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Donald Trump's Campaign Stole Larry Flynt's Insane Manifesto

Larry Flynt's campaign for presidency in 1983 produced a manifesto which eerily echoes Donald Trump's agenda.

By Frank WhitePublished 8 years ago 6 min read

Earlier this year, Hustler mogul Larry Flynt endorsed Hillary Clinton and simultaneously labeled Donald Trump as “Mussolini with a three-inch dick”. In an age where Donald Trump appears to be the most outspoken and offensive public icon, the era of Larry Flynt’s campaign for Presidency (1980s) matched and even exceeded Trump’s blunt disregard of propriety. When comparing the two men, similarities are abundant. As businessmen, playboys (at least three wives each), candidates, and questionable hair trend-setters (not), Flynt-Trump are the dream team to compete in a battle of offensiveness.

Larry Flynt was the pre-Trump self proclaimed sex guru, a rival to Hugh Hefner himself, whose sexual debacles served as the prelude to his outspokenly unqualified presidential campaign. It's no surprise that Donald Trump has advanced beyond belief in the 2016 Presidential Election, as Larry Flynt did so before him. Before Trump did it, Flynt did it; save for one crucial piece of any ill-equipped candidate’s wet dream fantasy: the manifesto.

In 1983, Larry Flynt revealed the method behind his madness: the reasons why he wanted, no, needed to changed the world. This in-depth look into the mind of a man wrought with power is something that Donald Trump has yet to reveal. Hidden in phrases, claims, and offense, Trump merely allows the public to skim the surface of his assertions, providing nothing to solidify his agenda. Larry Flynt provided the public with a golden ticket into his definitive, paranoid, conspiratorial driven universe.

This 14 page manifesto was released by the “Larry Flynt for President” committee in 1983. The manifesto eerily includes a surprising amount of direct correlations to Donald Trump's own claims, highlighted in yellow for the reader. In what we have coined "The Trump Connection," we explore how the words from Larry Flynt's mouth translate into Donald Trump's actions. Both men come from a background riddled with tremendous egos and an inordinate amount of power, lending themselves to delusional beliefs. The manifesto paired with "The Trump Connection" commentary portray a horrifying image of delusional men in power who believe all of their unsupported claims to be reality.

"We call the Soviets butchers and liars, but where can we state they have assassinated foreign leaders as we have done time and again?" ––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: Hey Flynt, what happens when your enemy supports your second coming? Russian President Vladimir Putin had kind words for his “stablemate” Donald Trump during an annual end-of-the-year Q&A session in Moscow. “[Donald Trump is] a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt,” [Vladimir] Putin told reporters, according to a translation by Interfax. “It’s not our job to judge his qualities, that’s a job for American voters, but he’s the absolute leader in the presidential race.” Via USA Today

"Ask anyone you know to explain what Marx ever said or wrote that advocated violence or dictatorship. This is simply not true and you can be 100% sure that no one will be able to correct you on this, since none of these people who are placing blame for terrorist acts have ever read or been taught who Karl Marx was or what he really said in his philosophical writings." ––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: In Donald Trump's folk Marxism, the white male is oppressed and apparently must reassert its control. "The phenomenon that is Donald Trump and his presidential campaign can only truly be understood when you recognize his basic appeal: he’s bringing a brand of folk Marxism to an entirely new audience. Folk Marxism looks at political economy as a struggle pitting the oppressors against the oppressed. Of course, for Marx, the oppressors were the owners of capital and the oppressed were the workers. But folk Marxism is not limited by this economic classification scheme. All sorts of other issues are viewed through the lens of oppressors and oppressed." Via Action Insitute

“Isn’t it interesting how George Orwell was right about the government changing the meaning of the language itself to deceive the people from whom it supposedly derives its power?”––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: "Trump has come up with a twist on the Orwellian use of language. In claiming to speak plainly, he doesn’t speak truthfully. His lies are in plain sight, easy to observe for all. But Trump is banking on his supporters buying into his 'truthiness' rather than bothering to find out if what he says is actually true." Via Washington Post

