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Dog Eat Dog

by Jay Taylor 2 months ago in erotic
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MM4F Erotic Audio Script

Dog Eat Dog
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Summary: Your loving and charismatic husband is finally taking you to that local spot you’ve been talking about. Lucky for you, you meet a very nice guy there who came to play. Your man knows exactly what you want and need and just how to help you get it.

All instructions are within () (like this)

The male speakers talk both to the listener and to each other about her. No homoeroticism, but they're comfortable and confident enough with their own sexuality to talk about things frankly, or even with some sexiness thrown in for the listeners benefit. I tried to make it pretty obvious to whom each line is directed, but if you have any questions or confusion, please ask.

Sound effects: some car sounds and footsteps. Not completely mandatory, but I do think they would enhance the listening experience.

Character Traits:

M1: Husband. Bossman. Confident and charismatic. Very used to and comfortable being in charge. Speaks softly and carries a big stick. It would never occur to him to be overly cruel or aggressive cause it's never been necessary. ADORES the listener. Gets off on seeing her pleasured and wants her to enjoy every second of it. Knows she loves the controlled Daddy Dom, so very happy to play that role, but breaks character during the aftercare because he is nearly giddy with 'how freakin cool and exciting that was babe!' 😂

M2: Friendly Neighborhood Pervert. Slutty. Service switch. Respectful, playful, and eager to be naughty. Definitely frequents this spot, but the dynamic between the couple is intensely exciting for him.

Conversation between the men has an almost casual feel. Like they're working together to achieve a common goal. ;)

(Car noises, driving)

M1: You’re gonna have so much fun tonight, baby. I can’t wait to see you get off. Yeah? Don’t be nervous. I’m right here. Why don’t I just… heh I love how you just spread your legs for me. Fuck babe, your panties are already damp. I love knowing you’re already excited. Want me to rub this little clit for you? Heh heh, we’re almost there.

(Park the car)

M1: Now we wait… Haha no no no, you don’t get any more of my fingers tonight. Yes, this is the right spot. We’re just gonna hang out here for a minute… (sound of window rolling down) Haha what? They gotta be able to see you! No, I don’t see anyone either, but maybe they’re in the bushes with binoculars oOoOoOh heh heh. Let’s get you a bit more comfortable babe… Lean your seat back a bit, and I know you’re itching to unbutton that blouse. There you go. A little chilly, eh? Heh it makes your nipples look great. You like being exposed don’t you? I see those fingers twitching, go on get em between your legs. That’s it. And one foot out the window, good girl. Mmm. I’m so glad you decided to wear those thigh highs. Fuck you look good.

Ahhh, there we are. That didn’t take long. Now don’t panic, he’s not too close yet. Check him out, babe. You like him? Think he’s cute? Don’t be shy heh. Yeah? You want him to come play with us? Give him a smile then… and don’t stop rubbing your pussy.

(Footsteps approach)

M2: Hey there.

M1: Hello.

M2: I don’t recognize your car… you guys new?

M1: We’ve been thinking about it for a while, but first time players, yeah.

M2: Wow, she’s beautiful, man.

M1: She is. Thank you.

M2: You said you’re here to play, yeah? Can I… touch her?

M1: Hmm what do you think, babe? You want him to put his hands on you? Aww look at that nod! That’s alright sweetheart, you don’t have to talk. Start with her feet, guy; she likes that.

M2: Perfect! I really appreciate the stockings…

M1: I saw that little shift in your seat as soon as he touched you. Is that sexy? Look at him. Look at how much he’s getting off at just having those pretty feet up by his face.

M2: Oh yes I am… (giggle, mouth sounds)

M1: Oh I bet you’re soaking her pussy kissing on her like that. You wanna show off for him, baby? Let him see what he’s doing to you? Yeah? Good girl. Pull those panties to the side.

M2: Oh fuck, that’s a nice box. (More mouth sounds)

M1: Lemme see. Spread that pussy for us. Oh you are drenched. His hands keep creeping further up those gorgeous legs of yours… What do think about letting him play with that wet little cunt?

