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December 4

by Pete Symes 10 months ago in erotic
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December 4
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Oh my God. Everything was so warm and wet and wonderful down there. I never felt so delicious. It was like a warm lapping surf writhing its way up my spine and all over my body. Branching out in squivers, quivers and trembling nerve ends. I looked down and there was Donna’s face buried between my upraised knees. But what was she doing down there moving her head side to side like that. I just know I did not want her to stop. Above Donna’s upraised rump was Robin. A fierce smirk on her face as she seemingly pumped into Donna. But with what? Her small flat chest was glowing with red splotches from her exertions. She had one hand on each of Donna’s butt cheeks and spread them roughly on each forward thrust. Why she was mounting Donna just as I had mounted Rene last night.


I awoke soaking in the tub. I had drawn the bath after my last journal entry and climbed in while she was still snoozing in bed. I must have dozed off. Now I turned my head and there was Rene’s sweet blond fringed muff right at eye level. I peeked up to her smiling down at me. Her straight blond hair fringing a great big smile and flowed over her small breasts.

“Look at you.” she proclaimed. “Fucked me silly the past two days and still ready for more.” I followed her eyes to where she was looking and I was indeed in up periscope mode.

She poured her favorite bath salts in the tub; I ran more hot water and she joined me. We soaped, played, and teased ourselves clean. We repaired to the bed where I did not fuck her silly. I licked her silly instead. As my tongue moved through her delicately scented pink curtained snatch the scent of bath salts gave way to the more powerful Ode de Rene. She writhed and clutched the dampening sheets as she came with the force of a young blond volcano.

She almost seemed ashamed when she regained her senses, but then whispered in my ear, “Pooh. We need to talk.”

“You have to get back in school now. Don’t get me wrong. Your body is muscular and sexy from this manual labor, and I swear even your thingy seems bigger. But I am thinking about the future. Your future. Our future.”

My answer was easy. “Tomorrow is Monday. I’ll let Sheldon know I am going back to school and he will need to replace me full time. I’ll offer to work part time around my school schedule. But my degree will be number one.”

Rene hugged me, kissed me, straddled me and rode upon me harder and longer than she ever had. Watching her sweat and toil as she feverishly worked her big ass up and down the length of my “bigger thingy” made me sure the future was as bright as could be. As I played with and tweaked her stiff protruding nipples that tipped her small round breasts, she made noises I had never heard issue from her delicate slender throat, and her final violent climax of the weekend ended in a howling cacophony of yelps and yabbers as well as a few sobs and tears.

So today I marched into Sheldon’s office. Sheldon needed to know first. He was the owner and one of the few original people from when I began working there and he deserved to hear it from me first. I gave notice. He thanked me for the longer than usual lead time so he could replace me, made his usual pitch that he liked me, I was a hard worker, an asset, and I always had a future in his company in the sales department if school did not work out. We shook hands and I agreed to train my replacement. Sheldon said “Great, because we got so big so fast, I have no idea what goes on back there in the warehouse anymore.”

He had that right. He had no idea.

When I walked out of his office all the women were clucking like hens. Office and shop workers alike.

Ms. Spain, Karen was having a baby.

Oh my.


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Pete Symes

A scenario manifests. A scenario disassembles. I participate intensively for the duration.

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