“Could it be that the average American family can’t tell the difference between a Druse, a ‘Christian’ militia, a contradora, a contra, a Grenandan and a Cuban? If one blows another one away, should we cry or cheer?"––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: Among Flynt's points, religion is nothing but amorphic to Trump, as many of his statements are amorphic and without basis, as Trump stated, "The Quran is very interesting. A lot of people say it teaches love… But there’s something there that teaches some very negative vibe… Now I don’t know if that’s from the Quran. I don’t know if that’s from someplace else. But there’s tremendous hatred out there that I’ve never seen anything like it."

“The so-called ‘American interests’ supposedly being fought for in all these operations, covert or overt, are actually the multi-national corporate conglomerates who have taken American know-how, and the accumulated wealth of 200 years of American labor overseas where they can hire labor, for all practical purposes, free of charge."––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: Today, Donald J. Trump Collection shirts —as well as eye­glasses, perfume, cuff links and suits— are made in Bangladesh, China, Honduras, and other low-wage countries. Moreover, Ivanka, Trump's daughter, who is a Vice President at his company and frequently seen on the campaign trail, markets hundreds of additional products under her own line of jewelry and clothing. Many of these are made in China. Via The Washington Post

"I implore you to read 'The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence' by former senior CIA official Victor Marchetti. The multi-national corporate conglomerates seem to be bent on world domination."––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: From former CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin: "Trump looks like an inflexible candidate who might not take well to information that contradicts or undercuts his own positions. As an intelligence briefer, you'd probably be telling him a fair number of things that are at odds with his stated views... And then you would find out how well he absorbs discordant information... Trump's public statements don't suggest that he's someone who easily deals with things that strongly disagree with his view." Via Mother Jones

“Trying to educate the populace and prepare them for a nuclear attack is to alienate the same people they are bilking for funding of these militaristic expenditures."––Larry Flynt
The Trump Connection: "Trump has suggested that the U.S. is currently too economically and militarily weak to effectively deter allied nations facing regional threats (such as Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia) from developing nuclear weapons of their own. And, he told the New York Times Editorial Board that if the U.S. keeps on its path, its current path of weakness, they’re going to want to have that anyway, with or without [Trump] discussing it.” Via Think Progress

“Rumors are now flowing that Millar is involved with CDC experiments that have manufactured not only Legionnaire’s disease but also herpes and AIDS."––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: "Trump’s pick for Vice President, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, has spent his lengthy political career building a reputation for his conservative stance on social issues, especially gay rights. In light of Trump’s announcement, his reputation is elevating fears that a Trump candidacy could diminish U.S. contributions to the fight against HIV/AIDS." Via Humanosphere

"Until the CIA is abolished, Americans will not trust their own government, let alone the citizens and leaders of foreign nations."–Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: "Everyone knows, of course, about Trump’s gambling operations and of the wide-ranging links of the gambling industry to organized crime. But the story is much bigger than that. In his own memoir, The Art of the Deal, Trump proudly described how in 1987 he bought his first casino interests when he purchased 93% of the voting stock in the Resorts International gambling concern.

What Trump doesn’t tell his readers is what the late Andrew St. George reported in The Spotlight on October 30, 1978 (and in the previous September 25, 1978, issue): Resorts International was established and controlled by front men for the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and their “enforcers” in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its allied intelligence agency, Israel’s Mossad." Via American Free Press

“The two prominent figures in the news media should have immediately been suspected to be targets of a Mafia-type planned murder. Being journalists, they are the investigators of crime and corruption in many areas, and traditionally in this country the agency that ‘policies’ government at all levels, corporations, and the police themselves."––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: "The Republican front-runner Trump––who frequently lambasts the media as 'scum' or 'horrible'––reassured reporters at rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan that he had no desire to execute the press who cover him. 'I hate some of these people, I hate 'em,' Trump told the crowd. 'I would never kill them. I would never do that.'