M2: (muffled, mouth sounds) Yes please.

M1: Heh heh you can’t just look up at me and moan. You gotta at least meet his eyes. Let him see how much you want it.

M2: Yeah? You want me to touch you? … Oh my god you’re soaking.

M1: (softly, directly to listener) Good girl. You like that? I want you to get off as much as you want tonight, ok? No need to edge or wait for permission. Understand? That’s my girl.

M2: What does she like?

M1: Uhhh… fuck that’s hot. Tighten up your movements a bit? Smaller, softer circles right on her clit. There you go. See her thighs tremble? Keep that up and you’ll make her cum. And she loooooves dirty talk. A real audio slut, this one.

M2: Oh yeah? So I should let her know how sexy this swollen little clit feels slipping between my fingers? How sweet her pussy smells? How fucking hard it’s made my cock?

M1: Yeah dude, just like that haha.

M2: Are those hips reaching up to me? You want me inside you? Ohh haha you like the sound of that. Oh fuckkk that pussy feels so good wrapped around my fingers. Ah ah easy on the wrist! I can’t quite put the work in the way I’d like to from this angle.

M1: Open the door.

M2: Yeah? Alright!

(Sound of car door opening)

M1: There you go, baby, lean back against me. That’s it. Oh, he looks good on his knees, doesn’t he?

M2: Hi there.

M1: (directly to listener) Open up for him baby, that’s it. Spread your legs and let this nice, neighborhood pervert put his hands inside you.

M2: Damn that looks good. Let me just suck my fingers clean first… (mouth sounds)

M1: (directly to listener) Don’t think I don’t know you’re thinking about his mouth right now you little slut.

M2: Alright, now let’s… Ahhh there we are. Fuck, how’s she so tight dripping all over my fingers like this?

M1: Heh heh her gspot swollen?

M2: You mean… this spot? Right here? Haha oh yeah. Mmm you like that don’t you, pretty girl? Want me to work that little spot until you cum? She a squirter?

M1: Sometimes haha. Fingerfuck her and find out.

M2: Yeah baby? You want me to fuck your little pussy with my fingers? God damn, you’re making my mouth water… (panting, he’s really working here)

M1: (directly to listener) Look how hard he’s working to make you cum. And such a nice smile while he’s knuckle deep in you, what a guy. How do you think that smile would feel between your legs, baby? That sweet, unfamiliar mouth on your sensitive little clit? Oh no… I think he heard me heh heh.

M2: (SUPER sweetly) I’ll lick your pussy for you. I would LOVE to flick my tongue over those wet little folds of yours… You want my mouth on you, baby?

M1: Tease her first. Kiss on her thighs. I wanna hear her beg for it.

M2: With pleasure. (mouth sounds)

M1: See the way he looks at you? Oh, he wants to taste you so bad.

M2: I do. (Mouth sounds)

M1: And that… honestly impressive tongue sliding up your skin like that? Fuck I wonder how deep he could get it inside you? His fingers still feel good? Yeah? Mmm I bet your clit’s feeling a little neglected though, huh? Don’t you want him to suck on it for you?

M2: Oh fuck…

M1: Tell him baby. Say it.


M2: Oh yeahhhh (moaning, intense mouth sounds)

M1: Good girl! Good fucking girl! That’s it. That’s my girl. He licking you, baby? Yeah? Oh what a good girl. Let him taste you. His mouth feel good, sweetheart? Yeah? You like that? Grind into his face baby. That’s it. Oh I love seeing you lose yourself. I want you to cum. I want you to use his face and fingers and get yourself off. Can you do that for me?

M2: (moaning, mouth sounds)

M1: That’s my girl. He sucking on your pussy just the way you like? Licking that little clit with his tongue? He must have some strong arms with how long he’s been pulling at your gspot like that. Let him do it, baby; let him have it. Oh yeah? Me grabbing at your tits just enough to send you over the edge? There you go…

(Both improv to listener orgasm… maybe 20 seconds? Idk)

M1: There you are baby… Did that feel good? Yeah? Was it nice? Aww and he’s still teasing you with his tongue, how sweet.

