed them down the stairs and to the playroom, which was our basement that we remodeled. As we all entered I shut the door behind me. I turned around and saw all three of them starring at me. The hungry look in their eyes had me growing wet and I whimpered a little. Jack held out his hand to me and I took it as he led me to the center of the room.

He turned around and started to kiss me as I reached down and stroked his shaft through his pants. He moaned against my mouth as he pushed his hips against me hand. Ben and Mike both approached us and began kissing on either side of my neck. Ben's hand was on my ass and he squeezed and caressed it. Mike and Jack each had a hand on my breasts and were pinching and twisting my nipples through my shirt. I whimpered against Jack's mouth.

Jack stepped back allowing Mike to move in front of me and begin to kiss me while Ben kept working my ass cheeks and kissing my neck. After a couple minutes Mike broke off the kiss and stepped away being replaced by Ben this time who kissed me deeply. Jack appeared behind me and I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass. He adjusted just right and slid into my pussy. He felt so damn good that my muscles tightened around him and I moaned against Ben's mouth.

Jack started working in and out of me at a steady pace and hitting my g-spot every time. The tension and heat building inside me was a torturously delicious feeling. Ben reached down and began to stroke my clit. Mike reappeared next to us and he grabbed my right hand guiding it to stroke his erect shaft. The movement inside me and against my clit brought me to completion as I cam hard on Jack's cock.

Jack pulled from my pussy and stepped away from me. Mike stepped behind me and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tight rosebud. Before I knew what happened Ben shifted and lifted me up to wrap my legs around his waist as he settled me down on to his large cock. I slid down his shaft taking the entire length of him inside me. Mike's hard shaft then slid into my ass and filled completely. Having two cocks inside me had become one of my favorite things.

Ben and Mike began moving inside me hitting all the sensitive spots inside me causing the heat and tension to build again. I couldn't help but cry out and moan my pleasure. They felt so good fucking my tight ass and pussy. Jack not wanting to be left out came up beside us and began kissing on me. He leaned down and took my right nipple into his mouth and began to suck and nibble at it driving me wild.

I could feel Jacks hard cock against my ass cheek and reached down to stroke him. Mike adjusted more to the side keeping his cock inside me. jack released my nipple adjusted bringing the head of his cock to my rosebud. Both Mike and Ben stilled waiting to see what I would do as Jack slid his cock into my ass along with Mike's. I cried out at the stretching feeling but as he stilled and allowed me to adjust the pleasure returned.

They all started to move inside me again. I couldn't believe I had 2 cocks in my ass. It felt so fucking amazing. The didn't have to move much before I cam hard and squirted. I could barley catch my breath as a second orgasm took me. All three of them were moaning their pleasure at the feeling of my muscles tightening around them. Hearing their enjoyment sent me over the edge again and I cam even harder this time. As I came down from the clouds Jack and Mike each slowly pulled out of me. Ben walked over to the bed and laid me down before pulling out of me.

Ben crawled onto the bed on my left side as Mike did the same on my right. They settled near my head and stroked their cocks in front of me. I reached out and grasped both cocks and began to stroke them myself. I turned my head towards Ben and took his cock in my mouth as I began to suck him I could taste my pussy juices on him. I continued to stroke Mike as I sucked Ben's cock. After a couple minutes I switched to suck Mike's cock as I stroked Ben's cock.

Jack crawled between my legs and I felt his tongue lick at my clit and then dive deep inside me. He stuck 3 fingers inside my pussy and began to fuck me while licking my juices up. I moaned around Ben's cock. Both Ben and Mike reached down to pinch my nipples.

Jack thrust in fingers in and out of me in a fast hard rhythm and curled them slightly making them rub my g-spot. Jack knew exactly how to make me cum. I cam hard and cried out my pleasure. Jack removed his finger from my pussy and stood up. Mike laid down on the bed next to me and rolled me over to lay on top of him. He pressed his cock against my hot opening and slid into my pussy. Ben moved behind me and slid his cock into my ass and began to thrust into me at a steady rhythm.

Jack crawled up on to the bed and kneeled near my head. He grasped my head and guided his cock into my mouth. I moaned around his cock and he thrust deeper into my throat. Mike, Ben and Jack set a steady rhythm thrusting into my holes. Mike pinched my nipples at the same time that Ben slapped my ass causing my muscles to tighten around them. Ben slapped me again and I instantly cam. The fucked me through my orgasm and never slowed their pace as I cam again and again.

Jack pulled from my mouth and laid down next to us. Ben pulled from my ass and Mike lifted me off his cock. They spun me around to lay on my back on Jack's chest. Jack guided his cock into my ass and held my legs back spreading me wide. Ben adjusted so that he could slid his cock into my pussy. Mike got up and stepped next to Ben. He adjusted so that he too slid his cock into my pussy spreading my wide.

I had never felt something so amazing in my life and I instantly cam. The cried out and moaned as they thrust into me at the same time stretching me even further and hitting all right places.

"Ah fuck!!! You feel so good!!! I love that tight pussy!!"said Ben, leaning his head back and moaning.

"Oh my god this feels so fucking good!!!! Fuck me harder!" I said loving every second of their pounding. Ben reached forward and stuck 3 fingers into my mouth as Mike grasped my left breast and began pinching my nipple. I started to suck on Ben's fingers and moaned around them as they continued to pound my full holes.

I cam so hard that I nearly pushed Ben and Mike out of my pussy. I screamed around Ben's fingers at the overwhelming pleasure. As I started to recover from my orgasm I was sent spiraling again into yet another and another until I could barley think straight. As I cam for the 5th time in a row Mike, Ben, and Jack all cam inside me at the same time. Ben and Mike pulled their spent cocks from my pussy and Jack lifted me off from him setting me on the bed beside him.

I had never felt exhausted and pleasured in my life. To be used by three men at once was any amazing experience. As we all regained our baring and slowed our breathing we cleaned up and returned to the living room for drinks. The night had been one to remember and it only made the wait for the next playdate that more exciting.


Athenia P

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Athenia P
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