Then he decided to reconsider. 'Uh, let's see, uh?' he said aloud, his voice rising. 'No, I would never do that.'" Via CNN

“Since the police are not suspicious, they are obviously in on the cover-up, just as they were in the shooting of Mary Pinchot... and as the local police were complicious in the assassinations of Kennedy, Oswald and Karen Silkwood."––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: Trump is equally as paranoid as Flynt about political conspiracy. "Donald Trump alleged that Ted Cruz’s father was with John F. Kennedy’s assassin shortly before he murdered the president, parroting a National Enquirer story claiming that Rafael Cruz was pictured with Lee Harvey Oswald handing out pro-Fidel Castro pamphlets in New Orleans in 1963." Via Politico

"In 1977 a Gallup Poll revealed that 81% of the US populace believed that the CIA was involved in the assassination of our most beloved, and perhaps finest American president, John F. Kennedy. Clearly, both Oswald and Ruby worked for the CIA and FBI, respectively."––Larry Flynt
The Trump Connection: Continuing our previous connection, Trump said,“Cruz's father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald's being — you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous... What is this, right prior to his being shot, and nobody even brings it up. They don't even talk about that. That was reported, and nobody talks about it.” Via CBS
"John DeLorean claims the government conspired against him to convict him of the cocaine charge. When administered a lie detector test by an independent tester, he was tested as innocent. When tested by the FBI, he was tested guilty. When asked for his comment on this, he only smiled and suggested people read in their Bibles, John 8:32."–Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: "In August 2015, Donald Trump said the Bible was his favorite book, but then he couldn’t name his favorite verse. Eight months later, the Republican front-runner can cite his favorite verse—but, embarrassingly, he has no idea what he’s talking about. When radio host Bob Lonsberry asked Trump on Thursday if he had a favorite Bible verse that has 'informed' his thinking or character, the Presbyterian candidate cited the Old Testament punishment of 'an eye for an eye.'" Via The Atlantic

“I have the Sex Tapes, and I’m coming to Washington. I will be staying in the Presidential Suite of the Madison Hotel as of Monday, and I will be more than happy to screen them for anyone who wishes to view them. If this is not agreeable, I would also be glad to set up a screening for the full session of Congress on Tuesday, November 8th, after I have completed my day’s business before the Supreme Court of the United States. Again, I thank you for your immediate attention to these matters."––Larry Flynt

The Trump Connection: Larry Flynt was likely to be proudly hiding sex tapes himself, and we wouldn't be surprised to see Trump in a similar position. Although, Trump has found himself in the compromising situation. "A venture capitalist is ready to pay $50,000 (£34,600) for a sex tape featuring Donald Trump. Ben Parr announced his offer in a post on the blogging site, Medium. On the original post, Parr said that he is looking for any kind of "legitimate leads" as to the whereabouts of a sex tape featuring the Republican presidential hopeful. 'No, this is not a joke,' he added. 'The Trump sex tape exists. Trump is too egotistical for it not to exist. You know I'm right.' Via International Business Times

The connection between Donald Trump and Larry Flynt’s views on the world cannot be disputed. Arguably, they are kindred spirits stuck on opposite sides of a coin. Their aggressive and erratic behavior is the result of shared chemical imbalances, leaving them with an altered perception of reality. From there, it is a small leap to the delusional.

Why did both men crave the highest office in the world? With 0% qualifications and not an ounce of political experience, both men coveted the presidency in a desire for power. The ultimate Game of Thrones. They masked their ambitions in a desire to "Make America Great Again." Yet beneath the surface are deep scars. The King of Porn and the Emperor of Casinos both yearn to sit on the gold plated Iron Throne; but with their conspiratorial assertions, neither of them ever will.


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New Yorker in his forties. His counsel is sought by many, offered to few. Traveled the world in search of answers, but found more questions.

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