M2: Heh heh heh (mouth sounds)

M1: (kissing) Good little sluts deserve neck kisses, don’t they? Mmm. I like those little shivers you get every time he licks you heh. Was this enough excitement for baby? You wanna go home or keep playing? … (a lil growl) Mmm that’s my dirty girl. What about you, man? You good to stick around?

M2: (a lil wicked) Heh heh oh I got time.

M1: Excellent. Back up a minute, bro?

M2: If you insist…

M1: (To listener) Alright Angel, I want you to flip over for me. I know your legs are shaky, you can do it. That’s it. Take your panties off, good girl. Now kneel up on the seat, I want to be face to face. Arch your back…

M2: Ohh fuckkk.

M1: Yeah, you like that?

M2: Dude, her ass…

M1: Yeah? Why don’t you show her what you think of that ass?

M2: (groan, mouth sounds)

M1: Ah ah ah, you stay up haha. I can hold your chin if that’ll help you look at me. Aw look at that pretty face… Didn’t expect him to put his tongue straight in your asshole?

M2: (wicked laugh, mouth sounds)

M1: Don’t you know what happens to naughty little girls who come to the woods and take off their panties and stick their asses in the air? (Whispered, deadly) They get fucked. (Louder, to M2) Put your fingers back inside her.

M2: Oh fuck yeah (mouth sounds)

M1: You like that, don’t you? Fucking kiss me, I want you to feel both our tongues inside you. (Aggressive kissing, then exhale) … Look at you… eyes rolling back in your head as you bounce your ass against some stranger. I can hear how sloppy wet you are. Think his cock is leaking as much as you are?

M2: Uh huh.

M1: Heh, check the glove box. (To listener) No, not you. You keep your eyes right here on me.

(Sound of glove box)

M2: Yeah?? You sure??

M1: (Wicked) Yes… I want you to wrap that thing up like a pretty little package, but don’t stick it in her. Just let her know it’s there. (To listener) And as for you… This is gonna be your choice, Princess. If you want this nice man we just met to fuck your needy little pussy, you’re gonna have to back up onto it like the slut you are.

M2: Ohh fuck…

M1: Ah ah hold still, baby. Let him tease you. Yeah? Is he rubbing his dick up against you? You like that? You wanna fuck him? You want to let that strange cock violate my sweet little pussy? Ohhh I know you do, I can see it all over your face… You can take it, baby. All you gotta do is push back against him and it’ll slide right -

M2: Ohhhh my god…


(M2 immediately fucks hard and fast, no build up)

M1: (gritted teeth, intense) Oh that’s my girl! You dirty little thing… You like that? Is he big, baby? Stretching you out nice? You don’t even know who this guy is or what his cock looks like and you let him put it in you. Give… Gimme your hand. You can balance, we aren’t gonna let you fall over. Give Me Your Hand. There you go. You feel that? You feel how hard you make me when you’re getting used like that? Pull it out baby, pull it out. That’s it baby. Open your mouth. Suck on me while he takes your pussy.

(Improv throat fucking and pussy fucking for a few… 30 secs to a minute)

M2: Where do you want me to…?

M1: Pull out. I want her to feel it on her ass while I shoot down her throat.

(Improv to finish. Either at the same time or M1 second)

M2: Heh heh… wow… you guys are wild.

M1: Ha thanks man, take it easy. (To listener, sweet) You ok baby? Was that good? You were so fucking sexy. Come here, come in here. (Sound of car door closing) That’s it, curl right up against me. Did you like that? …Did I like it??? You kidding? That was incredible. You’re amazing. Oh my precious little flower… let’s get you home. I’ll run you a bath while I make dinner.


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Jay Taylor

Hi there, I’m Jay. Just here for another place to post my pieces. :)

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