Diaries of a Call Girl (Part 2)

by Vivian Heart 3 months ago in erotic

We All Wear Masks

Diaries of a Call Girl (Part 2)

My heart leaped into my throat. Initially, I was unnerved, creeped out. I didn’t like looking at his eyes behind the leather mask that he wore. He walked closer to me, I could hear his breath quicken. I laid there seriously debating whether or not I could get to the door fast enough. Never mind the fact that I was naked.

I don’t mind the idea of wearing masks or other props for that matter. This particular mask was just gnarly. It made me think of the old movies when the guy would go insane and kill everybody. Nevertheless, here I was, sprawled out on the bed with a middle-aged Jason from Friday the 13th, coming at my beaver. This was not a good day at work.

The best thing for me to do was help this John get his rocks off and get the hell out of there. Reaching for the cat o' nine whips, I playfully flipped the tails into my hand and leered at the masked figure with the protruding belly.

“I want to spank you!” I said harshly, trying to capture control of the situation.

Laughter came from underneath the leather. Before I knew it, he was in bed with me. Both of us now on our knees, he pulled me close to him, taking the whip from my hand.

“Suck my cock,” he said, not moving. “Suck it!” he demanded.

Obliging, I leaned down on my elbows, leaving my ass in the air, and started to toy with his dick. First just touching it, running my fingers up and down the shaft. Softly caressing, teasing him. Then slightly and slowly flickering my tongue on the tip of it. I watched as his muscle grew, coming out of hiding; it unfolded into a massive cock. I was impressed!

Finally, taking it into my mouth, I began to suck and slightly drag my teeth, just a little. Using my hand I stroked him while I swallowed him, listening to him moan, his erection becoming rock hard. I was sure he was going to cum.

Instead, he placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me away. Looking through the slits of his mask he ordered me to take the whip from him and he stood from the bed.

“Spank me,” his voice husky. “Spank me!” he yelled.

Shrugging, I joined him. Standing on the floor, I pulled my arm back and let the straps land across his fleshy buttocks. He stood quivering, wanting more. Enjoying every moment, I continued to strike him, leaving red marks where the whip landed.

Waiting for some kind of cue in what to do next. Masks and spankings weren’t my normal thing. Most guys just wanted a clean and classy lady to spend time with and have no hassles afterward. No bugging texts or phone calls. No stress that the wifey would get wise to anything. Easy action, that was my norm.

This guy was different for me. Striking his flesh with the whip, I began to realize I liked it. I liked the control and dominance I was having over him at that moment. I liked the feeling of power. He may have awakened something inside of me.

When he had enough he turned back around to me and pushed me back on the bed. My legs sprawled, he quickly made his way in between them and filled my pussy with his massive cock. Too fast, no room for hesitation, he was pounding me, taking my breath away. Mask or not, I was on my way to an orgasm. My juices flowed and he knew it. The satisfaction of dominating me in his own way sent him over the edge, growling as he came.

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