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Deliciously Enticing

by Wolf Spirit about a year ago in erotic
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The Red Dress

Deliciously Enticing
Photo by Devin Berko on Unsplash

Creativity... Mmm now that sounds like fun! Probably not in the way you might imagine, but rather a deep, dark, desire for the pleasures of the mind, body and soul.

A sexy young vixen dressed in a most lavish evening gown caught my attention the other night, as she purposedly walked right by me. I could see the devilish smirk on her face, as she coyly glanced in my direction then turned away, as if daring me to follow.

That red evening gown was exquiste, low hung exposing the young lady's cleavage, and the hip to floor slit made my mouth water just imagining what I might find underneath. Needless, to say I followed her discreetly stopping every now and again to chat with this or that person, but always with my eye on the young lady.

Dressed in a black tuxedo, white frilled shirt and purple cummberband I stood with an arm behind my back chatting with a wealthy oil tycoon from Texas. Suddenly, and quite unceremoniously we bumped into each other. Oh, my she exclaimed and who might you be if I am not to presumptuous to ask. I bowed, and said I go by the name of Nicolas. May I be, so bold, as to ask by what name you go by when she whispered my name is Mollie.

Mollie, I said what a lovely name would you care for some refreshment. Yes, Sir she said. Please, call me Nick if you prefer, and so I escorted her across the hall to the refreshment table. A glass of punch for you my dear I had asked. No, Nick I would rather prefer a glass of Merlot she said quite frankly. Ah, yes barman could you pour a glass for this fine, young lady.

After a couple of glasses she seemed a little giddy, and I asked if she was alright. Nick, I think I have had a bit too much to drink do you think you could take me home. Certainly, Mollie it would be my pleasure. She got her shawl from the coat check then I walked her to the lobby entrance and had her sit while I went out, and had the parking valet bring my Porsche up front.

I went back in to escort Mollie to my car when I noticed she was not in the seat where I had left her, but stood leaning against a column. The slit of her gown exposed her left leg from ankle to hip. I bit my bottom lip, as I walked towards her. Mollie, are you alright I asked? Yes, fine Nick is it time to go. Yes, I said take my arm, and I will escort you outside.

The valet held the passenger side door open while Mollie gathering up her dress sat on the tan, leather seat, and waited for me to slip behind the wheel. We chitchatted about all manner of topics on the short distance to her luxury, condo overlooking the harbor.

Nice place I complimented her when she suggested I park in the underground area for visitors. I hopped out and opened the passenger side door, and watched, as she stepped out and led the way to the elevators. We stepped through the doors, and turned around while I waited for her to press the button for her floor. When her hand moved away I saw she had pushed PH and it dawned on me we were headed for the penthouse apartment.

The elevator door opened right into the suite. Mollie just naturally walked out like she had done on numerous occasions, and I followed her. Nick, she said would you mind terribly if I went to get something more comfortable on, and freshen up. No, not at all I said I am sure I can manage looking out for myself in the interlude.

While Mollie was doing whatever I took the opportunity to open the drapes and have a look at the views. Omg....I was standing there with my mouth open when she returned. Nice view is it not, she said. Yes, Mollie really nice view then I turned around, and looked at her. I blushed beet red for she was standing there in a sheer, white negilgee. Oh my, I gulped. I blinked to make sure I was not dreaming when she walked right up to me and spun around. Do you like my new negligee? Yes, I stammered. The effect was instanteous, as a bulge formed in my pants. Looks like you are not the only one who likes the view, and she giggled.

Can I get you anything, she asked. Anything at all. Maybe you should take the bowtie off and unbutton your shirt a bit, and get comfortable. Here let me take your jacket then she draped it over the sofa. That is better Nick would you care for a drink. I have a bottle of Merlot is that alright. Would you mind popping the cork while I get two wine glasses. As she walked away I glanced at her rear end and said to myself. Omg... she is wearing a sexy, white lace thong. As she returned I could not help but stare at her crotch and notice the sheerness of the panty.

Mollie sat sideways on the sofa facing me and held up her glass, as we clinked the glassware. We smiled then laughed, as we said here is to an epic night. I waited for her to put her glass down then took her face in my hands and leaned forward kissing her fully on the mouth. Tasting the lingering crushed Blackberry flavored Merlot a moment before my hand touched her bare thigh. She moaned and hungrily kissed me back. I pushed her back against the arm of the sofa and slipped both hands under her negligee then slowly pulled the white, lace thong off her bottom, and tossed the panty aside. I licked my lips, as I stared at her light-brown, velvety mound a second before lowering my head, and began to gently nibble the delicate flesh of her inner things.

Mollie had her head tilted back with her hands on the back of my head, as she arched her back waiting for my tongue. I breathed hot air over her vagina then simply flicked the tip of my tongue across her clitoris. A scream peeled from her lips, as she thrust herself against my mouth eager for me to make her cum. I pressed my index finger inside her pussy and pulled back in a come here motion while I slowly moved the tip of my tongue back and forth across her clit. Then gently pulled her nob between my teeth.

Omg, she began to mumble as I got her wet when she clamped her thighs about my head then released for a second before once again clamping my head, and screaming out into the night. Her whole body trembled as I slurped hungrily.

Come here you horny slut I said bring that sexy ass of yours over to the kitchen table, and assume the position. No need for an explanation, as she bent over the table. Spread your legs, I demanded, and she was only to willing to please me. I rubbed my right hand over both her ass cheeks then struck quite suddenly, and waited for a response. Nothing, yet so I struck again then again, and on the third strike got a slight whimper. Then began to rub my middle finger between her vulvas until she was wet.

I stood there and said do not move a muscle, as I unzipped my dress pants and let them fall to the floor. Stepping out I kicked them aside then placed my left hand on the middle of her back and with my right hand fingered her pussy. I shimmied out of my boxers and stood with my erection in my right hand, as I stepped forward and pressed the tip of my thick cock into her dripping pussy. I then reached forward and grabbed Mollie's shoulders, as I pummelled her tender flesh with my own. I could feel I was getting close to cumming when I pulled out, and she raised up, and dropped to her knees.

Mollie reached for my cock, and opened her mouth then pumped my shaft a few times when a hot stream of cum spurted, and caught the roof of her mouth. The second spurt dribbled down her chin, and dripped onto her breast. I watched, as she swallowed the first spurt then rubbed the rest over her nipple. She stood up and kissed me fully on the mouth rubbing her nipples against my chest.

Then picked up her wine glass, and took a sip savoring the delectable flavor of the Blackberry Merlot.

She looked at me and smiled. Nick, she said you really are a naughty boy and wagged a finger in my direction than laughed out loud.


Author's Note: A descernable palate is often required when one tastes the exquiste wines and women. For me that was back in my thirties 1990- 1992. A strapping man who loved to dance and entertain the ladies.

Did you enjoy reading this story? Another Mollie tale of pure fiction with a hint of realism.

I appreciate and am grateful to all my fans for sharing my stories worldwide.

Contact: [email protected]


About the author

Wolf Spirit

Wilderness adventures and wildlife encounters have given rise to more than thirty-four real-life stories during 2014-15. Over the past ten years living in solitude I have been known to the locals, as 'a character' that you should meet.

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