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DILF Stuffs His Daughter's Friend

Age Gap Erotica - 18+

By Ted's TalesPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Walking across the bed until she reaches me, she lowers herself onto it and subtly moves closer.

“To tell you the truth, Mr. Heff, I dig this new look on you; t-shirt and nothing else is smoking hot — as long as none of my friends see it!”

Rising from the bed as my heart races with anticipation, I lock the door behind us, knowing every second that passes could change everything, and we both know it.

I spin her around, pressing my lips against hers. When I pull away, her neck is left exposed and vulnerable to my touch. I kiss it passionately, savoring the moment, before finally allowing myself to let go of her hips and embrace the intensity of our passions.

Her hand ventures southward until it reaches my thigh, teasing me with its warmth. Not wanting to wait any longer for satisfaction, I lead us to the bed and I led the way onto it. My hair hits the pillow, my t-shirt riding up.

She looks down at me with a smirk, her fingertips stretching along my scrotum. “I never would have guessed you had such a big dick, Mr. Heff,” she teases wickedly as she starts rubbing me from end-to-end with perfect speed and grip.

The pleasure builds up inside me like a crescendo, and I find myself growling involuntarily in ecstasy.

“Oh, yes! Yes, yes!” I groan through gritted teeth.

Tilting over, she takes my cock head into her mouth, her tongue swirling all over it.

“Yum, I like how your dick tastes,” she announces, once her head has been lifted from it.

She goes back to jerking my shaft, my hand underneath her shirt, rubbing her back.

Once her mouth tires, I turn her over, pinning her petite body to the bed, holding her hands with mine as we kiss. My manhood spears her midsection, my carnal desires eager to rid her of her t-shirt and jeans, my clothing consisting of just my shirt. There’s nothing I want more than to have her naked in my arms, but I’m not going to rush it. I know if I do, I’ll lose control. I need to make this last.

She stops kissing me long enough to pull the shirt over my head, then grabs my hair and pulls me back to her, as if she was afraid I’d disappear. Her mouth opens, urging me to take it. When I do, she moans, her tongue and mine dancing together, her body becoming more eager to be joined with mine. I’m not going to deny either of us the pleasure of joining our bodies. The thought of easing inside her is what finally forces me to break our kiss. I grab her face with one hand, then use my other to unclasp her bra. She sits up, allowing me to remove it. As soon as I do, I drop my gaze at her breasts, small but perky. I cup them with my hands, then lean forward and take one nipple into my mouth, sucking it.

“Oh, God!” she exclaims. “Please, fuck me now!”

Before long, she’s naked, my manhood at her entrance. We both moan, longing for the sensation of our bodies coming together. And when it does, when I’m inside her, filling her, her arms wrap around my neck, her legs locking together behind my back, keeping me close to her. I begin to move, thrusting in and out of her, feeling her pull me in deeper and deeper. The only thing that makes it better is the fact that she’s making noises of pleasure.

We’re both reaching the point of no return, but neither of us wants to bring it to an end. She squeezes her legs around me tighter, locking me in place. Her body quakes with a hard orgasm, and mine follows behind it. I thrust into her one last time, exploding inside her, my body quaking in a pleasure I never knew existed. Draining my balls and manhood, I collapse on top of her, immediately rolling to the side so I don’t crush her.

“Wow…oh, wow,” she says, staring at the ceiling. “That was the hardest I’ve ever been fucked!”

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