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Mature - 01 - Gretta

By Juniper JonesPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Deco Smoke Stories
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Greta rolled down her black stockings letting her fingers brush her skin, slowly, starting at the very top. Her fingers brushed her clitoris and her muscles contracted and warmed slightly at the unexpected touch. She continued to place the flat of her palm on her inner thigh to roll the stocking down. Her legs were smooth except for the faintest of down that could be felt nearing her ankle. Dropping the stocking to the floor she began the other leg. She stretched a little touching her toes then making her hand flat again she enjoyed the sensation of the silk beneath her palm. With both hands she traced the outline of her leg letting her right hand linger over her sex thinking about pleasuring herself. She decided to wait and to let the pressure build.

The bed was calling to her and she always slept in the nude and she wasn’t about to stop now. She lit a smoke and placed it in a wooden cigarette holder that was long and slender and was the colour of ebony and walked over to the brass bed. She set her cigarette aside in the ashtray and bent over the edge of the mattress to take off her black lace small clothes.

The door had a notice put up to not be disturbed so she wasn’t worried about anyone walking in on her and she began to relax. When she was drawing down the front of her undergarment her thumb grazed the peak of her clitoris again and she felt herself moisten to her own touch. She let her thumb make small circles clockwise around it using the cloth for extra sensation. How she needed this she thought to herself.

Next, the dress, she regretfully stopped her ministrations and stepped out from her undergarments to leave the piece of clothing lying on the floor and began to take up her dress from the bottom up. She wasn’t wearing a brazier and she let her breasts fall free after her dress came up and over her shoulders to accompany the matching garment that laid beside it on the floor. She pinched her nipples to make them perk, tightening them and making them ache with the same muted longing that was echoed from between her legs.

The covers were getting stifling, but she welcomed the heat.

The hotel room smelled of her sweet perfume and smoke. Greta’s smile widened as she noticed the trolley the concierge had sent up had arrived before she had made it back from the Black Cat and she flipped the blankets off to delve into the lidded secrets that had been waiting for her. Being a singer for the lounge had its perks and this was one of them. She licked the tip of a strawberry that had a healthy dollop of cream on it. Some of it fell to chest to rest melting across her skin.

She had been yearning for the touch of another lately. That wasn’t like herself, usually she wouldn’t seek the company of strangers to bring to her bed, but the temptation tonight was terrible. She glanced at the corner of the trolley and noticed a pair of white gloves, lying folded with care, abandoned by the bell hop.

If there had been anyone to have tempted her tonight it would have been that bell boy. Who was no boy, by her standards. Tall with shaded eyes, that gave him a mysterious look, he hadn’t asked her for a tip when her things were brought up which made her notice him. Slim build and svelte she could tell that he spent time exercising in his off time.

To be continued...

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Juniper Jones

A woman with an inked and indented index finger bent over a keyboard wondering: "Am I really going to do this?"

Writing hopefully will be able to support my renovations.

And to my friends and cohorts: Forgive me. I know naught what I write.

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