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Does Size Matter

by Crystal Rae 6 months ago in taboo · updated 6 months ago
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The old aged question is about to be honestly revealed

Does Size Matter
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Why is it this question seems to surface with each new relationship or encounter I have been in? Why are men so fixated on knowing... what they already know...

Of Course Size Matters!

However, I don't think in the way most of you men would think! My personal experiences have found that the larger the size the bigger the ego. The more "cocky" the man becomes. Now, I know I am not an expert in sex or biology but I do feel I have enough of a background in the area to provide my feedback and it is pretty spot on.

1. You Can Forget About The Foreplay!

Men who are more prominent are less apt to put in the work before the pleasure. Once they have achieved their ultimate goal of being rock hard ready for the show... they show very little interest in getting you all hot and bothered and ready to go. They assume because they are present and larger in life... the woman should be just as hot and bothered by the sight. The less "cocky" a man is the more insecure he is. Which in return adds a layer of going above and beyond to ensure their mate is not only hot and bothered but gripping the sheets in anticipation. It's as if they are so insecure about pleasuring the other based on their size that they want to make sure they kick off the events with a hail mary! Whatever it may or may not be... The less "cocky" the man is the more you will get from them before the opening act starts!

2. Yoga For Two

Another great aspect of less "cocky" men is the number of positions you will find yourself in. A "cocky" man once again feels as if they have brought the party with the extension of the size once their pants have been removed. That is if you are lucky enough for them to fully remove their pants. You can expect a fun time on your back or even own the entire show by being on top. A "cocky" man is so happy and pleased by the size of the "D" they are bringing to the party they really have no reason in their minds to put forth the extra effort to move around or explore. This isn't to say once the show is over they don't rethink the moment and maybe try a new move the next round... but don't expect to ruffle up the sheets or have to remake the entire bed round one. This is where a less "cocky" man brings excitement and fun. Their insecurities in their mind have them willing to go the extra mile in every fashion and style to see that smile on your face. They have studied and plotted out mentally what they would do to rock your world. I have been stretched and become more flexible in my life in a relationship with a less "cocky" man than one who wasn't.

3. I'm A Big Kid Now!

So this one may or may not be a plus for you depending on how you feel about toys. I personally do not mind adding an extra layer of fun to the party but there is a fine line between fun and going too far. Again, that is something each of us personally defines. What I can tell you is a "cocky" man rarely brings toys to the party. Why would they? Again... I am not sure I can state this enough: A "cocky" man truly feels like their rock hardness is the party, the pleasure, and all the work they typically need to do. Not to say there are a few of you out there that don't fit this stereotype... but it's a few select if you do exist. A less "cocky" man is once again out to please and feels insecure about sex so they are willing to add toys to the mix. They want to do whatever they feel is going to set them above the rest. They honestly think we are sitting there thinking about all the previous experiences we have gone through and want to do their very best to please you. Not just based on the number of "O's" you get... but an all-around, over-the-top... "YES, YES, YES!"

4. It's All About You

This is truly my favorite part about being with a less "cocky" man. The way they look at you! It is as if you are cavemen and you are the last remaining cave person on the earth. The way a "less" cocky man looks at you is in awe. They are more apt to touch you just to touch you. You will find them staring at your intimate parts and other areas of your body. They feel honored to be experiencing such a moment with you. Whereas a "cocky" man feels you should feel honored to be naked with them. It is typically always about them. They were raised in a world where the bigger the "D" the more popular they are. So women like you are just a dime a dozen. They can have anyone they want when they want. They may have a type of person they are attracted to but are willing to be with less in knowing they want it when they want it. It's less about who but more about when. A less "cocky" man knows what they want and is willing to go without until they reach that moment with the person they dreamed of. Therefore the moments of intimacy are something they want to process, digest, and hold on to. Making any moment with a "less" cocky man something you too will remember.

5. Can You Hear Me Now?

This topic can be taken on many different levels. The level I am referring to would be in the form of communication. Talking about sex! In every aspect!! What I have found is with a "cocky" man you talk about all the ways he pleased you. The things you liked... because of course there can't be a reason or a moment that you didn't like with them. A "cocky" man is certain if there was an aspect that was off... it had nothing to do with them. It is always about you! You were off, you weren't feeling it, you weren't wet enough... blah, blah, blah! As with a less "cocky" man I have found the freedom to discuss previous encounters. Things I enjoyed, things I didn't, and things I would like to try. It truly comes down to the "D" being its own cock block! When you are in the environment of things being bigger... that also includes attitude, security, and mindset. Now, again... I am sure there are guys out there that are shaking their heads and these comments but look to the woman next to you or the girl you were with the night before. A guy with a bigger "D" is bound to have an entire contact list of women that he can go to for a good time. However, how many of these contacts are wife material or forever girls? Long story short the one thing lacking (besides inches) is intimacy. Trust on a level that most women (unless with a less "cocky" guy) have experienced before.

Now, I am sorry if this came across as being a "cocky" man-hater! My only purpose was to expose the honest truth about size and what it brings to the bedroom. If you are a "cocky" man... maybe take this as an eye-opener to adding more than the size of your "D" to the bedroom rituals. If you are a less "cocky" man maybe see that there is truly more than the inches in your pants that make you capable and rememberable. What you lack in inches can be made up for in confidence... but don't allow yourself to cross into the "cocky" zone. The only thing that adds is a bunch of Z's. I am certain no matter which zone you land in... this awareness is going to be enlighting for both you and your partner!

All I can say at this point is... Happy Tails To You (regardless of your size)


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